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I want to put the solution obtained from ShowSolution() command of Student[Calculus1] into my LaTeX file. How I can achieve that?

I succeeded in getting latex of ExpandSteps because it was a module, but ShowSolution() is not a module.

I have generated an 8x8 Jacobian, containing a few variables and several zeros as elements. I would like to translate this to LaTeX code. How can I first simplify what I have, to make it tractable?

Here is the Maple code:

eq_1 := Lambda-mu*S-(beta*(H+C+C1+C2)*S+tau*(T+C)*S)/(S+T+H+C+C1+C2+C1M+C2M);
eq_2 := (-beta*(H+C+C1+C2)*T+tau*(T+C)*S)/(S+T+H+C+C1+C2+C1M+C2M)-(mu+mu[T])*T;
eq_3 := (beta*(H+C+C1+C2)*S-tau*(T+C)*H)/(S+T+H+C+C1+C2+C1M+C2M)-(mu+mu[A])*H;
eq_4 := (beta*(H+C+C1+C2)*T+tau*(T+C)*H)/(S+T+H+C+C1+C2+C1M+C2M)-(mu+mu[T]+mu[A]+lambda[T])*C;
eq_5 := lambda[T]*C-(mu+mu[A]+rho[1]+eta[1])*C1;
eq_6 := rho[1]*C1-(mu+mu[A]+rho[2]+eta[2])*C2;
eq_7 := eta[1]*C1-(mu+rho[1]+gamma)*C1M;
eq_8 := eta[2]*C2+rho[1]*C1M-(mu+rho[2]+gamma*rho[1]/(rho[1]+rho[2]))*C2M;
J := VectorCalculus:-Jacobian([eq_1, eq_2, eq_3, eq_4, eq_5, eq_6, eq_7, eq_8], [S, T, H, C, C1, C2, C1M, C2M]);

JQDFE := eval(J, [S = Lambda/(beta-mu[A]), T = 0, H = Lambda*(beta/(mu+mu[A])-1)/(beta-mu[A]), C = 0, C1 = 0, C2 = 0, C1M = 0, C2M = 0]);


I would like to implement a rule for typeseting delayDotProduct in latex exports (in which this expressions appears in plain form). It corresponds to dot products of vectors/matrices with the "." operator. I tried to define 

sprintf("{ {%s}{%s} }",cat(`latex/print`(f1)),cat(`latex/print`(f2)))
end proc:

which does not do the job. 


A related question: How can I make


produce x''(t) in latex output?

Hello everyone.

I have lots of lengthy equations in Maple that I don't want to waste time for rewritting them. I am looking for a clean and tidy way to export these equations from Maple and import them into a LaTeX or Word document.

As an example do it with the equation in the following file.

Many many thanks.

I want to write an equation in the text portion of my document.  I do not need it evaluated. I just want to write formulas, like I do in LaTeX. 

For some reason, Maple does not use \frac{}{} for things like 1/2 that can occur in an expression



This make the generated code not good looking. For example using this in Maple:

latex(diff(y(x), x)+y(x)*cos(x)-(1/2)*sin(2*x) = 0);

produces this latex when proccessed:

When the latex is put inside a display in the document.  This is terrible. Is there a way to tell Latex to use \frac{}{} for fractions?


I run the command

> latex( '(3*p^4+3*p^2-2*p+1)/((1-p+p^2)*(1-3*p+3*p^2))' );

and I get

{\frac {3\,{p}^{4}+3\,{p}^{2}-2\,p+1}{ \left( 1-p+{p}^{2} \right)
\left( 1-3\,p+3\,{p}^{2} \right) }}

for some reason before every variable p I get a backslash and comman, \, and the frac{}{} command is always written as \frac {}{}, which isn't valid latex syntax, etc.  What's going on?

eq:=diff(y(x),x) - y(x)^2 - x*y(x) - x + 1;

Gives an error "(in fprintf) string expected for string format". The problem seems when the math contains "erf"? Both examples below fail with result that contains this.

Maple 18, on windows 7.

Another example:

eq:=diff(y(x),x) + a*y(x)*(y(x)-x) - 1;

Another example, which seems to fail for different reason

eq:=diff(y(x),x) + a*x*y(x)^3+b*y(x)^2;






which produces a non natural output in latex, see below.

I wonder it could be improved in the future release?

'latex' command is really useful when i have large algebric output. But having to change this tiny thing at many places is just very time consuming. I'd really appreciate if this can be fixed in updates or future versions of Maple.




Dear Mapleprimes,

I have been struggling with a problem in the last couple of days. I wish to export a Maple plot to LaTeX while ensuring font consistency. While searching for solutions online, I found the psfrag package in LaTeX. So far, however, I have been unsuccesful in making this work. As as test, I attempted to export plot(x^2) to LaTeX. I used the following code to convert to .eps which worked fine:

plotsetup(ps, plotoutput = `plot1.eps`, plotoptions = `portrait, noborder,height=5in,width=5in`);plot(x^2);

Then in LaTeX, I have:





\psfrag{x}{$ \alpha $}

However, no replacements are made. After intense Google searching I found the following post which to sum up argues that this was only possible with earlier versions of Maple.

Does anyone know if the problem has been resolved?

Does anyone know any other ways to ensure font consistency for plots imported from Maple to LaTeX?

Thank you very much in advance!


Maple 18, windows 7.

When I export this to Latex


The latex comes out as x:=y^-1 instead of using 1/y as it displays. I prefer 1/y and not  y^-1

i.e. instead of generating {y}^{-1} it should use \frac{1}{y}, just as it appears on the screen. Is there a configurration option one can use for this?

I also like to know if one can insert latex markup directly in Maple text paragraphs?

For example, if I add a text paragraph, (Menu->Insert->Paragraph) and would like to type some math in there, I can't just write $\sin(x)$ as this will not render as math when exported to Latex, as it is in a Maple normal group in the Latex file. 

Is there another way to typeset math in text area of a document? I only use worksheet mode. Not interested in using document mode.

thank you





If I wirite in an algorithm in MapleTA 9.5 the number 0, and later use it (for export to latex), it becomes negative, but not if I pass through Maple:



results in:

null 0
zero 0
nullstring -0
zerostring 0


Why, and what can be done without passing through Maple?




I was trying to create a array or table with the following columns

1. angle in radians,

2. angle in grades

3. sinus (x)

4. cosinus (x)

5. tangent(x)


for x= 0, pi/12, 2pi/12.. 2pi.

I was trying to use seq()


seq([(1*Pi/12*j),sin(1*Pi/12*j)], j=0..24);


but I cannot get something nicely "arranged" (like in a table or matrix) to export to latex.


could somebody give me a help..please?


thanks in advance,





Is there a chance to produce right looking pdf via LateX export using table inside a Maple worsheet?

Could you tip somone?


I encolose:


(tex file with two eps + pdf file without reqiured table structure)

source workseet done with Maple 17


I tried to export my maple document to latex using file->export function, but it won't export file correctly. For example

in maple
> a := 5431; b := 15971; c := 20551;
> f := -a-b-c;

in latex


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