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Can Maple 17.0 work on Windows 10 Home Edition? or it can be only Windows 10 Pro Edition

I have a simple algebraic problem, but Maple can't eliminate the exp(3P) in each term. Please help.

I get the following error:

Error, (in solve) cannot solve for an unknown function with other operations in its arguments


R13eqn := -2*H*Ybar3*Zbar-H*Z1-H1*Z+H1*Zbar+H4*Ybar3-H41 = 0

-2*H*Ybar3*Zbar-H*Z1-H1*Z+H1*Zbar+H4*Ybar3-H41 = 0


H := exp(3*P)*(Z+Zbar)



H1 := 3*P1*exp(3*P)*(Z+Zbar)+exp(3*P)*(Z1+Zbar1)



H4 := H*(Z4+Zbar4)/(Z+Zbar)



H41 := ((H1*(Z4+Zbar4)+H*(Z41+Zbar41))(Z+Zbar)-H*(Z4+Zbar4)(Z1+Zbar1))/(Z+Zbar)^2




(((-3*Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)-3*P1(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)-Z1(Z+Zbar)-Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Zbar4(Z+Zbar)+(-3*P1(Z+Zbar)*Z4(Z+Zbar)-Z41(Z+Zbar)-Zbar41(Z+Zbar))*Zbar(Z+Zbar)-3*P1(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Z4(Z+Zbar)+(-Z1(Z+Zbar)-Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Z4(Z+Zbar)-Z(Z+Zbar)*(Z41(Z+Zbar)+Zbar41(Z+Zbar)))*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)+exp(3*P)*(Z+Zbar)*(Zbar4(Z1+Zbar1)+Z4(Z1+Zbar1)+(3*P1-2*Ybar3)*Zbar^3+((3*P1-4*Ybar3)*Z+Zbar1)*Zbar^2+((-3*P1-2*Ybar3)*Z^2-2*Z1*Z+(Z4+Zbar4)*Ybar3)*Zbar-3*P1*Z^3+(-2*Z1-Zbar1)*Z^2+(Z4+Zbar4)*Ybar3*Z))/(Z+Zbar)^2 = 0


Zbar41 := -2*Zbar*Zbar1



Z41 := -2*Z1*Z



Z4 := -Z^2



Zbar4 := -Zbar^2




((3*P1(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^3+(3*Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)+Z1(Z+Zbar)+3*Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)+(2/3)*Z1(Z+Zbar)+(2/3)*Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)+3*(Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)+Z1(Z+Zbar)+(1/3)*Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Z(Z+Zbar)^2)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)-exp(3*P)*(Z+Zbar)*(Zbar(Z1+Zbar1)^2+Z(Z1+Zbar1)^2+3*(Z+Zbar)*((P1+(1/3)*Ybar3)*Z^2+((2/3)*Zbar*Ybar3+(2/3)*Z1+(1/3)*Zbar1)*Z-Zbar*((P1-Ybar3)*Zbar+(1/3)*Zbar1))))/(Z+Zbar)^2 = 0


expand(((3*P1(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^3+(3*Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)+Z1(Z+Zbar)+3*Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)+(2/3)*Z1(Z+Zbar)+(2/3)*Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)+3*(Z(Z+Zbar)*P1(Z+Zbar)+Z1(Z+Zbar)+(1/3)*Zbar1(Z+Zbar))*Z(Z+Zbar)^2)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)-exp(3*P)*(Z+Zbar)*(Zbar(Z1+Zbar1)^2+Z(Z1+Zbar1)^2+3*(Z+Zbar)*((P1+(1/3)*Ybar3)*Z^2+((2/3)*Zbar*Ybar3+(2/3)*Z1+(1/3)*Zbar1)*Z-Zbar*((P1-Ybar3)*Zbar+(1/3)*Zbar1))))/(Z+Zbar)^2 = 0)

-3*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Zbar^4/(Z+Zbar)^2-2*(exp(P))^3*Z^3*Z1/(Z+Zbar)^2-3*(exp(P))^3*P1*Z^4/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z^3*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(exp(P))^3*P1*Zbar^4/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(P))^3*Zbar^3*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z*Zbar(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z*Z(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z^4*Ybar3/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Zbar*Zbar(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Zbar*Z(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^3/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^3/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^2*Z1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^2*Zbar1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2*Z1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2*Zbar1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2-4*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Z^3*Zbar/(Z+Zbar)^2-8*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Z^2*Zbar^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-8*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Z*Zbar^3/(Z+Zbar)^2-4*(exp(P))^3*Z^2*Z1*Zbar/(Z+Zbar)^2-2*(exp(P))^3*Z*Z1*Zbar^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-6*(exp(P))^3*P1*Z^3*Zbar/(Z+Zbar)^2+6*(exp(P))^3*P1*Z*Zbar^3/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z^2*Zbar*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(P))^3*Z*Zbar^2*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^2*Zbar(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2+2*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)*Z1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+2*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)*Zbar1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2 = 0


