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I have a function that I want to evaluate to a numerical value.

It has euler's numbers and natural logarithms as well.

The function is defined at h:= x-> expression.


When I call h(value), then it only simplifies and won't produce a numeric value.

What do I do?


I have a function of two variables f(a,b)

 f(a,b) =16*b^2/(a+sqrt(a^2+8*b^2))^2

and I need to rewrite it to a function of a single variable

f(x) = 16*x^2/(2+2*sqrt(1+8*x^2)+8*x^2)

where x=b/a. It is easy...


I am trying to fit data to a function. I used the funtion Fit() but the results werent right. This is what i did:


T := Vector([600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400], datatype = float)


Kpco2F := Vector([1.22179966016487*10^20, 8.12830516164100*10^13, 1.66341265037017*10^10, 5.80764417521312*10^7, 1.03276140576140*10^6, 50815.9442560561, 4931.73803954936, 765.596606911256, 168.267406107047, 47.7529273657691], datatype = float)

We need to compute some integral, containing product of some "regular" function (e.g. gaussian)
and Dirac delta-function. The problem is that argument of delta-function is itself a function.

A simplified example is

d1:=s->int( g(x,5,0.025)*Dirac( s-f1(x) ) , x=0..infinity);

By trials and errors, we figured out that Maple runs such calculation successfully
when this function is very simple and fails in more complex cases, i.e., integration  returns zero.

#hi guys i have a new challenge. and i need your help again, my problem is to map a  piecewise function and #evaluate  with a matriz. thus 

A := LinearAlgebra:-RandomMatrix(2, 3);
B := piecewise(a+b < x, a.x+b^2, a+b < x and x < a^2+b, x^2.b+a.x);

A := convert(A, listlist):

#this is my last try to do that.

LL := map(((proc (a, b) ->( a+b < x, (a.x+b^2)/(a+b), a+b < x and x < a^2+b, x^2.b+a)@op), %):



I'm trying to define a simple forward difference operator Δ to act on a function f(n). I have defined, in a number of ways, Δ(f(n)) = f(n+1) - f(n). This works fine but I want Maple to calculate powers of Δ. e.g Δ2 (f(n))= f(n+2) - 2f(n+1) + f(n). As it stands, Maple returns (f(n+1) - f(n))2 seemingly however I define the functions.
What am I doing wrong? Help much appreciated.


I have a collection of functions defined either in terms of a single variable - call it r - or in terms of (r and) the other functions of r.

To be more specific, there are two free functions B(r) and N(r), a function theta defined in terms of N(r) and B(r) (and their derivatives) and r, and a free function V(theta).

Finally I have a function, call it f, written in terms of B(r) and N(r) (and their derivatives), r, and V(theta) and its derivatives with respect to both theta and r.

In the LinearAlgebra packet, I use the command MatrixFunction to calculate a function with respect to a matrix J as follow:

> restart; with(LinearAlgebra);

> J := Matrix(3, 3, {(1, 1) = 2, (1, 2) = 1, (1, 3) = 0, (2, 1) = 0,
 (2, 2) = 2, (2, 3) = 1, (3, 1) = 0, (3, 2) = 0, (3, 3) = 2});

> M := MatrixFunction(J, ln(1+x), x);

Then I got the answer:

Matrix(3, 3, {(1, 1) = ln(3), (1, 2) = 1/3, (1, 3) = -1/18, (2, 1) = 0, (2, 2) = ln(3...

Hi guys, I'm trying to solve the following function:



>invlaplace (15/(s3 + 6s2 + 15s + 15), s, t)

but I'm not getting a viable answer - can maple answer this?


I've also simplified the above function a bit to: H(s) = 15/[(s + 2.3222)(s2 + 3.6778s + 6.4594)] and then tried to find it's inverse laplace but still don't get an answer.

Using Maple for Functions of a Random Variable


How to make a query is made to F (t) at each iteration of the dsolve command?...

a random force :
nd := Statistics:-Sample(Uniform(-100, 100)):
F:=proc(t) ;   
if not type(evalf(t),'numeric') then      


I have created a for loop in which I call often the same function let's say w(x).

Is it processed faster if I call each time the function, or if I apply the function to another variable, let's say W and call W each time?


Hi i have difficulty to obtain the function of theta(eta) and diff(theta,eta) form the matrix. Every time i have to take the values from the matrix inorder to make the function of theta(eta) and diff(theta(eta),eta) which is very difficult.

Can you please make a code in MAPLE so that i may get the direct fuction of theta(eta) and diff(theta(eta),eta)from the matrix gernerated by MAPLE.


i would like to nknow how can i eval a function wiith a matrix?

> restart; with(ArrayTools); with(LinearAlgebra); with(MTM);
 varhi := 10; 
varlo := 0; 
npar := 2; 
popsize := 9; 
par := (varhi-varlo)*RandomArray((proc (A) local i; 
if A::(rtable[column]) then 
seq(A(i), i = 1 .. NumElems(A)) else
end if 

is there a maple function or does anyone have a proc that will return the number of significant figures given a number? For example, when given 0.38, the proc will return 2, or when given 2.897, the proc will return 4.

I just purchased Maple16 and am working on a problem where I need to solve for variables which are imbedded in non-trivial equations. When I first began using Maple16 to solve for these symolic variables, the solve function worked; however, after about 45 min of using the solve command, on non-trivial equations, it would output nothing and the cursor would move down to the next line. A simple equation such as: f(x)^2-g(x)f(x)=s(x) it will still solve. Has anyone ever experienced...

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