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Let a non-planar non-self-intersecting closed polygon in three dimensions P  be given, say
with(plots): with(plottools):
P := polygon([[0, 1, 1], [1, -1, 2], [3, 0, 5], [1, 1, 1]]):
How to find the minimal surface  with the boundary P?
There is no chance to find the solution as a closed-form expression.
Thus, the numerical solution (or/and a triangulation which approximates the minimal surface up to the given accuracy) is required.

How to produce such a plot with Maple?
enter image description here

The difficulty is that the geom3d package does not include a command for a cylinder whereas
the plottools package has the cylinder command, but does not have a tool to determine whether
two random cylinders intersect.

Dear Maple users

I am delighted that Maple has builtin commands to plot so many polyhedrons in 3D. Here I am talking about the polyhedraplot command in the plots package. I was however disappointed that the socalled Truncated Icosahedron is not supported (not present in the supported list ...). My first question is:

1. Why isn't it supported?

It seems more relevant than many of the other polyhedrons which are supported. It is a member of the Archimedian Solids (see Besides it is the basic structure for soccer footballs. I found out that a TruncatedIcosahedron command is available in the geom3d package. This command is able to deliver data for the faces and more. With this command I succeded in writing a small program to actually plot this polyhedron in 3D:



    local i::integer,
    for i from 1 to 32 do
    end do;
end proc:



Since I am not really experienced in programming in Maple, here is my last question:

2. Can I simplify something in my code above?


Best wishes,



Dear all,

Please help in this question.


Using   I want to plot in R^3, the set of point u[i,j]^k . This point has as cordinate  (x[i],y[j],t[k]).

x := i -> (1/5)*i;  #  x[i] the x-coordinate
y := j -> (1/5)*j; # y[j] the y-coordinate
t := k -> (1/5)*k;  #  t[k] the t-coordinate

The name of point is u[i,j]^k

How can I  plot all the point.


point(u[i,j]^k, x(i),y(j),t(k));


Thank you.



I don't think the geom3d package can be used symbolically it needs specific values.  Maybe I'm wrong, am I?

I have a list L. In geom3d, I want to write all tangent of plane of the spherefrom L. But I don't know. I only write one point . I tried 

> restart:


L:=[[-5, -5, 8], [-5, -1, 10], [-5, 3, 10], [-5, 7, 8], [-5, 8, -5], [-5, 8, 7], [-5, 10, -1], [-5, 10, 3], [-1, -5, 10], [-1, 7, 10], [-1, 10, -5], [-1, 10, 7...

In geom3d, how can i make a triangle which coordinates of the center circle circumscribed triangle are integer numbers? Please help me. Thank you.

I want to write the equation of the plane which equidistant the two the planes P and Q. This is my code




plane(Q,x -4*y-8*z+1=0,[x,y,z]):


E:=distance(M,P)- distance(M,Q);


but, i can simplify(E). Please help me.

In geom3d, i have equation a plane. Now i want to get two points A and B in the plane P and write the equation of the line which passing two point A, B. 

plane(P, 2*x + 2*y -z + 4=0,[x,y,z]):
f := (a,b,c) -> eval(lhs(Equation(P)), [x=a,y=b,z=c]): 
T:=f(-1,2, a):
eq:=solve(T=0,a): coordinates(point(A,-1,2,eq)):

In geom3d, how i can subs coordinates of a point M(t+1, t - 2, t+ 3) into equation of a plane (P) has equation x + 2*y -3*z + 1 = 0? Please help me.

Problem. In the plane 2*x -3*y +3*z -17 = 0, find a point M such that the sum of its distances from the poits A(3, -4, 7) and B(-5, -14, 17) will have the least value.

First way.




plane(P,2*x - 3*y +3*z -17=0,[x,y,z]):



Problem. write the equation of the line cut the two lines d1: x = 2*t, y= -t+1, z = t-2, d2: x = -1+2*m, y = 1+m, z = 3 and perpendicular to the plane 7*x+y-4*z=0. 

This is my code. 

> restart;with(geom3d):






With(geom3d), equation of  a line has the form a parametric equation. How  i can get canonical equation of a line? Please help me?

I want to put vector n = (a, b, c) as normal vector of plane with assume a^2 + b^2 + c^2 > 0. For example

with(geom3d):assume(a^2 + b^2 + c^2>0):

plane(P,a*(x-1) + b*(y+2) + c*(z-3)=0,[x,y,z]);

But, i got: "Error, (in geom3d:-plane) unable to define the plane"
Plese help me. How can i put vector n = (a, b, c) as normal vector of plane?
Thank you very much.

Write the equation of the sphere has its centre at C(1, 2, 3) and cut the  straight line

Delta: x = t+1, y = t-1, z = -t at the points A and B so that the triangle ABC is a equilateral triangle.

This is my code.

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