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A consistent system of linear equations in 14 unknowns is reduced to row echelon form. There are then 10 non-zero rows (i.e. 10 pivots). How many parameters (free variables) will occur in the solution?

Hello, I am a student typing up my homework assignments with maple, and I am takinng Inferential Statistics.  I can't figure out how to make the bar over a variable, so I can note the average.  It is just a line over a letter.  Kind of when notating a vector without the arrow.  It would be very helpful because I can't figure out how to make that symbol, it is not listed on the symbols list on the left side.


Hey guys! Can someone please help me by telling what I can insert into maple to get answer for this question? Thanks!

Is there any one to help me in calculating computational order of convergence of derivative free method. I am trying to calculate programs runs with immature error and does not print it.

Please is there any 1 to help.



I am trying to write a single procedure to find the root of any function using the Newton-Raphson method, given the initial approximation and the tolerance. If this fails to converge, the program must then use the Bisection method to find the root. Need some help please. The current procedure i have done is only coming out with the first Iteration 

Thanks for the help!

How would you do a quick sort or bubble sort?

Using the Fourier convolution theorem to solve f(t) =sin (t)

f(t)=R dJ(t)/dt+J(t)/C

R dJ(t)/dt+J(t)/C=f(t)

where f(t) is a driving electromotive force. Use the fourier transform to analyze this equation as follows.



Find the transfer function G(alpha)  then find g(t) .

 Thanks ....


Please I need you to add in the output of my code the order of error defined in the procedure.

Thanks for helping me.

Here, the code.


I am reciving an error code when trying to graph the right circular cylinder in the questions

Attached is what I have done with the question.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

How can I use separation of variable to solve heat equation ut=uxx on a rod of length pi/4 with u(0,t)=0, u(pi/4)=0 and u(x,0)=x(pi/4-x) 

then solve heat equation by laplace transform

Hi can you please help me? I want to write a program in Maple code, using the Newton-Raphson method, to solve the equation tan(x) −x-1=0 .  the approximate root is 1.5.
I tried doing this using a while loop to compare the last and current iterates, but something is not working.
so can you please help me do that?


I need to write a procedure that takes an integer N and a boolean function F as in14 as arguments, returns nothing, and plots a square N × N lattice of points, coloring the points (i, j) with F (i, j) true in red and the other ones blue. 

Thank you in advance. Any help with this would be apreciated. 



Please help to use dsolve.

Suppose I have a Matrix A of size two. Y=[u,v].


How can use dsolve this problem.






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