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This is what i have done to find the difference between a ball thrown with different starting angle, and then ploted they into the same plot.

restart; Digits:=20: with(plots):

C_0:=0.4: d:=0.0002: mu:=1.8*10^(-5): rho:=1.2: g:= 9.81:
rho_v:=1000.0: m:=evalf((4/3)*Pi*rho_v*(d/2)^3):   

local k,vx,vy; 

I am a student taking differential equations and I need to implement Euler's method using Maple 17. I have set up a do loop that looks like this:

for i from 1 to n1 do
k:= f(t,v):
v:= v + h*k:
t := t + h:

Where n1 is initialized to 50, f(t,v) := 0.0207v2 -893.58, and h is 0.1. v and t are both initialized as 0.

I have now been stck in a few days on a task that should be done in maple. I'm pretty new to maple so hope some of you could help me a bit. The task is to create a table of a ball that is thrown, when the starting speed should be from 0.2 to 4, and each step should be at 0.2. Afther that the table need to be plotted. I have used euler method to sett the functions up and the functions is a vector. Any one know what comands i should be using?

(i)develop an algorithm for computing f¡ÊF[x,y],F a field,where the degree of f in y is less than n and and f(x,ui)=vi; for i=0,1......,n-1, for distinct ui∈F,and arbitrary Vi∈F[x].showthat f is unique.

(ii) assuming that the degree of each Vi is less than m, what is the computing time of your algorithm (in term of m and n)?

(iii) computer f∈ F[11][x,y]such thatf(x,0)=x^2+7,f(x,1)=x^3+2*x+3,f(x,2)=x^3+5.

> 1) letJ subset F[7][x] be the set of all polynomials h in F[7][x] sloving the interpolation problem h(0);
=1,h(1)=5,h(6)=2. computer the unique polynomial f∈J of least degree.

2) find a surjective ring homomorphism ×:F[7][x]->F[7]^(3) such that Ker×=={rm:r∈F[7][x]};and computer ×(f)and×(x^2+3*x+2).

3) show thatJ=f+Ker×={f+rm:r∈ F[7][x]}.

> find*a*polynomial*f;

 in F[7][x] ofdegree less than 4 solving the congruence(x^(2)-1)∗f≡x^(3)+2*x+5 mod x^(4)+2*x+1 inF[7][x] .;

show that the residue class ring F[343]=F[7][x]/is a field,and computer the inverse of x^(2) mod x^(3)+x+1in F[343].

we were given three questions to do, i got the other two ones out grand but ive been trying to do this for hours and i still don't get it.   it is 

Write a function that produces the power set of a given nite set M, i.e. the set of all subsets.

Thusyour function has

Argument: a finite set M,

Returnvalue: the set of all subsets of M.

Examples: If PP is the procedure,PP({}) returns {{}},PP({a}) returns {{},{a}},PP({a,b}) returns {{},{a},{b},{a,b}},PP({a,b,c}) returns {{},{a},{b},{c},{a,b},{a,c},{b,c},{a,b,c}},PP({a,b,c,d}) returns{{},{a},{b},{c},{d},{a,b},{a,c},{a,d},{b,c},{b,d},{c,d},{a,b,c},{a,b,d},{a,c,d},{b,c,d},{a,b,c,d}}.


you will be rewarded with a lifetime supply of grattitude if you can help me out! thanks.

Hi, this question requires the use of with(geom3d): package and i don't know how to go about answering it.

Tangent Problem...

September 23 2013 grantmarcum55 5

My math professor recently assigned this problem on maple. this is my first time using it, ive emailed her about the question and she is not much help. could somone work it out on maple and post a screenshot of it? or a pdf file? it would be very helpful since i have more quesitons like this i could use it as a reference. Now the problem:

The point(0.5,0) lies of the curve y=cos(Pi*x)

a) If Q is the point (x,cos(Pi*x)), use your calculator to find the slope of the secant line PQ...

I know how to solve them in person but I just don't know how to do it with Maple. Please help.

Analyze the solution to the ode dy/dx = f(x,y), where f(x,y) is a 3rd degree polynomial that you will randomly generate where the coefficients are integers between -2 to 2.

a) Solve the general solution using dsolve (may be an integral).

b) Sketch the directional field.

c) Using the directional field, you will be able to identify where a constant solution...


   Suppose thT the population y(t) of a certain kind of fish is given by (D(y))(t) = Ay(t)-By(t)^2, and fish are caught at a rate Hy proportional to y.Solve this so-called schaefer model. Find the euilibrium solutions y1,y2(>0) when H

2.< Intermittent harvesting>

 In 1. assume that you fish for 3 years, then fishing is banned for the next 3 years. Thereafter you start again. And so on. This is called intermittent harvesting....

1. x^2*diff(y(x),x,x)+x*diff(y(x),x)+(x^2-1/9)*y(x)=0

I want solve this equation with Bessel'function in maple.


2. x*(diff(y(x),x&2))+2*(diff(y(x), x))+16*x*y(x) = 0

3. x*(diff(y(x),x&2))+(2*x+1)*(diff(y(x), x))+(x+1)*y(x) = 0

I want solve these equation with frobenius method in maple.


Thank you ♥

Gausseidel's method...

August 09 2013 mvcr15 10
HI, I have a doubt to how to execute the program with an example. gaussseidel:= proc (A,b,x,p)  local i, j, m, soma, e, g, C,   xk:= Vector(n),  k:=0;  for i from 1 to n do   g[i]:= b[i]/a[i,i];  for j from 1 to n do   if i=j then     C[i,j]:= 0;  else   C[i,j]:= - a[i,j]/a[i,i];  end if;  end do;  end do ;  while  (x - x0) > p do  for i from 1 to n do   soma:=...
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