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how to find roots of equation J0(xR) = 0 ,R is constant, using maple? I know command for zeros of Bessel function i.e J0(x) = 0.  but what to do with different argument?

O(t) = 9.2-[(8.93*35.3)/(11.17-8.93)]*(exp(-8.93*t)-exp(-11.17*t))-8.3*exp(-11.17*t)

t betwen 0 and 1

ha := (diff(c(t), t))/(c(t)*(diff(c(t), t))-c(t));
solve(subs(m=ha,f(m))*subs(m=subs(c(t)=a(t),ha)), f(m)) = subs(m=ha+subs(c(t)=a(t),ha), f(m), f);

just expect to find a function ?

I wish to define a function which is the derivative of another function.

> f:=(x)->x^2:

> g:=(x)->diff(f(x),x):

> g(x);

2 x

> f(2);


> g(2);
Error, (in g) invalid input: diff received 2, which is not valid for its 2nd argument


I cannot find a way in which I can define the function g, using the functional operator, so that I can actually evaluate g(x).


How can I do this?


I have this function:

Z := (cos((1/2)*x)-I*sin((1/2)*x))*A0/r^(1/2)+(cos((1/2)*x)+I*sin((1/2)*x))*r^(1/2)*A1+(cos(3*x*(1/2))+I*sin(3*x*(1/2)))*r^(3/2)*A2;

I wanna to obtain another function Y which equal to


where: f1 and f2 are constant 

thanks :)

how are iterated functions represented in maple? as in f(f(f(x))) is f^3(x)(x)  in conventional notation where by the reader knows it is refering to the iteration conducted 3 times on the argument x, but what does maple use to differentiate between iteration ,exponentiation and differentiation?

Having a function where the value is for example only defined when abs(x) <= 1, then how can I specify that the value is otherwise undefined, the replacing "How_to_specify_undefined_value" below?

Below I want to explore a function behaviour using a slider to determine the value of 'a' so the function is shown in a plot, but I can't figure out how to use Explore to bind the value of 'a'.

If I bind bind the value using "a := 5", then plot works, but when binding through Explore it does not work.  I can also write the function in the plot like "a * x", but that is not as general as using a function.

How to explore function like that.



Let, fixed an integer i and 1<=j<=2^{i}-1, for each x and y in [0,1] let the following mapping

Then, with the above procedure we can obtained, for a fixed i, all the mappings for j=1,...,2^{i}-1


However, How can I to evalute the "components" of the above procedure? For instance, I can not to compute CreaF(2)[1](0.35,0.465) (i.e., the first function in the "vector" CreaF(2), in x=0.35, y=0.465). 


Thanks very much for your time.


Doing the following:

Why is int used when defining F not evaluated to x^2/2 when used to defined function F as shown in (2), when the int is evaluated when used separately in (3)?

I am examining the curve given by


When I put this in and assign a number to any one variable, Maple always returns



I have tried changing the names of the variables, unnassigning variables, restarting Maple, etc. but I cannot plot a function of y with x, I always get y=0.8660254038, even with only one variable assigned to a value.  I am using the student version of Maple 17.





say I have defined some (very simple, acting on a finite set M) functions f,g,h. I want to evaluate certain permutations, so I want to make a for loop that goes through possible combinations of functions in my array A=Array([f,g,h]). (In reality my array is a little larger.) No I don't understand how I can use the elements of this array as actual functions. Even if f is defined and I can evaluate, say, f(m), I cannot use A(1)(m) to evaluate m. The output is just "f(m)". How can I make maple recognize that we are having a function here?


Thanks it advance.


In the creation of a list, I would like to use the assume function twice.

Here it is a print screen of my issue.

The second part of the list is not taken into account.

Do you have ideas so that my list takes into account the second term ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Hello! Hope everything fine with you. Please share the command to find the max and min values of the attached function, I had tried but I was only for one variable. I am waiting your quick response.


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