solve(-(exp(P))^3*Z^2*Zbar*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(P))^3*Z*Zbar^2*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2-4*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Z^3*Zbar/(Z+Zbar)^2-8*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Z^2*Zbar^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-8*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Z*Zbar^3/(Z+Zbar)^2-4*(exp(P))^3*Z^2*Z1*Zbar/(Z+Zbar)^2-2*(exp(P))^3*Z*Z1*Zbar^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-6*(exp(P))^3*P1*Z^3*Zbar/(Z+Zbar)^2+6*(exp(P))^3*P1*Z*Zbar^3/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^2*Zbar(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2+2*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)*Z1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+2*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)*Zbar1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z^3*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(P))^3*Zbar^3*Zbar1/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z*Zbar(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z*Z(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Z^4*Ybar3/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Zbar*Zbar(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2-(exp(P))^3*Zbar*Z(Z1+Zbar1)^2/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^2*Zbar1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2*Z1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2-3*(exp(P))^3*Ybar3*Zbar^4/(Z+Zbar)^2-2*(exp(P))^3*Z^3*Z1/(Z+Zbar)^2-3*(exp(P))^3*P1*Z^4/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(exp(P))^3*P1*Zbar^4/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^3/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*P1(Z+Zbar)*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^3/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Z(Z+Zbar)^2*Z1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2+3*(exp(3*P))(Z+Zbar)*Zbar(Z+Zbar)^2*Zbar1(Z+Zbar)/(Z+Zbar)^2 = 0, P1)

Error, (in solve) cannot solve for an unknown function with other operations in its arguments





I want to solve this integration simbolic:

I use this cammand :

But Maple return this:

Would you Please Help me , thanks

I have been in touch with Maplesoft trying to get this version for windows (they are not able to create a download for this). I have codes that used to run in Maple 6 but not in Maple 7 or later. (Maple V should work as well).

If you any of have this version, please let me know if I can try it out for a limited time (I have always had licenses from Maple V Release 3 or 4).

I am not able to post those codes for obvious confidentiality reasons.




(I tried my code in Maple 7, but no use). 

 Hello,every one,i want to solve system of equations but i recieve an error ,how can i find the coeffecients c1,c2,c3,c4?thank.





A := 45*x*c4+72*c3 = 0:


B := 56*c2*c4+28*c3^2 = 0:

C := M^2*(-x^5*c4-x^4*c3-x^3*c2-x^2*c1+c1+c2+c3+c4+1)^n*c4+42*beta*c1*c4+42*beta*c2*c3 = 0:

E := M^2*(-x^5*c4-x^4*c3-x^3*c2-x^2*c1+c1+c2+c3+c4+1)^n*c3+30*beta*c1*c3+15*beta*c2 = 0:

F := M^2*(-x^5*c4-x^4*c3-x^3*c2-x^2*c1+c1+c2+c3+c4+1)^n*c2+20*beta*c1*c2-20*beta*c1*c4-20*beta*c2*c4-20*beta*c3*c4-20*beta*c4^2-20*beta*c4-20*c4 = 0:

G := M^2*(-x^5*c4-x^4*c3-x^3*c2-x^2*c1+c1+c2+c3+c4+1)^n*c1+6*beta*c1^2-12*beta*c1*c3-12*beta*c2*c3-12*beta*c3^2-12*beta*c3*c4-12*beta*c3-12*c3 = 0:


beta*c1+beta*c2^2+beta*c2*c3+beta*c2*c4+beta*c2+c2 = 0:

M^2*(-x^5*c4-x^4*c3-x^3*c2-x^2*c1+c1+c2+c3+c4+1)^n = 0:



PolynomialSystem({{45*c4*x+72*c3 = 0}, {30*beta*c1*c3+15*beta*c2 = 0}, {42*beta*c1*c4+42*beta*c2*c3 = 0}, {20*beta*c1*c2-20*beta*c1*c4-20*beta*c2*c4-20*beta*c3*c4-20*beta*c4^2-20*beta*c4-20*c4 = 0}, {6*beta*c1^2-12*beta*c1*c3-12*beta*c2*c3-12*beta*c3^2-12*beta*c3*c4-12*beta*c3-12*c3 = 0}}, {c1, c2, c3, c4}, {beta = 2, x = 1/5})

