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I have a rational function


I want to cancell the roots which are equal up to 7 digits?

How to write a maple code for this problem?

Hi Mapleprimes community,


I am a maple novice and was trying to write a procedure but cannot tell what my syntax error is.  I would greatly appreciate if anyone can point out what I did wrong or any improvement in the code that I can make.  Thanks



I am trying to create a procedure that can solve integrals using the Composite Simpson's 3/8 rule. However when I test my procedure against maple's ApproximateInt I am getting the wrong results.

Here is my attempt:


f:= x -> exp(x)*sin(4*x); # function I am using

simp := proc(a, b, n)
  local h, sum, i, single:
  h := (b-a)/n:
  sum := 0:
  single := (3*h/8) * (f(a) + f(b)): # this is the end points
    for i from a+h by h to b-h do
       sum := sum + (3*h/8) * (3*f(i)):
    end do:
print(evalf(sum + single));
end proc:

evalf(Student:-Calculus1:-ApproximateInt(f(x), 0..1, method = simpson[3/8], partition=12));



As you can see my answer is not very close to the answer given by Maple. I am not sure why my procedure simp is wrong.

Hi there,

I'm quite new to Maple so please forgive me! I have a system of partial differential equations I'm trying to solve in Maple as such below 


df/dt = f(1-f) - f * h

dg/dt = g(1-g) * Gradient(1-f * gradient(g))

dh/dt = (g - h) + Laplacian(h),

where f,g,h are functions of space and time (i.e. f(x,y,z,t)). I guess my first question is - is this possible in Maple to evaluate? (I'm currently unsure on ICs as I'm figuring it out from the model - it's a model for cancer growth I'm trying to evaluate but have a rough idea of what I'd use).

If it is possible, can you please share how I'd write this? Everytime I've tried I seem to be failing to define anything properly, so your expertise would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, Please how do I compute cdf of student t distribution in maple Tξ+1(.). I have a function that i nvolves student t distribution but finding it difficult to compute student t in the funcion. I am new to maple.

if ((a.d-b.c)=0) then print([0,0,0,0])

Has anyone used Maple for Empirical Mode Decomposition ? Any tips, Maple docs ? I can't seem to find anything when searching Maple sites.

I downloaded Maple 17 student eddition for linux and when I click on the bin file to install it I get an error that says "This file is of unknown type". It gives the option to find an aplication local or online and it says no aplications available or the "MIME" file type canot be installed on this system. Im not sure what to do, do I need somthing to unpack the file or is it just not aplicable on my linux operating system (version: Cinnamon version 1.8.8 LinuxMint: olivia(X86-64))?

Hi guys! Maple noob here.

I want to get an array of the sums of each and every row of a matrix which I imported from Excel. I can't manage to work my way around with LinearAlgebra-Add, Sum and eval. Maple always shows me the table and not the scalar I am looking for.

I'd also like to know how to tell Maple how to do something on a certain interval of cells of the matrix.

I hope I have been clear and you can help me out :D

Cheers from Italy!

In a trivial example of where x goes from 0 to 1 of d n(x)/dx =a, where n(0)=1, n(1)=2, so that the integral is solved easily, how can i do this in maple however I can only solve an eqation with the initial condition, if i try anything else then i get errors such as, 

fx := diff(n(x), x)-a

A := rhs(dsolve({fx, x = 0 .. 1, n(0) = 1, n(1) = 2}, n(x)));

Error, (in dsolve) invalid terms in sum: 0 .. 1




Hi there,
i am currently using maple5 as a new student in mathematics in the university. I am trying to know how to use maple5 to programme finding roots of quadratic equation. can anyone point me in the right direction?? Perhaps a book or a website on maple5. I know its old version but that's what we are allowed to use in my university and i'm new to this. Thanks

I'm trying to create a small app for Maple Player to graph solids of revolution. When I run the app in the desktop version of Maple T.A it works, but when I move it into the Maple Player App it crashes. Any ideas?

Maplesoft is holding its first ever Virtual User Summit on Feb. 27.  You’ll be able to watch presentations by both Maplesoft and Maplesoft customers, ask questions, have discussions in the lounge with other attendees, and even enter a draw, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Here’s the agenda.  We’ll release more detailed information on speakers and session times in the next couple of weeks.

For more information and to register:  Maplesoft Virtual User Conference

We're looking forward to seeing you there. (Well, "seeing you" :-))


Does anybody know why the answer of a equation i am getting on maple is coming with "eval" written?



the answer should be a number ...

Why does it happen?



Dear Experts,

When I run this code in maple I am facing with "Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) initial Newton iteration is not converging".


ics := x[1](0)=1.7*10^8, x[2](0)=0,x[3](0)=400,psi[1](50)=0,psi[2](50)=0,psi[3](50)=0:

ode1:=diff(x[1](t), t)=lambda-mu*x[1](t)-(1-beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1])*beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)+delta*x[2](t),
 diff(x[2](t), t) =(1-beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1])*beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)-sigma*x[2](t),
 diff(x[3](t), t) =(1+psi[3](t)*k*x[2](t)/A[2])*k*x[2](t)-gamma*x[3](t),
 diff(psi[1](t), t) =-1+1/A[1]*beta^2*x[1](t)*x[3](t)^2*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))^2-psi[1](t)*(-mu+beta^2*x[3](t)^2*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1]*x[1](t)-(1-beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1])*beta*x[3](t))-psi[2](t)*(-beta^2*x[3](t)^2*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1]*x[1](t)+(1-beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1])*beta*x[3](t)),
> diff(psi[2](t), t) =1/A[2]*psi[3](t)^2*k^2*x[2](t)-psi[1](t)*delta+psi[2](t)*sigma-psi[3](t)*(psi[3](t)*k^2/A[2]*x[2](t)+(1+psi[3](t)*k*x[2](t)/A[2])*k),
> diff(psi[3](t), t) = 1/A[1]*beta^2*x[1](t)^2*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))^2-psi[1](t)*(beta^2*x[1](t)^2*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1]*x[3](t)-(1-beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1])*beta*x[1](t))-psi[2](t)*(-beta^2*x[1](t)^2*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1]*x[3](t)+(1-beta*x[1](t)*x[3](t)*(psi[1](t)-psi[2](t))/A[1])*beta*x[1](t))+psi[3](t)*gamma;

sol:=dsolve([ode1,ics],numeric, method = bvp[midrich]);

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) initial Newton iteration is not converging

Please help me to solve this equation on Maple.

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