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Hello: I'm looking over the Help section but I can not find a Maple package that has a command to compute the symmetric sum or the cyclic sum. I just started working with inequalities. Please could anyone recommend a package that allows me to compute expressions related to Muirhead's Inequality (see part 2 of  the answer:

I need to maximize two multivariate objective functions (f(x1,y1,z1,t1) and g(x2,y2,z2,t2)) with inequality and nonnegativity constraints (x1, x2>0 and y1, z1, t1, y2, z2, t2 >=0). I am looking for parametric not numerical solutions.

What is the best way to find the solution to such a problem using maple?

I'm trying to solve the following inequality:


but the solve command returns:

"Warning, solutions may have been lost"

Can someone halp me?

Thank you.


Hi, I need to show some how by using Maple, that n^3>(n+1)^2 where n>=3. Iam new at Maple and not sure how I can graph inequality as n goes to infinity. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks!!!



I want to check this inequality (check below) for the set of parameters that holds, and I also want to restrict my variable to be real and non-negative (i.e k>=0), I am getting the usual message that "Solutions may have being lost". Can somebody please help me on how i can handle this ? Thanks 


Please give specific instructions line per line, and all commands necessary to solve and plot on the same graph the inequality (x+3)^2>(-2)*(x+10).Thank you in advance for your help

I'm trying to use solve to find out if a system of equalities and inequalities has any solution or not, but maple 15 seems to be giving phantom solutions.  A simple example is the following:

  solve({ a + b = 1, a > 0, b > 1, c > 0 }, {a,b,c});

It gives the output


I want to create a tangent function.

I know that you can create tan(x) but how can you create the tangent function when the solutions are only:

x in [0.19740;0.91510[ union [3.3390;4.0567 ?


Another explanation:

How you can graphically show the valid values of x in this inequality?

                  0.2 ≤ tan x < 1.3
Best regards

How to solve the inequality 3^((x+3)/(5*x-2))-4 >= 5*3^((9*x-7)/(5*x-2)) with Maple?
An exact and explicit solution is required.

How to solve this inequality? 6/(2*x+1)>(1+log[2](2+x)/x). I tried


I receive: "Warning, solutions may have been lost."


i am unable to solve the following inequalities:

ineq1 := (4-(3/2)*q+(1/2)*sqrt(28-24*q+5*q^2))*(1/2-(1/2)*q)







"Warning, solutions may have been lost"


please help me here

I am a transplant from to Mathematica to Maple and still getting used to things. Could somebody please help me finding the maximum of f with repect to the constraints and with the variables below. I keep getting  syntax error, no matter how many times I check the documentation page. Thank you very much

f:=1/((4 a - 3 M) (-4 b + 3 M)) (-9 M^3 - 16 a b x +
    12 a M x + 12 M^2 x + 16 b x^2 - 12 M x^2 + 12 b M y +
    12 M^2 y - 16 b x y - 16 M x y - 12 M y^2 + 16 x y^2)...

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