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still have problems,
f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(0 <= x and x < 4, 50, 4 <= x and x < 5, 0, 5 <= x, f(x-5)) end proc;

plot(proc (t) options operator, arrow; evalf(Int(f, 0 .. t, epsilon = 0.1e-3, digits = 15)) end proc, 0 .. 20);

in the above figure,there is a discont point in the interval [16..18],but in fact,it's a continuous curve.

how to use fsolve deal with two periodic functions?

How does this  function  work:

rtable_scanblock( M, [rtable_dims(M)],

    (val,ind,res) -> `if`(val > res[2],[ind,val],res),



Please could comment on each statement.

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I am trying to compute the diffusion coefficient from the diffusion equation. I can compute the analytical solution and evaluate it for the parameters I know and for the known time t to get this function:


I have a function 

f:=x->(x^2 + 2*m*x + m + 1)/(x -1);
Now I want to define a function as simplify(diff(f(x),x)), i did 
g:=x->simplify(diff(f(x),x)). Then, i could not calculate g(3). Please help me. Thank you.

Which function represent phi in 3.28.1


I have a question. I need to rewrite the following function

Vo:= (1/((1/R2+1/(1.5*10^6))*(1/(1/R2+1/(1.5*10^6))+2.45*10^3-R2)));

To this form

R2:= ....Vo....

How can i do this in maple? 

Please write for me a code for the following problem.

Problem. Find all the values of m for which the function

f(x)= (x^2 + 2*m*x  + m+2)/(3*x+m)

is increasing in each interval (-infty; -m/3) and (-m/3; + infty)?

Thank you.

I have a non linear Sharpe ratio with 3 portfolio weights w1,w2 and w2. I want to (globally) maximize the sharpe ratio by choosing w1,w2 and w2 subject to the constraints that each of the variables is in the range of 0 to 1, and that their summation is equal to 1. I also want the maximization to start at an initial point of [w1=0.35,w2=0.6,w3=0.05].

The function is:

SR:= (0.012w1+0.007w2+0.0384w3-0.009)/(stdev)

where stdev is the standard deviation of the portfolio ...

Can someone help me to generate the same, identical grpah over several periods in x-axis? In exact term, I mean that I need to plot a periodical grpah, that repeats itself over the interval? It is like given a periodical function and now have to draw it many times...(function can be any form, not only sine and cosine)

I have a region x^2 + y^2 <= 1 and y>=0. It's temperature function is f(x,y) x^2 - 2y^2 + x + y. How do I find the max and min temperatures on the lower boundary y=0?


I took the derivatives with respect to x and with respect to y such that:



Then I used fsolve({fx=0, fy=0},{x,y}) which game me (-0.5, 0.25)


Is there really only one critical point on that lower bound...


However, this does not work.

My problem is not to plot U as a function of time, but somehow convert the function.

I mean, in Your solution U is defined through X(t) and thus Maple is evaluating the solution for DE every time the U is called.

However I would like to have U as function of t without precense of X(t). Since X(t) is a known procedure, there might be the way to explicitly define U as a function of t only, after the evlauation of procedure X(t).

Hi everyone,

My question is as following:

Given the numeric solution to the dsolve call as a procedure, I define a function of this procedure, say

u(x(t),t), where x(t)=proc(t)..proc - output from dsolve/numeric

Is there a way to have u as a function of t only and not of procedure x(t) and t?

Thanks in advance for any help

Hey guys !


I wondered if it's possible in maple to hundle functions, for exemple to know if a function is a sum or a product of two functions.


Is there a function like this : sum (\x -> x+3)  -------->  [(\x -> x), \x -> 3] ?


If I ask this, is because I want to know if it's possible de rewrite the function `deriv` or `integrate` or `simplify` by hands, without using the native functions.

Hi,  I have and integral its results contains Beta function and hypergeometric function.
I found a difficulty to program the hypergeometric function with Maple 13. is any one can solve this problem



The problem in written...

Hi all,

I have data which I want to give a simpler and a smaller interpolation function. Not necessary with Cubicspline as in the code attached (polynomial, exponential, etc..).

Thanks in advance

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