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Hello there.

I´m fairly new to maple, so i apologize if this is a rather "simple" question, but right now I don´t really know how to get rid of the error message that occurs.

What I try to do is define 3 components of (in this case) a function that describes a magnetic field. These functions ( seen below) depend on a few parameters (a,b,c,d,p and chi).


> PlotMfield := proc (a::float, b::float, c::float, d::float, p::float, chi::float)

Hi all,

I have a relatively simple question that you can do by hand, but I want to know, if it is possible for MAPLE to compute directly with a single command if any 2 vector functions do intersect.

eg. r(t) = <cos t, sin 2t, exp(t)> s(t) = <sin t, cos t, exp(t)> ,  -2 < t < 2

thanks in advance

I have a multivariable function, F(n, g(1,0),g(0,1),g(0,2),g(1,1),g(2,1),...,g(n,1),g(n-1,2),...,g(1,n)), of indeterminates g(i,j) (omitting g(0,0) - in other words - let L = set of all pairs of nonnegative integers, (i,j), which satsify 1<= i+j <=n) of the following form F = product over all the (i,j) in L of g(i,j)^h(i,j) / ((i!

In the help, it writes

BesselJ and BesselY are the Bessel functions of the first and second kinds, respectively. They satisfy Bessel's equation:
     2                2    2
    x  y'' + x y' + (x  - v ) y = 0

These are the steps that I need to do

determine the domain and range of the functioon

determine the intercepts and asymptotes of the graph

locate the x-values where f'(x) and f''(x) are zero or undefined

then i need to determine where the relative extrema and the points of inflection occur (this i should be able to do if I can get the graph)

i have to know how to do this for two kind of function for a test tomorrow I missed all week because i was sick and we are allowed to use the software on the test.

here are the functions


i am trying to code a proc that tells me when a certain function is better than another. My proc works fine for functions that have a single crossing point but it does not seem to work for inputs that have multiple crossing points.

Hi all,

I am pretty new to maple so forgive me if i am asking a basic question.

I have created a simple loop to evaluate the sum of  1/(k^2)+3, for k from 1 to n, where in this case n = N*20. here is my code and it works ok (for N=1), i have checked with the built in add/evalf functions.

sm := 0: N := 1:  n := N*20

for k from 1 to n do

sm := sm+(1/(k^2)+3):

end do:


Hi there, I'm trying to express the following expression

sin(c + I * (sin (d + k * sin(t)))


in terms of Bessel functions. I've been knocking my head against it trying to do it by hand for a while now and someone suggested maple could help.

Very likely there is a very simple solution to this question, but I searched Maple's help pages and this forum and didn't find a solution.  Probably because I don't use the correct English terms.

given two functions

(1) X := x->f1(t);

(2) Y := y->f2((t);

witth t = -infinity...infinity; f1 and f2 arbitrary functions of a parameter t

How I can get the function

Y := x->f3(x);


I read this forum  in which it says you have to extract units beforehand to plot.

The problem is that I have a lot of functions and I can't remove units by hand, so I wanted to use the command convert(........,unit_free) but  with no result

The function in the convert command is a piecewise. I upload the file


I want to graph a real-valued function e.g. plot y=x^2 from x=1 to 2.  There used to be a function called "plot2D". But it does not exist any more. When I call up the glossary or Help list, I get hundreds of plot-related functions - countourplot, loglogplot, etc - but not a plot for doing a real-valued function.  It is not under with(plots): 



I want to solve the following PDE with boundary conditions, but unfortunately I do not know the meaning of _F1 and _F2 in this stuation. Would you please help me to find these arbitrary functions?

> PDE := diff(U(y, z), y, y)+diff(U(y, z), z, z) = 0;

> with(PDEtools);

PDE _F1 _F2...

February 08 2010 Mehtab 16



I want to solve the following PDE with boundary conditions, but unfortunately I do not know the meaning of _F1 and _F2 in this stuation. Would you please help me to find these arbitrary functions?

I replied to the following thread but after further thought I probably start a new thread:

Hi, I want to build recursively defined, piecewise functions.

I first defined my zero-order functions

N40(xi)=piecewise(0<xi and xi<=1);

N50(xi)=piecewise(1<xi and xi<=2);

and I can plot them with desired result

but, how do I combine them, to make first order functions?

 for instance, I want to have a function matematichally defined by:

N41 = (xi-1)*N40 + (2-xi)*N51


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