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It seems to understand what i'm trying to integrate but when I try and find ff it comes up with an awful expression full of erf functions and with a lim r--> infinity at the front. However on wolfram alpha I get the answer that I want: sqrt(pi/2)/(8*alpha^(3/2)).

Dear friends.

How can i increasing or removing the software limits for maple 16.

Hi simulators

Is there an easy way to give a global time frame/limits for all plots: typically I need to simulate a few seconds to get rid of all my transients, and then I would like to zoom in on the effect of interest. Now I have only found out how to reset one by one each graph via the axis properties, I have a dozen graphs per simulation 4 variables to scan over ten points each, that makes a damn lot of graphs properties click to reset, results: I need 60 sec to...


I have a rather large output of quotients of polynomial terms in Maple, things like coeffiencient*r^6*(sqrt(1+r^2...)/(1+r^2+r^4), what I have to do at the moment is scan through them by eye taking the large r limits, to see if e.g. an expression goes like 1/r, or 1/r^2 etc at large r..

I was wondering if there is anyway I can automate Maple to scan through the terms for me, systematically taking each limit, and only keeping terms to a certain power in r?

Is it possible to specify tolerances such as +10,-5 instead of just +-10?  In other words, can the high and low limits be different?  Thanks, Ratch


July 29 2008 Alex Cooper 2

The attached Maple worksheet gives an outline of the basics of limits, commonly encountered problems, and how to use Maple to solve your limit problems.

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