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if possible to convert matlab file in to maple fie program??convert_to_maple_program.txt



this is the matlab is it possible to rewrite it in simple maple code

J = rand()+1e-10;

function [M, num, E] = ising(N,J)

B = 0;

M = []; % The total magnetic field of the system

E = []; % The total energy of the system

randTol = 0.1; % The tolerance, dampens the spin flip process

% First we generate a random initial configuration

spin = (-1).^(round(rand(N)));

% Then we let the system evolve for a fixed number of steps

for i=1:1000,

% Calculating the total spin of neighbouring cells

neighbours = circshift(spin, [ 0 1]) + ...

circshift(spin, [ 0 -1]) + ...

circshift(spin, [ 1 0]) + ...

circshift(spin, [-1 0]);

% Calculate the change in energy of flipping a spin

DeltaE = 2 * (J*(spin .* neighbours) + B*spin);

% Calculate the transition probabilities

p_trans = exp(-DeltaE);

% Decide which transitions will occur

transitions = (rand(N) < p_trans ).*(rand(N) < randTol) * -2 + 1;

% Perform the transitions

spin = spin .* transitions;

% Sum up our variables of interest

M = sum(sum(spin));

E = -sum(sum(DeltaE))/2; % Divide by two because of double counting

% Display the current state of the system (optional)


xlabel(sprintf('J = %0.2f, M = %0.2f, E = %0.2f', J, M/N^2, E/N^2));


axis square; colormap bone; drawnow;


% Count the number of clusters of 'spin up' states

[L, num] = bwlabel(spin == 1, 4);


Dear all,

I am looking at the help page for reading json files, but it is too advanced for me to understand...

Can anyone give an easy example where a json file is read into a variable and printing the data structure?


Louise =)


Hello all,

I have a hash structure with arrays in a YAML file that I would like to read in Maple.

Does there exist a module, so I can read it?


Hi guys,
I want to import symbolic matrix from matlab to Maple, How I can do that ? 


Thanks to different posts of the subject "Exporting data from Excel to Maple", I could learn the method to do it and conduct it.

Now, I would like to store the data exported from Excel to Maple in the worksheet and make my worksheet independent from the excel sheet.

The idea is that I can send my worksheet to a collegue and he can use without the excel sheet.

May you advice me a strategy to store the imported data ?

The copy/ paste works but it doesn't look smart.

Thank you for your help.



Is there any option for impoting MATLAB's variables eith struct format (*.mat)?

Could you please to help me!

Thank you.


Hi everyone,

I am trying to copy a 178x2 matrix into maple. the data is in a .dat file in two columns. For example the first few lines:

+2.000000E-10 +1.636232E-05

+3.017707E-05 +4.531920E-05

+6.065973E-05 +7.586885E-05

+9.096636E-05 +1.059570E-04

+1.208671E-04 +1.357189E-04

I was having trouble importing an excel sheet


  Error, (in ExcelTools:-Import) There was an error reading the Excel file

The excel sheet only had one tab visible named test1a.tabs

However it loaded fine without the range and sheetname specified

and it loaded fine using the sheet name as a number




I was wondering if anyone else experienced this or if I was doing something wrong someone could point out.


I would like to import the code from Pg 90 on in the following document into Maple. Any suggestions for doing so with minimal editing required after pasting?


Hey there!

I uploaded a solid drawing from a CAD software (like solidworks, inventor, stl files, etc) into Maple using plottools:-importplot("drawing.stl"). 

Also, I know Maple can give me the normal vector (and point of intersection) using line and intersection commands, for example.

Now, is it possible to find a point of intersection (and the normal vector at that point) of a line that crosses the uploaded CAD solid?

I guess that to accomplish that, it would be necessary to somehow "map" the solid and that's the part that I am lost.

Many thanks!



I've got an excel file and a maple file saved in the same folder and am trying to import the contents of the excel file using  the Exceltools[Import]("name of file.extension") command as given in the manual but it doesn't seem to work. I've also tried copying the entire path of the file in the argument but that doesn't seem to work either. What am I doing incorrectly?



is there a way I can use data (variables) from Maple environment in the Maplesim environment. 

I have a scirpt in maple that generates the robots joints angles and need to use them in the 3D robot built in maplesim. I know I can export/Import data, but this sounds redundant. Is there a way to simply use an input block as a source of the data in maplesim and have the variable name generated in maple used int. Similar to what Matlab/Simulink does.. 




3-D Model Import/Export and Printing The new Import and Export commands introduced in Maple 2015 provide a unified approach to all data import and export activities, replacing the need to use different commands in different situations. They can be used with many of the wide variety of file types supported by Maple, including 3-D graphics data, numeric and tabular data, images, audio files, special-purpose formats for mathematical objects such as graphs, and much more.

In the following example, you can see how to use these commands in order to bring 3-D models from the popular website Thingiverse and to export 3-D plots to a format suitable for 3-D printing.

Tips and Techniques: 3-D Model Import/Export and Printing

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