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Dear sirs/madams,

I tried to use my MAPLE in a MacBook with a quiet large screen...however I see the letter sizes of my Maple16 very small (the same wiht the font size on input and ouput sheets..and everywhere)..

Is there some way to "see larger and bigger"?

Thanks for your attention,




I am on iMac (OS X 10.6.8) and I am trying to upgrade my Maple 16 software using Maple1602MacUpgradeInstaller, but it does not work :-/

When I launch Maple1602MacUpgrade program the Authentification window open, I unlock entering my admistrator password, OK, then the installer display "Please wait while the installer is being configured"... the progression bar is displayed, and at the end an empty window (window content is uniformly grey) is displayed...

> restart; R := 8.314; printlevel := 2;print(??); # input placeholder> G1[1] := piecewise(`and`(T > 298, T < 700), -7976.15+137.093038*T-24.3671976*T*log(T)-0.1884662e-2*T^2-0.877664e-6*T^3+74092/T, `and`(T >= 700, T < 933), -11276.24+223.048446*T-38.5844296*T*log(T)+0.18531982e-1*T^2-0.5764227e-5*T^3+74092/T, `and`(T >= 933, T < 2900), -11278.361+188.684136*T-31.748192*T*log(T)-0.1230622e29/T^9, 0);print(??); # input placeholder

> G1[2] := piecewise...

In the name God,

Hello all,

I'm a maple16-x64 user.

I am to solve a nonlinear 3-equation-system (Vector RO) for which I have It's exact solution up to 90 digits(Vector valued;) 

In the name of God


Hello all,

Look at these instructions, entered in maple16(x64):



--- Up to now, about 5 Gb's of my 8Gb memory is occupied and no problem




Error, (in Matrix) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation. Please see

Maple16 on Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit.  Radeon 4550 video.  plot3d images are kind of split down the middle with left half of the image on the right and right-half on the left, lots of flicker when trying to manipulate with the mouse, surface is monochrome and poorly rendered, crashes maple application if you try to manipulate it too much.

This behavior occurs using the default xorg video driver (not proprietary) and default xorg configuration.  I have not...

I am right now attempting to install Maple16, and somewhere in the installation process the following appears to be happening: "installing... THBI_____.ttf". This something then proceeds to be installed for more than half an hour, at which point I stopped the installation process. Is this supposed to take super long or might something be wrong here? 

... is finance.dll missing in Maple16 (64 bit), as it was in Maple15 (64 bit), so you have to install the 32 bit version instead?

Is it possible to move the finance.dll-file from Maple16(32-bit) to Maple16(64-bit)?


I would appreciate a hint why Maple 16 Classic under Win XP 32 bit crashes due to the following sequence of commands

> dir1:="C:\\Maple16\\P16\\test1\\";
> path:=cat("dir ",dir1);
> ssystem(path);

with the lasst ssystem command doing the crashing while the same sequence of commands under Maple 13 Classic does not: Instead, system returns to Maple 13 worksheet the content of the directory "dir1" as expected.

Is there another way to issue that ssystem command?

The basic plot routine in Maple 16 has a serious problem with the domain.  The following is an example.

The domain is correct in Maple 15.  This failure occurs in both Windows 7 and Linux.

Released today, with over 4500 additions and enhancements, Maple 16 reinforces our track record for consistent innovation and industry leadership in areas like ease of use and symbolic computing performance.

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