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Why can't I run a produce on the Maple IDE? I can't add Maple environment to Maple IDE. The error is this.

License expires in 29 days
|\^/| Maple 18 (X86 64 WINDOWS)
._|\| |/|_. Copyright (c) Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. 2014
\ MAPLE / All rights reserved. Maple is a trademark of
<____ ____> Waterloo Maple Inc.
| Type ? for help.
Error: EnvUtils:-KernelSummary("could not validate license %1, required by %2. Please check the Install.html file under the toolbox directory for instructions on how to activate a license.\nLicense manager error: %3")
memory used=0.7MB, alloc=8.3MB, time=0.11

So I paid for Maple 2015 and accidentaly mistyped my email address.  I was wondering if there is anyway that I can resend the same download to the correct email address.  If anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated.

Der Group,


after updating to OS X Yosemite the License data of Maple 18 are invalid. What can I do?





i have unistalled maple, now i have to give the license server name and the purchase code to reactivate it, how can i do?? where i can find them?

someone can help me?!



Is it possible to use Maple 15 Student Edition with the same license information and purchase code both on Windows and Ubuntu?

I did a few Windows reinstalls (guess about 3) hence I used the same purchase code to activate the license that many times. Today I tried installing and using Maple 15 on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 32-bit and to my dismay the license manager said, "Not enough activations left on this account." Furthermore, I have exhausted my download links and would like to know how many times Maple 15 can be activated and if the download links can be refreshed?



Two problems surfaced when I upgraded my Mac to Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

First, the old Java SE installation was removed (actually, some linkages were destroyed), so a Maple launch puts up a dialog "need to install Java." Apple hasn't yet (10/23/13) updated the software database links --- installation fails with a "can't find software" error. I reinstalled Java using the version at (The links can be redone, it's just easier to reinstall.)

Second, the (new?) structure for /Library/Frameworks made my Maple license invalid. I dug out the old email with my activation code, then re-activated.

And all is now copacetic.

Dear Maple users

We are using Maple at our school. Usually activation with the Activation code works well if the computer has a good connection to the Internet. Our data instructor have however experienced a problem with two computers he cannot seem to solve. He is not able to activate Maple 16 on those computers. After a failure in activation he even reset the license.dat file. Maybe someone have an idea to how we can get those computers activated and what the problem...


I own Maple 15 Student License and I would like to change the HDD of my laptop. Is this going to pose any problems ? I am going to use the same laptop. 






I had MAPLE 12 on WINDOWS VISTA machine and the harddrive crashed.  Now I have a newer WINDOWS 7 machine & would lke to put my individually licensed MAPLE 12 on this machine.  I do not have a DVD because the original installation occurred via MAPLESOFT website if I recall correctly.

Can anyone direct me as to what I need to do?



Trying to navigate the MapleSoft website - my laptop died but was under warranty by HP, so now I have a new motherboard with a new HostID - so Maple 14 student won't run any more.  I seem to remember there is a way to get this dealt with, but I cannot find it on and I have homework due!!

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