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My function is f(t)=(4bcos(t)^3,4bsin(t)^3).

I need this function's lenght of ARC and fonction of lenght of ARC.  t=0.  Maybe i need this graphic. 

Please help me. Thank you...

Hi guys

i have a problem to drawing this function

problem is F(r,theta)=sin(6r) /6r   IF r is not 0

          and F(r,theta)=1               IF r is 0

Thanks for your helps 



I have defined a function as follows:


and now i need to plot this function to see where the root lies, i have tried to do this using the following command:


and i have tried putting in boundaries but it doesnt seem to work. Can anyone help me please. 


How may I program the following with Maple?


(1) Define the function:

H(p) := p * c1 + p^2 * c2 + p^3 * c3  + ......


(2) Now construct the following expression:


(1-p) [ v''' + 1 ]  = H(p) [ v''' - 25 * v' + 1]

Here, v is some funciton of x.


(3) Now assume: v = u0 + u1 * p + u2 * p^2 + ...

and substitute this into the expression defined at the point (2).

How to find the discontinuities of the function

over the reals with Maple?

After many calculations tried to run eval(exp). Was  in shock :( Big table used. Is there smth like forget(all) to forget all functions. After forget(exp) memory of course lowers enought.


I need to write a function in maple which creates matrices from 1x1 to 20x20.. And the filling in the matrix needs to be 1 in the diagonal. But not like the diagonal in the identity matrix, but the opposite..: see picture:


So the amounts of 1 increase depending on the size of the matrix...

I know that i can put the function in a for loop to do the steps 20 times...


I've got a nondifferentiable bounded multivariable function and I'd like to find a good approxiation of it's minumum and maximum.
Basicly, I'd like to automaticly be able to return the maximum and minimum of the height of the 3D-plot i have. That would just be perfect.
However, I can't find anything that does anything like this.....

There i see

for advanced users, see the routines `simplify/size/size` and `simplify/size/size/object`.

How to write coorectly in maple 15 those calls? From maple 5 (it was ~10 years ago ) i hardly remmember

that f/x also could be treated as function call f  at x or smth. like that...

For given expression expr it's known that  type(expr, function) returns true. How to grab name of that function in fast way?

Unserstood that in slow way could be transform to string done and after that could be found substring till 1st '(' symbol. But i'm sure that name somewhere 'sits' directly.


I use some codes to find the coefficients of given functional expressions. But in the procedure of operation, "Error, invalid 'if' statement" is showed. How can I do to solve the error?
If this structure of code can't find the coefficients, how to get the coefficients?

P.S. the coefficients of given functional expressions like this:

given Ex:=a*x+b*y-d*z+e*y-f*x-m*z,


Give a polynomial a*x+b,We can use the command "coeff" to get a coefficient of x. Unfortunately the command does not work for functional work. I have a comlicated functional expression, and want to get the coefficients of some given basical term. How can I do to get the coefficients?


i have defined a,b and c. (all randoms numbers between 0 and 1 )

But when i try to plot it

plot((f(x)), x=-4..4) i get ( warning unabe to evaluate function to numeric values ion the region)

also i can plot the graph even without a range included ???

What am i doing wrong, have i defined f(x) right. thanks in advance

also i can plot the graph even without a range included ???


I'm new at maple and I was wondering if someone could help me. I've got a function with 3 variables:


Can you plot this function? Or do I have to give one or two variables a value and plot the function 3 different times with just one variable?


I have a module to overload the * operator for the function f such that:

a*f(b,c,d) = f(a*b,a*c,a*d)

FPackage :=  module()option package;    export `*`;    `*` :=    overload    (      [        proc(a::algebraic, b::specfunc(anything, f))          option overload;          map2(:-`*`, a, b...

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