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How do I plot the imaginary or real part of a complex valued function



I tried:



but which does not work

Hi all,

I have been trying for some time create an animation of a 3d plot I created rotating about the z-axis in Maple 15. I tried using the usual


but not only does that produce an error when I try to do the same thing with an implicitplot3d function, it also doesn't work when I try to animate multiple plots in the same graph, whether implicit functions or regular plot3d ones. I am creating a model...

An implicitplot3d of an f(x,y,z)=0 results in an ISOSURFACE structure containing the samples of a function taken over a regular grid in 3-D space and is rendered as a 3-D surface approximating the zero surface of the function.
When I select the points with values of f(x,y,z) "close" to zero, I only get a few points on the surface:

q := plots:-implicitplot3d( x^2+y^3+z^4=1 ,x=-1..1,y=-1..1,z=-1..1,
style=wireframe, color=black ):
pdata := plottools:-getdata(q); # doesn't work...

how to graph this two paraboloids into one graph in Maple? z=x^2+y^2 and z=2-x^2-y^2  I try to use Display, Display3d commend, and it doesn't work.







and if I want to combine the two graph into one, what should I do next?

I'm having an issue with the implicitplot3d command in Maple 16.  The sequence of commands I've listed below works just fine in Maple 15, but in Maple 16 I'm getting a problem.  Sometimes no graph will display;  other times, Maple may initially graph the surface correctly, but as soon as I rotate the graph, the surface disappears.  Furthermore, the following strange things happen:


1) Re-executing the command after rotating does not redraw the image ...

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