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I've got a function y(x) that is initially defined as x^3+y^3=1 and need to plot it, and find y',y''.

At present, I've used implicitplot(x^3+y^3=1,x=0..5,y=0..5) to plot it, but that doesnt seem to work. Also, to find y'

I've used the statement

implicitdiff(g(x,y),y(x),x) where g:=(x,y)->x^3+y^3=1 but this gives me an error that my input is invalid; y(x) is expected to be of the form {(name, set(name), set(function(name))}.

I don't quite understand..

Hi, there

How can we plot implicit polar equations like r^2 =5-4cos(theta) in maple13?



Hi there,

I used the following plot command in maple13.


implicitplot(abs(x)+abs(y)=2, x=-2..2, y=-2..2, scaling=constrained)

But the output(square) is not complete at vertices.In fact at the vertex the graph is like a trapezoid.

Any help will be appreciated.



I would like to plot this :

yz(x+y+2z)^3-8=0 such as x^2+x(y+2z)-1<0 and y^2+y(x+2z)-3<0

The difficulty is that bounds depend on other variables. I was trying to use Maple implicitplot3d function, but I don't see a way.

Is it possible to use Maple for such plot ? If so, how ?


Thank you for your answer


Is there a fairly straightforward method for obtaining an array of coordinates from an implicit equation? I have an ellipse defined implicitly (by a horrendously involved expression) and can't figure out how to extract a set of coordinates from an implicitplot. I'm reluctant to use seq and fsolve with a fixed stepsize.

Would be grateful for some insight!



What is the set of the points (x,y) s. t.

y^2+y^3+(y^3-x^2-3*x*y)^(1/4) <= 5*x*y ?

How to draw it with Maple?



Hi, as the title says I am animating an implicitplot and want a different color for each curve left by the trace. I realize it may be easier to build plot structures using seq and display(..,insequence=false) but I thought I should learn more Maple ha ha. Plus  it seems easier to implement.

 Forgot to say I use Maple 15

For equation sol[2][1]=constant A,



> animate(implicitplot, [sol[2][1] = A, x = -6 .. 15, y = -15 .. 15, numpoints = 10^5], A = -10 .. 10, trace = 2, frames = 20);



I'm taking calculus and my professor introduced us to maple software. The professor asked us to plot the families of curves for this orthogonal equation:

dy/dx = (x^2) - (2y^2) - C = 0

This is what I had so far:







'Function'(x,y) = Function(x,y);





This is only display one family. How do I code for it plot the other families?

(The graph should look like curves converging from left, top and right sides toward to the origin of the axes)

Please help.

I used implitplot to plot solutions to some (tricky) equations in 2 variables, of the form implicitplot([f(x,y)=0]).  Now I have a (tricky) change of parameterization G:R^2->R^2 of the form G(x,y)=(g(x,y),h(x,y)). I'd like to plot the image of the solution set of f(x,y)=0 under the map G. Of course, if I could invert G I'd implicitplot           G^(-1)(f(x,y))=0, but the functions I have dont lend themselves to this.


Presumably MAPLE stores the points it plots somewhere, and I should be able to apply G to this set of points. But I don't know how to approach this. Anybody know? 

Hello there,


I have some troubles with plotting implicit functions , aswell with plotting polar ones.

When I ask the plot of my function it's not ''smooth'' , it has edgdes everywhere that aren't suposed to be there (I think).


These are 2 examples:



Both curbes




Can somebody help me out on how to draw them smoothly?

Maybe I have to change settings?


Thanks alot!



i want to plot the region D={(x,y)|0<=x<=1,0<=y<=1-x} in a 2d plot. how to i do this in the most possible way?


i know im supposed to use with(plots) and then implicitplot() but i cant seem to get it right...



any help is appreciated :)


I need help plotting the volume of revolution generated by the curves x=0 and x=(2*y^3)-y^4 around the y=-2 axis. I tried using parametric equations, x(t)= (2*t^3)-t^4 and y(t)=t for t between 0..2, and the VolumeofRevolution command with StudentCalculus 1. To be more precise, I used:

VolumeOfRevolution(2*t^3-t^4,t, t = 0 .. 2, output = plot, axis = horizontal, distancefromaxis = -2);

However, the volume I'm getting is not the one I'm looking for....

Hello Folks:

I'm trying to generate a plot of a procedure that uses fsolve and I get the following error message:

> implicitplot(IC(2, x, y, 1, 1), .1 .. .9, -1 .. 1, filled = true, numpoints = 10);
Error, (in fsolve) x is in the equation, and is not solved for

It seems that Maple is passing x to the procedure IC and not the numerical value of x.

I tried, without success,  to delay the evaluation as suggested here



I obtain  curve pH = f(Vb) with following code



 Vtot := V0+Vb+Vind;h := 10^(-ph);C0 := 10^(-2);Cind := .83;Vind := 0.1e-1;V0 := 10;Ka1 := 10^(-4.8);Ka2 := 10^(-9);Cb := 0.1e-1;Kaind := 10^(-8);

eq := h+Cb*Vb/Vtot = 10^(-14)/h+C0*V0/(Vtot*(1+h/Ka1))+Cind*Vind/(Vtot*(1+h/Kaind));

 implicitplot(eq, Vb = 0 .. 40, gridrefine = 3, ph...

Dif_Out_plot.mwWhy this difference in the results of the graphics?There are differences between the command smartplot and the command smartplot implicitplot, to display the graph of the function.Following the line of site: web
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