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how to solve f(x+1) according the assumption.

this question is going to be asked has been done several times by me but no answere is sent,but i do it again:


how to solve them at the maple15

Some calculus problems are worked out with the differential formatted as a function prime (f', G', etc.). How do I enter a function with the prime symbol so that Maple will treat it consistently? I recall entering f'(x) once in the legend of a Plot. The legend, as output, was in 2D format d/dx(f(x).

Another variation on my question is this: If I enter diff(x^2,x), or d/dx x^2 in 2D Maple, and calculate, I get 2x. If there a way to enter f'(x^2) to get the derivative?

I have the function f(x) = 

  sqrt(x + 5 sin x)

and x <= 20

How would I specify it in maple and then I have to take the derivative and find the critical points. I am so confused.




I have defined a function(say fun) to do certain task, it works well when I call it from a script file(say script1). However, when I copy the complete script1 and paste onto another script file(say script2), the function, fun, doesn't execute. It's very peculiar as my project requires lot of modification, so I copy the old script and...

I'm trying to import matlab function from m-file.

File looks like this:

    function out = xxx(omega)
    out = heaviside(omega);

It's only heaviside function.

And now, when I'm using "FromMFile" command in Maple it doesn't recognize Heaviside function. It imports that function as "heaviside" - witch small first character (in Maple we needs big "H").

Any help? 


I have a multivariate polynomial equation, in that somehow I know the coeffcients, using this information, I want to extract the variables. This will be the opposite of coeffs function.

for e.g. I have 3*x3 + 5*x4

Given 3 and 5, I want to extract x3 and x4.


Thanks in advance.




I examined some rules to verify that if a certain function for example f(x)=x^2+5 is a 1-1 function or not.

What I did after defining the function was as follows:

[> assume(x>0,s>0);

[> solve(f(x)=f(s),{x,s});


[> solve(f(x)=f(s),{x,s}) assuming x:: positive;


They didn't give me just


at all. Thanks so much.


Segment of a circle...

November 01 2012 Aeinridi 5

Hi. I'm very new to maple, and got stuck on a task on my assignment. I'm supposed to find the area of the segment (gray area) with the diameter D as a function of h. Any help and pointers is appreciated, thanks. :)




1. Is it possible to create a function file in Maple and call the function(file) from the main program(like Matlab?). If yes, please give me an example case.

I want to create a function file which has the general input terms and call the function from another script file without copying/running all the code.

2. Is it possible to run 'recursive function' in maple?

3. How can I create library of my function files?(like in Matlab I can create...

I have a function that is a double summation and I cannot get maple to compute it. (I'm new to maple)

The function is as follows:

F(x) := sum from a=1 to x of [sum from b=0 to a-1 of [cos(2 pi x b / a)]]

for integer x, F should produce integers, but I am only getting 0's

naturally F is undefined for non integers. but maple is producing non 0 numbers for non integer entries. So, i have no idea what it is calculating.

Thanks in advance for any help. BC

I am presently using Tally to read through a list of numbers to try and calculate their frequency, I end up with a list as follows:

frequency := [1 = 6, 2 = 7, 3 = 91, 4 = 10], etc.

Now, I've been given a function that should turn this function into a "list of lists":

list_of_lists := n -> [ op(n)[1],  op(n)[2] ]

As can be expected from looking at this function, it only returns the first two elements from the original list

I have a function that I want to evaluate to a numerical value.

It has euler's numbers and natural logarithms as well.

The function is defined at h:= x-> expression.


When I call h(value), then it only simplifies and won't produce a numeric value.

What do I do?


I have a function of two variables f(a,b)

 f(a,b) =16*b^2/(a+sqrt(a^2+8*b^2))^2

and I need to rewrite it to a function of a single variable

f(x) = 16*x^2/(2+2*sqrt(1+8*x^2)+8*x^2)

where x=b/a. It is easy...


I am trying to fit data to a function. I used the funtion Fit() but the results werent right. This is what i did:


T := Vector([600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400], datatype = float)


Kpco2F := Vector([1.22179966016487*10^20, 8.12830516164100*10^13, 1.66341265037017*10^10, 5.80764417521312*10^7, 1.03276140576140*10^6, 50815.9442560561, 4931.73803954936, 765.596606911256, 168.267406107047, 47.7529273657691], datatype = float)

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