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I have used the command "op" in a code that I have written with Maple 17. When I restart the maple server and run the whole code again, the result of the "op" command changes! why is this happening?

Simplify matrix...

August 28 2014 Leon 0

Dear all,


I've a very complicated matrix, and I'm unable to read the result by maple. It should be a 6x6 matrix.

What mean the following expression ?

Thank you for your help.




phi Φ represents the golden ratio 1.61803 . . .


In Maple, is it possible to evaluate phi to a number ? (As Pi evaluates to a number.)


Cheers !

Did Maplesoft make a statistics about questions on MaplePrimes?

There must be some commands frequently meet problems.

I listed 10 commands or packages need to be enhanced much more.


eg, roots of transcendental equation on complex plane & system of nonlinear equations.

Both numerical integration & symbolic integration need further developed.


large scale computing, everyone needs it.


dsolve needs to be enhanced for solve more equations in parallel.

As mathematica 10 contains the FEM package, I think Maple needs to do something, develop a new package needs more time than make the existing pdsolve command better.

5.Threads package.

parallel programing is the future. BTW, why don't make the task model much easier to use, like the mathematica, just a command?


there is much space to go further about the two commands.

7.Optimization package or Statistics package.

In fact, both packages need to be further enhanced, especially for Optimization package.

Although some modern algorithms about optimization&statistics is much easier to see on the internet, the

Maplesoft should not stop, but go further, add them in Maple.

Above is just my opinion.

Thanks for your attention.

I have a great problem with this integral and Maple gives two answers completely different:


int(x^-5/3*cos((x-1)*h), x = 0..infinity)

so I get two different results :


-(27/8)*h^2+3/2+(27/8)*h^(7/6)*LommelS2(11/6, 1/2, h)


or this:


-(27/8)*h^2+3/2+(27/8)*h^(7/6)*LommelS1(11/6, 1/2, h)

In the first integral A get Lommels2 and If I get the Integral by using Taylor of cos((x-1)*h) and after that I resum I get Lommels1.


Thank you.



Hi All,

I'm a new Maple user and I just have a question about evaluating a formula.

Say that you have a formula y=45*r*t

and you know what "r" is, lets say r=5

What do I do if I want to evaluate this formula for the values t=2 all they way up to t=150.

Is there a simple command that lets me do this?





I'm taking my first steps with maple and pdsolve, trying to run the example in the maplesoft support page:

which reads

> restart; with(PDEtools);
> U := diff_table(u(x, t));

and I get a solution that is different from the web page, and when i run

Im using maple 13. Any tips about what's wrong?



Hi Maple friends.

I am trying to differentiate these:

1. csc(x)/x

2. 3*x^2*cot(x)

From doing it by hand, I am getting:

1. -cosec(x)*(xcot(x) + 1)

2. 6x*cot(x) - 3x^2*cosec^2(x)

But Maple is giving the answer:

1. diff(csc(x)/x, x);


2. diff(3*x^2*cot(x), x);


My answers don't look like Maple's answers. Are they actually the same?

Thanks in advance.


a problem of subs...

August 17 2014 taro 120

Hello people in mapleprimes,


I want to modify the next equation: 

(**)  a:=sigma*omega*alpha = mu(H, H)*s*omega*gamma1*L+mu(F, H)*s*L-mu(F, H)*s*L*gamma1;

to be

(***)    sigma*omega*alpha = mu(H, H)*s*omega*gamma1*L+(1-gamma1)*mu(F, H)*s*L;


For that, first I defined b as


, and substituted this to a with



But, what I could obtain was only the orignal equation (**) not (***).

Please tell me how to use subs to this problem to obtain (***)。

Thanks in advance.



I know


works well as for what I wrote (**) as above.

But, originally, it was a result from substituting various equations into an equation.

For it, (****) does not work well.  



Whenever i open Maple 18, some symbols are missing including the arrows. I use Maple 18 to do math assingments, and the arrows are useful. It seems like a lot of other content is missing in Maple 18 as well. Below is a picture of the missing symbols, or there should be one. Any help on how i get the arrows back, would be amazing.

Symbols missing

Hi there

I'm working with maple 13 (2d input) and I would like to hide the input in a worksheet, as follows:

view > show/hide contents > (unchecking) input

however i want to insert comments as text that will remain in my worksheet. Using '#' doesn't help, coz they get hidden too.

Couldn't sort out how to do this, any tips?


Hello People in mapleprimes,


I want to know how to factor the denominator of the first term in the right hand side, using commands not clickable math.

And, I know applyop can be used in this case, but I want to know is other ways than using applyop. 





Thanks in advance.






Hi Maple friends.

If I have a table of values, how can Maple provide the function?

For example:



How can Maple find out the y function with respect to x? 

Thanks in advance.

Hi there

I'm taking my first steps with maple and my question is not exactly briliiant

Putting in a simple way, I'm trying to solve sth that looks like this

> li := a*[cos(7*x+8*x*y+9*y)*cos(-7*x-8*x*y-9*y)];
             a [cos(7 x + 8 x y + 9 y) cos(-7 x - 8 x y - 9 y)]

and i want to replace


getting (if i do it by hand)

> algsubs(7*x+8*x*y+9*y = 20*y, li);
                    a [cos(20 y) cos(-7 x - 8 x y - 9 y)]

my question, is there an elegant way to do it? sth that would look like this?



thank you for any tips

Hi There

I'm getting started with maple and facing a doubt about using subs, somehow it does not seem to work, this is my expression:


> restart;
> theta := omega*t-k*x;
                                omega t - k x
> phi[1] := -(1/2)*H*c*cosh(k*(z+h))*sin(theta)/sinh(k*h);
                   H c cosh(k (z + h)) sin(-omega t + k x)
                                 2 sinh(k h)              
> diff(phi[1], t, t);
                H c cosh(k (z + h)) sin(-omega t + k x) omega
              - ----------------------------------------------
                                 2 sinh(k h)                  
> td := simplify(subs(z = 0, %));
                   H c cosh(k h) sin(-omega t + k x) omega
                 - ----------------------------------------
                                 2 sinh(k h)               
> simplify(subs(cosh(k*h)/sinh(k*h) = 1/tanh(k*h), %));
                   H c cosh(k h) sin(-omega t + k x) omega
                 - ----------------------------------------
                                 2 sinh(k h)               
I cannot subs cosh/sinh = tanh. I would like to know why.

Any tips? Thank you

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