Error, invalid input: too many and/or wrong type of arguments passed to SolveTools:-PolynomialSystem; first unused argument is {beta = 2, x = 1/5}





















HI.please help me for solve differenrtial equation with finite difference method not dsolve numeric solver in maple


L := 1/50000000; -1; eta := 1; -1; PDE[111] := 7.65692307692309*10^(-8)*(diff(f1(x), x, x, x, x))-1.56784615384616*10^12*(diff(f1(x), x, x))+220.592307692308*(diff(f2(x), x, x, x))-3.52947692307693*10^21*(diff(f2(x), x))+43.7538461538462*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x))+4.81292307692309*10^20*(diff(f3(x), x))+6.50473846153848*10^30*f1(x)-7.90000000000000*10^(-8)*eta*f1(x)

0.7656923077e-7*(diff(diff(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x), x), x))-0.1567846154e13*(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x))+220.592307692308*(diff(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x), x))-0.3529476923e22*(diff(f2(x), x))+43.7538461538462*(diff(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x), x))+0.4812923077e21*(diff(f3(x), x))+0.6504738462e31*f1(x)


PDE[222] := 2.14211538461539*10^(-8)*(diff(f2(x), x, x, x, x))-1.64988461538462*10^12*(diff(f2(x), x, x))+7.90486153846156*10^30*f2(x)-220.592307692308*(diff(f1(x), x, x, x))+3.52947692307693*10^21*(diff(f1(x), x))-5.94323076923080*10^11*(diff(f3(x), x, x))+5.13378461538463*10^30*f3(x)-7.90000000000000*10^(-8)*eta*f2(x)

0.2142115385e-7*(diff(diff(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x), x), x))-0.1649884615e13*(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x))+0.7904861538e31*f2(x)-220.592307692308*(diff(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x), x))+0.3529476923e22*(diff(f1(x), x))-0.5943230769e12*(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x))+0.5133784615e31*f3(x)


PDE[333] := -6.38076923076924*10^(-31)*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x, x, x, x))+9.66537046153848*10^(-8)*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x, x))-3.10154753538461*10^12*(diff(f3(x), x, x))-43.7538461538462*(diff(f1(x), x, x, x))-4.81292307692309*10^20*(diff(f1(x), x))-5.94323076923080*10^11*(diff(f2(x), x, x))+5.13378461538463*10^30*f2(x)+2.29989058707693*10^31*f3(x)-7.90105333333333*10^(-8)*omega^2*f3(x)+6.58333333333333*10^(-31)*eta*(diff(f3(x), x, x))

-0.6380769231e-30*(diff(diff(diff(diff(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x), x), x), x), x))+0.9665370462e-7*(diff(diff(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x), x), x))-0.3101547535e13*(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x))-43.7538461538462*(diff(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x), x))-0.4812923077e21*(diff(f1(x), x))-0.5943230769e12*(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x))+0.5133784615e31*f2(x)+0.2299890587e32*f3(x)-0.7901053333e-7*omega^2*f3(x)


bcs := {f1(0) = 0, f1(L) = 0, f2(0) = 0, f2(L) = 0, f3(0) = 0, f3(L) = 0, ((D@@1)(f1))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f1))(L) = 0, ((D@@1)(f2))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f2))(L) = 0, ((D@@1)(f3))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f3))(L) = 0, ((D@@2)(f3))(0) = 0, ((D@@2)(f3))(L) = 0}

{f1(0) = 0, f1(1/50000000) = 0, f2(0) = 0, f2(1/50000000) = 0, f3(0) = 0, f3(1/50000000) = 0, (D(f1))(0) = 0, (D(f1))(1/50000000) = 0, (D(f2))(0) = 0, (D(f2))(1/50000000) = 0, (D(f3))(0) = 0, (D(f3))(1/50000000) = 0, ((D@@2)(f3))(0) = 0, ((D@@2)(f3))(1/50000000) = 0}





I have attached a Maple file. My problem is that the solve for the simultaneous equation does not give me understandable results. I even simplified my equations by saying some parameters are zero although my final goal is to find an expression for a and varphi. Any idea how to solve this analytically? I know how to do it numerically. I need an analytical expression.




