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I have a Maple file which contains many proc loops and functions.

I need a linkage between some files to read the requested functions from source file and export calculations to another file.

Is it possible?

Hi all,

I google and found a program using C# connect with Maple. The Maple file is mla file - a pakage library type of Maple. I want to review data structure and all interfaces funtions to understand the way to implement this features.

Please help me the way to read the original Maple code. I uploaded the .mla file into mediafire if you want to review it. Link 


Quan Nguyen

Hello everyone,

I have nonlinear partial differential equations (see the attached file) need to be solved:

With initial condition: h(x, y) = K1 (constant), dh/dx = K2 (constant); dh/dy = K3 (constant); And h(x,y) is function of (x,y) other factors are constant. Could anyone tell me how to solve these equations by using numerical method? Do you know any library in c/ c++ language that can solve these equations??

I have tried with Maple 17 and the response is: "Error, (in pdsolve/info) first argument is not a differential equation". Whole of my input:


with(PDEtools); declare(U1(x, y), U2(x, y), U3(x, y));

PDEs = [diff(U1(x, y), y) = U2(x, y),

diff(U1(x, y), x) = U3(x, y),

(diff(U2(x, y), y))*((L-U1(x, y))^2+(D2+tan(alpha)*(L+U1(x, y)))^2)+.5*U2(x, y)*(2*tan(alpha)*U1(x, y)-D2) = 0,

(diff(U3(x, y), x))*((L-U1(x, y))^2+D1^2*cos(alpha+2*U2(x, y))^2)+.5*U3(x, y)*D1*cos(alpha+2*U2(x, y))+.5*D1*sin(alpha+2*U2(x, y))*(L-U1(x, y)) = 0];


[ d d / d
PDEs = [--- U1(x, y) = U2(x, y), --- U1(x, y) = U3(x, y), |--- U2(
[ dy dx \ dy

\ / 2 2\
x, y)| \(L - U1(x, y)) + (D2 + tan(alpha) (L + U1(x, y))) /

/ d
+ 0.5 U2(x, y) (2 tan(alpha) U1(x, y) - D2) = 0, |--- U3(x, y)
\ dx

\ / 2 2 2\
| \(L - U1(x, y)) + D1 cos(alpha + 2 U2(x, y)) /

+ 0.5 U3(x, y) D1 cos(alpha + 2 U2(x, y))

+ 0.5 D1 sin(alpha + 2 U2(x, y)) (L - U1(x, y)) = 0]

Error, (in pdsolve/info) first argument is not a differential equation


I will be very appreciated with your help!!!

Does MapleSim 6 cover temperature dependent fluid media? In the modelica standard library (MSL), there is for example a medium model for T-dependent properties, defined by tables or polynomials (Modelica.Media.Incompressible).


Is it included in MapleSim 6 or can be somehow modelled?



How to show the code in file with extension .lib and edit it?


I have defined a function(say fun) to do certain task, it works well when I call it from a script file(say script1). However, when I copy the complete script1 and paste onto another script file(say script2), the function, fun, doesn't execute. It's very peculiar as my project requires lot of modification, so I copy the old script and...


1. Is it possible to create a function file in Maple and call the function(file) from the main program(like Matlab?). If yes, please give me an example case.

I want to create a function file which has the general input terms and call the function from another script file without copying/running all the code.

2. Is it possible to run 'recursive function' in maple?

3. How can I create library of my function files?(like in Matlab I can create...


I want to put some code into a Maple library. I'm new to producing packages. The following code runs OK, but when I try to use one of the procedures added by the LibraryTools[Save] command, Maple returns

input: MySum(a, b);
output: MyMapleLibrary:-MySum(a, b)

Why does Maple return an unevaluated call to MySum?

The code is below:


  description "A sample Maple library.":


In chapter 2 of the Advanced Programming Guide, it says:

"Important Always ensure that the standard Maple library is write-protected to avoid saving expressions in it. If you accidentally save something to the standard Maple library, you may need to restore the original from media on which you obtained the Maple software".

How do I make the standard Maple library write-protected? Is it by marking as read-only the following folder?


I wrote a procedure and saved it into a .mla library, then accidentally lost the file containing the initial code. Can I get it back from the library ? I didn't find the answer in the help on LibraryTools.

Thank you.


I've got this annoying problem and it's quite simple reproducible.

> with(GraphTheory): G := Graph({{a, b}, {b, c}, {c, d}}); Edges(G);

Edges(G) returns me

Error, (in EdgesExt) external library could not be found/used


It's the first time I encounter such a problem and have no idea on how to solve it, any advice?

I can see that

any software help to see the Maple code inside the library with extension .lib?

This is branched from Maple 16.01

I don't know the reason for the break.  In trying to replicate the graph shown for Mathematica for Maple I am finding it difficult to locate the number of mathematical functions for various versions of Maple. 

The only reference I find is that Maple 16 contains over 5000 mathematical functions, many more than Mathematica 8, but they are programmed different so I can't compare that.  However trying to compare it...

I have a problem with inputting a new package in my version of maple (15) for mac. The packes makes it possible to do calculations with cos/sin/tan in degrees instead of radians. I need to use this for my Engeneering studies in Denmark.

In pc you just place the package in the labrary subfolder under the Maple 15 folder, but i can't find that subfolder anywhere on my mac??
Where should i put the package to make it work?

I have 2 files; "Trig.ind" and "Trig.lib" - whichone to use?

I wrote my own maple library. Some of its procedures require the LinearAlgebra-library.

Is there a way to automatically load LinearAlgebra when loading my library? (I tried to use 'use' but it didnt help )
Currently i load my library with

read "/home/..../something.lib";

Is there any good refernce to learn how to write maple libraries the right way? the maple help isnt actually very helpful.

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