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Hey, how is can i see all the steps in maple? I would specially like to know it for differential equations.

For example we could use this one:

dl := 3*(diff(y(t), t, t))+6*(diff(y(t), t))+4*y(t) = 0 


  • here is an exercise I got from a text book                                                                                                              calculate the first 10 terms of the following sequence :                                                                                              

u[0]=1                                                                                                                                                             u[n+1]=1/2(u[n]+2/u[n]) n>=0                                                                                                                          

  • estimate the differences u[3]-sqrt(2) , u[4]-sqrt(2), u[5]-sqrt(2), and u[6]-sqrt(2) with a precision of 50 numbers                                    
  • what can we conjecture about the sequence ?
  • how to prove that conjecture with MAPLE ?


how to add another line in this template of formula

use the expression template  

how to add another line like


thank you in advance for your help

How do i use d'Alembert formula to solve,plot and animate with Maple software

Current directory...

October 10 2014 PerKirkegaard 25

How do I permanently change the current directory on a MAC computer?


Kind regards


Per Kirkegaard

Every time I try to solve for a variable it gives me an arrow.

ex solve(5.6*10^-4=((x)(x))/(0.2-x),x)

gives me

x -> 7/62500 - 7/12500 x

How do I get it to stop giving me the x -> ?

Or at least reset some options so I don't have to reinstall the whole thing?

1-Suppose that after applying the command "factor(f)" the "f "takes the form:

f=(BesselJ(0,r))*(A very lengthy term)

Is there a way to force maple to show f like below:

f=(A very lengthy term)*(BesselJ(0,r))

2-Suppose f is written as follows:


Can you suggest a way (without using "op" command) to write f as:


This integral is defined as



Now, How can I solve this integral?

tnx for your help.



I do have some m files and they containing procedures where i am interested in
How can i read those procedures in a m file

Thanks in advance

Hello those in Mapleprimes,


I want to know whether there is a good way to modify the first expression to the second one below.

first expression: 

> p+p^(-1/(theta-1))*sum(q[i]^(theta/(theta-1)), i = (1 .. n));

second expression:

> p^(-1/(theta-1))*(p^(theta/(theta-1))+sum(q[i]^(theta/(theta-1)),i=1..n));

First and Second are the same. But, I want to know how I can modify from the former to the latter.


Thank you in advance.




c1 := circle([0, 0], 1, color = red);
p2 := implicitplot(x = 1/2, x = -2 .. 2, y = -1 .. 1.1, colour = blue, linestyle = 1, thickness = 2);
display(c1, p2);

How to fill that part beetween line and circle(where x>1/2 in circle )?



This is a link to two sample questions I am trying to learn how to solve using maple. I am using maple student edition of maple. Any help would be great. Thank you.



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