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Der Group,


after updating to OS X Yosemite the License data of Maple 18 are invalid. What can I do?





i have unistalled maple, now i have to give the license server name and the purchase code to reactivate it, how can i do?? where i can find them?

someone can help me?!



Is it possible to use Maple 15 Student Edition with the same license information and purchase code both on Windows and Ubuntu?

I did a few Windows reinstalls (guess about 3) hence I used the same purchase code to activate the license that many times. Today I tried installing and using Maple 15 on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 32-bit and to my dismay the license manager said, "Not enough activations left on this account." Furthermore, I have exhausted my download links and would like to know how many times Maple 15 can be activated and if the download links can be refreshed?



Two problems surfaced when I upgraded my Mac to Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

First, the old Java SE installation was removed (actually, some linkages were destroyed), so a Maple launch puts up a dialog "need to install Java." Apple hasn't yet (10/23/13) updated the software database links --- installation fails with a "can't find software" error. I reinstalled Java using the version at (The links can be redone, it's just easier to reinstall.)

Second, the (new?) structure for /Library/Frameworks made my Maple license invalid. I dug out the old email with my activation code, then re-activated.

And all is now copacetic.

Dear Maple users

We are using Maple at our school. Usually activation with the Activation code works well if the computer has a good connection to the Internet. Our data instructor have however experienced a problem with two computers he cannot seem to solve. He is not able to activate Maple 16 on those computers. After a failure in activation he even reset the license.dat file. Maybe someone have an idea to how we can get those computers activated and what the problem...

Maple on New HDD...

December 23 2012 Vesnog 75


I own Maple 15 Student License and I would like to change the HDD of my laptop. Is this going to pose any problems ? I am going to use the same laptop. 






I had MAPLE 12 on WINDOWS VISTA machine and the harddrive crashed.  Now I have a newer WINDOWS 7 machine & would lke to put my individually licensed MAPLE 12 on this machine.  I do not have a DVD because the original installation occurred via MAPLESOFT website if I recall correctly.

Can anyone direct me as to what I need to do?



Trying to navigate the MapleSoft website - my laptop died but was under warranty by HP, so now I have a new motherboard with a new HostID - so Maple 14 student won't run any more.  I seem to remember there is a way to get this dealt with, but I cannot find it on and I have homework due!!

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