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How is vertical text created in a plot?  It would be similiar to using the labeldirection option set to "vertical", but my text in question will be an annotation within the field of the plot.  A more general question would be how to place rotated text within a plot.    


Is it possible to have the labels of the x-axis and of the tickmarks above the axis?

Thank you!

Hello fellow Maple users. 
I have been useing Maple for 5 month now and i think its a great program. But sometimes i find it a bit difficult to use. 
When i plot a function i would like to see the function on the line in the plot that represents the funtion. So if have several lines representing different functions, i would Maple to highlight the function when i hower over the function 
with the mouse .. Is this posible ? I know its posible in Inspires CAS. 

It must be posible for Maple to label the plots with the function ??? If not Maple programmers got a job...

Sometimes maple tends to press enter two times when I want to access a label with Ctrl+L

Here is what I mean:

This happened because it "pressed" enter 2 times. This doesn't happen all the time. Did anybody have this problem? Any way to fix it?

P.S. My space bar is alright 100%

Dear Maple users

This may be an easy task, but I cannot seem to find out how to do it: How do I get the solutions of an equation on a list form? Let's say the output of the solve command has the reference number (1), then I tried using the convert command and a label to refer to the Maple output, but it didn't work:


I hope someone can help me do it.



Hi, I would like to label curves on a plot but using horizontal text looks really bad.  I would like to use verical text labels or even text labels that follow the curves.  It this possible in Maple?  I have tried rotate with textplot but that only rotates the point and not the text.  Any ideas would be great! Thanks.

Hello everyone.

an equation or a table can have a label and can be later referred to by using insert->label. Can we do the same for inserted images? Like Figure 1, etc.... A workaround is to insert the image in a 1x1 table and reformat the caption. But I am not sure that's the ultimate solution.

Another related question: can an equation that is just in the 2D math mode that is not meant for execution get a dummy label like (*) or (**) or something like that?

Hi guys! 

I'm going to plot:

plote1 := spacecurve(e1(theta),theta=a1..b1,color=red):
plote1p := plot(e1plan(theta),theta=Pi/4..Pi/2,color=red):
plote2 := spacecurve(e2(theta),theta=a2..b2,color=blue):
plote2p := plot(e2plan(theta),theta=0..Pi,color=blue):
plote3 := spacecurve(e3(theta),theta=a3..b3,color=yellow):
plote3p := plot(e3plan(theta),theta=0..3*Pi/2,color=yellow):
A := array(1..2):
A[1] := display(C,plote3,plote1,plote2,orientation=[60,75],axes=box):


I have problem that after using assume(...) and then use label such as (1.1)... then the assumptions are lost. Is it a bug?

Below is my attached worksheet (I used Maple 13 , I don't know if later version is better?)

Actually , the lost of assumptions will cause some problems such as make integration become unevaluated.... and will take you a hard time to debug...

A recent Tips and Techniques article in the Maple Reporter contained the following five "gems" from my Red Book of Maple Magic. These 'gems' are tricks and techniques for Maple that I've discovered in my years here at Maplesoft. The previous 15 gems have appeared in three other issues of the Reporter, as...


To label plot axes as Greek letters, one should use the "labelfont=[SYMBOL]" parameter, but this option makes both axes in Greek letters. Is it possible to make only the horizontal axe as a Greek letter, while the vertical axe remains as an English word?

Thanks in advance.

Paper Models of 3D Plots...

September 09 2011 Paul 390 Maple



3D Paper Physical Model

Hello togehter,

i switched for various reasons from Gnuplot to Maple for plotting my data.

1) Is there a way to label the secondary x (top) and secondary y axis (right) in boxed axis style. Attached you find a picture from a Gnuplot i've done and the plot i'm currently working on in maple.

2) I do like the black "cross" in the midlle refering to the x,y axis at zero positions. Is there a way to do this, as well.


how can i draw a polygon with labeled vertex by numbers which are inside of that polygon§

Hi, my professor wants our graphs to be labeled (which is reasonable). How can I label the graph I made this way:


>inequal({x[1] >= 0, x[2] >= 0, x[1]-3*x[2] >= -3, 2*x[1]+3*x[2] <= 6}, x[1] = 0 .. 3.5, x[2] = 0 .. 2.5)


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