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Google translate is HTTPS.  Https protocol is not supported in the HTTP package.  I can't seem to get it to work using the Sockets package.

Any ideas?

This should be a blog post but there is no option for ordinary mapleprimers. 

If you have a gmail account you can access the data on google insights (what people search for on google and where in the world is that keyword searched the most).  Actually you don't need gmail but you don't get access to the full data and your limited to a few searches.  Using Maples internet connectivity commands I'm sure could prove to create some interesting apps.

This guy Giorges is using Python and wget inorder to do parrallel downloading
and he is arguing that it is very fast.

Now my questions become

1) Does there exist a simple way that I can use wget without installing it ?
I dont want to bother users of my Maple application with installing a 3:rd party software.
A simple file in a specific location would be ok though

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