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Dear Maple Users

I have been testing Maple 16 for some time now, and I am overall very pleased with it. There is however one issue, which is really annoying. In previous version of Maple, images inserted into Maple and plots were printed much bigger than they looked like in the Worksheet. Then me and other users have requested to have the printed output look more like it does in the Worksheet on the computerscreen. Maple has adressed those user complaints in the new...

Hello everyone.

an equation or a table can have a label and can be later referred to by using insert->label. Can we do the same for inserted images? Like Figure 1, etc.... A workaround is to insert the image in a 1x1 table and reformat the caption. But I am not sure that's the ultimate solution.

Another related question: can an equation that is just in the 2D math mode that is not meant for execution get a dummy label like (*) or (**) or something like that?

Hi all.

I want to make a graphical application for a webpage, showing curves with a certain number of points on X axis (about 10 or 15), and some sort of “handles” on curve values (for every curve,...

The complexplot3d command can color by using (complex) argument for the hue, and compute height z by magnitude. So, when rotated to view the x-y plane straight on, it can provide a nice coloring of the argument of whatever complex-valued expression is being plotted.

Another way to obtain a similar plot is to use densityplot (with appropriate values for its scaletorange option) and apply argument to the expression or function being plotted. For some kinds of complex-valued... want to draw this Picture in can help me or give an idea...

Hey there,

i have (for example) these two B/W images and would like to calculate the displacement of the cross via an image correlation.
does anyone has an idea how to succeed???
is the Correlation function in the Statistics package usable for this task?
thanks in advance!


Ok hello everyone and thank you in advance.
I have 2-3 difficulties in a maple plotting.
I'm trying to plot two fairly easy surfaces in maple 3d
What I want is:
3 standard axis, x,y,z with y vertical and z coming out of the screen(obviously you can turn it and stuff.)

Two surfaces:
On with y = (1/x), z=free;
The second with y= 2*x(1/z);

Some images have reverted to some sort of equation form layout.  As an example look here

What has happened?

Links to images in some posts are gone as relevant in one of my earlier posts here 

which as of a couple of days ago when the old mapleprimes was still active, all images in the post were visible.

I have two equal matrices; one specified with decimals and one with fractions. Maple outputs a different reduced row echelon form for the two which is very confusing! Even if it is because Maple is calculating with limited precision on decimals I don't see ANY reason why Maple shouldn't be able to deduce where the 1's and the 0's should be. The first result seems to be completely wrong as it doesn't even match the last result remotely close. Does it? Whats happening here? Link to picture showing maple worksheet:

Hello, I just wanted to do a physics problem with Maple 10 and entered m := … to have the mass at my fingertips during the problem. But when I entered a speed it interpreted the "m" from meter as my "m" which I used as mass: I got around the problem by using the word "mass" instead of "m". Am I just doing it wrong by using too simple names, or is there something I can do in maple to prevent this? Thanks!


I am trying to plot a 3d function, but there is a problem.

Here is a screenshot of the problem

thank you

I want to factor the 34 th Fermat number.

F(n) := 2^(2^n) + 1

I can enter the 29th Fermat number: 2^(2^29) +1, and Maple will evaluate it.

I seem to be under the maxdigits limit:

> kernelopts(maxdigits);

I tried solving a system of PDEs in composite domain (see the attached image below), but couldn't get pdsolve to work for some reason. The error I got is: "Error, (in pdsolve/numeric) initial/boundary conditions must be defined at one or two points for each independent variable."

Would someone please let me know what I did wrong?

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