I have Maple output that extends page width. I can of course see the entire output when I scroll to the right. But since I want to make a screenshot of the output, I need to have the output on one page. Is there a possibility to have the output printed on one page, not extending page width?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


i got this error in window 8 in surface 2  then follow this post and install again still error

then follow

then follow and install again same error

and install again same eror

then i add option -f c:\Program File (x86)\MapleXX in cmd and then no error any more 

but no install succeed 

where it go, it still not install

then i try again, there is no room enough to install,  hard disk do not have enough space, then i go to c:\Windows\Temp, after deleted file in it, still not enough space


i find

but template do not state how to activate later

how to write this template and how to clear the temp file created by previous failed cmd install method

hi everyone..i would like to ask,why do we need to type in (101-100λ) in our maple program..why do we need the continuation..thanks in advance for answering..

I'm currently working on building a Grid Layout for a project, and I'm having trouble coding in the RunWindow and GetFile elements into buttons under the grid layout. I've gone through the overviews and examples for them, but had no luck. I'm using Maple 2016.1 for OS X.

Additionally, the structure of the code is slightly different as to how many of the example worksheets structure their Grid Layout code, since the code originated from a Maplet Builder file. I.e. in the example worksheets they would follow as:

maplet := Maplet('onstartup' = 'Action1', 'reference' = 'Maplet1',
         BoxLayout('background' = "#D6D3CE", 'border' = 'false', 'halign' = 'center', 'inset' = '5', 'reference' = 'BoxLayout1', 'valign' = 'center', 'vertical' = 'false', 'visible' = 'true',
                       BoxColumn( BoxCell('hscroll' = 'never', 'value' = 'Button1', 'vscroll' = 'never'),
         GridLayout('background' = "#D6D3CE", 'border' = 'false','halign'='center','inset'='5', 'reference' = 'GridLayout1', 'valign' = 'center', 'visible' = 'true',
                   GridRow('valign' = 'top', GridCell('height' = '1', 'hscroll' = 'never', 'value' = 'BoxLayout1', 'vscroll' = 'never', 'width' = '1' ))),
         Window('layout'= 'GridLayout1', 'reference' = 'W1', 'resizable' = 'true', 'title' = "Maplet"),
          Action('reference' = 'Action1', RunWindow('window'= 'W1'))

However the structure for the code I am working with has action at the very start of the code, follwed by the the code for the buttons then layouts/window.  E.g. (the code has been shortened)

with (Maplets[Elements]):
maplet :=
Evaluate('function'='plot3d(x^2*cos(y),x = -1 .. 1,y = -2*Pi .. 2*Pi)','target'='Plotter1','waitforresult'='true')),
Button('background'="#D6D3CE",'caption'="Insert Molecular Geometry",'enabled'='true','foreground'="#000000",'onclick'='clickButton1','reference'='Button1','visible'='true'),





If anyone would be able to provide an example of code or some guidance I could follow that would be greatly appreciated! 



I want to write the functional Z of J Z = exp(Int(Int(J(x)*Delta(x-y)*J(y), x), y))with Delta(x) = Int(I*exp(-I*k*x)*(1/(k^2-m^2)), k) in terms of the fourier transform of J: J(x) = Int(J(p)*exp(-I*p*x), p).

Actually I'm in Minkowski space and all the integrals should be over 4 dimensions, x,y,k,p should all be four-vectors, but I wanted to keep things short. (The only way I have found to express a 4D integral is using Physics-Intc with the singleparameters of the four vector. Is there a more convenient way to get d^4x?) But still in 1D I cannot solve it.

To find the solution, an exponential of only one integral, is actually pretty easy, since there are integrals over e. g. exp(-I*x*(p-k)) deliver a delta distribution, but I cannot reproduce this in Maple since he doesn't perform the integral over x.

I have found that I can/have to use the command inttrans-fourier to gain the delta distribution, but when I try to use it for the problem mentioned above I run into all kinds of problems. Not to mention that I cannot manage to perform a fourier transformation in 4D.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Thanks!


I am using the solve command to solve an equation of the form "linear over quadratic is equal to a constant" where the constant is assumed to be nonzero. This is easily solved by hand, of course, but I to use the solution in other computations. So I asked maple to solve it for me. But when I check maple's solution (i.e. just plug the two solutions in on the left hand side and simplify) maple does not return the original constant. Can anyone help me understand what is going wrong?

Since it's not every day we receive submission to the Maple Application Center that have words like "quantum entanglement" (and "teleportation"!) in the title, I thought I'd share this one:

Matrix Representation of Quantum Entangled States: Understanding Bell's Inequality and Teleportation



Hi everybody!

I am trying to find explicitely the relations between the columns of a matrix

of non-maximal rank. For example, if I have the matrix

M := Matrix([<1,2,3>, <2,4,6>, <5,6,7>]);

I would like that Maple finds that the second column is twice the first one: v_2 = 2*v_1.

How can I do?

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