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Can we define/set a range in Maple. e.g 

I have the following equation:

y = 1.048 + 1.02*x + 6.118*(z-4.041*x^2) + 16.22*(z^2) +6.241* (x*z)

The value of z is within 0.001 - 0.543, y is from 1 - 12 and x is from 0.001 - 0.7

How should I define it in Maple, so while solving equations it read the values within the given range? 

Does anyone exports Maple worksheets to as a LaTeX file?

All my work is typed in LaTeX but I rarely export a Maple file as LaTeX because Maple uses its own LaTeX macros that in a generous evaluation are a lot of "junk" around the LaTeX code. In practice  it is is easier to copy and past the Maple output and then make modifications to LaTeX by hand than to modify Maple's LaTeX code.

Does anyone know of a more efficient alternative than manually copying and pasting?

The ability to export LaTeX useful LaTeX code should be a basic to any symbolic math software, this is one of the few feature os Maple that are really disappointing.


Does anybody use maple 17 in the Mac's Mavericks OS? Or it does not support the new OS yet.

It seems in the sysytem requirement of maple 17, it said only supports OS 10.7, 10.8.

Hi MaplePrimers!

I have a simulation in MapleSIM, exported as a compiled procedure in maple using -LinkModel(), and -GetCompiledProc.

I'm trying to do parameter estimation on my MapleSIM model.  Within a optimization scheme, I call the MapleSIM model, and it will output a curve.  Using a least squares method, I compare this measurements to synthetic experimental data (I know the actual values), and generate an objective function.  The optimization algorithm will try different parameter values, and try to minimze the objective function.  When the curves are exactly the same, the objective function will be zero.

The problem I am having is certain parameter sets will cause the model to require very small steps.  I wish to put a timeout on these experiments, because speed is important.  However, I would also like to see the results up to the point of requiring very small steps.  For timeout, I was using code along the lines of:

out:= timelimit(30,cProc(params = PData)); #simulate with 30s limit

where PData are the parameter guessses, and cProc is the compiled MapleSim model.

I would like 'out' to be assigned whatever the results were after 30 seconds, even if the model had not finished integrating.


Thanks in advance for any help!

Simplify square roots...

January 02 2014 Canis 5

 For some reason maple does not simplify root in the following cases: 

sqrt((c^2, r^2));

another one is

sqrt(4), ....

Such square roots occur after this command:

eigenvectors := simplify(simplify(evectors, g * (g - 1) * (e - u * u + v * v + w * w) * 1/2 = c * c), sqrt, simbolic)

How to find the sum of the products given below

where I couldn't write j not equal to i in the product. 


I have made a maplet. The aim is to take two numbers in textboxes and find their Jacobi symbol. The result should appear in a third textbox. Now I have done all the steps and called a procedure on buttonclick. Following is the procedure I have made

jacob := proc (x, y)

local A, B;

A := x;

B := y;


jacobi(A, B)

end proc:


Problem: The problem is that when I make any small modification to the code it runs and shows the result in the 3rd textbox but as soon as I save it, restart maple and recompile the program, the textbox 3 will show jacobi(value of textbox1, value of textbox2) instead of the result. What should I do, actually I am new to maple. Please guide me.

hey i am new here and i have a question,

i have an partial differential equation diff(u(t,x),t$2)=diff(u(t,x),x$2) with the intial value problem u(0,x)=f(x)=1/(1+x^2) and diff(u(0,x),t)=0

and now my question i have already programm it:

> with(inttrans);



> with(PDETools);

> k := diff(u(t, x), `$`(t, 2)) = diff(u(t, x), `$`(x, 2));
bc := u(0, x) = 1/(1+x^2);
v := diff(u(0, x), t) = 0;
d / d \ d / d \
--- |--- u(t, x)| = --- |--- u(t, x)|
dt \ dt / dx \ dx /
u(0, x) = ------
1 + x
0 = 0

> pdsolve(k, u(t, x));
print(`output redirected...`);
u(t, x) = _F1(x + t) + _F2(x - t)

> c := pdsolve({bc, k, v}, u(t, x));
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder

 and now question at the last there is nothing does it means that maple can´t solve it with the intial value problem and how can solve it with Fourier-Transformation to x???

can anyone help me please and sorry my englisch is not so good ;)

hey maple followers,

i need, please to find the method used in command "minimize".
i looked into help maple and i found "theorema mean values" as example
some help please

P.s: minimize not Minimize

I'm writing a simple Maple program to test the Generalized Finite Element Method:

When trying to define the Neumann boundary conditions, I have to define a directional derivative dudn=dudx*n. However, I can't seem to define a unit vector normal to Gamma, which is defined by a LineSegments objects.

Other than that, the row reduction is very slow, even though I'm using floating point arithmatic and not exact arithmatic, I believe.

How can I solve these problems? Thanks in advance!




I still have a problem and im looking forward to any suggestions

this is the previous code that i have wrote

P := array([[8, 4], [8, 3], [8, 2], [7, 1], [6, 0], [5, 0], [4, 0], [2, 1], [1, 1], [1, 4]]);

> for j from 2 to 5 do k[j] := j+1;

x[j] := add(P[j, 1], j = j-1 .. j+2);

X[j] := add(P[j, 1]^2, j = j-1 .. j+2);

y[j] := add(P[j, 2], j = j-1 .. j+2);

Y[j] := add(P[j, 2]^2, j = j-1 .. j+2);

xy[j] := add(P[j, 1]*P[j, 2], j = j-1 .. j+2);

cx[j] := evalf(x[j]/k[j]);

cy[j] := evalf(y[j]/k[j]);

c11[j] := evalf(X[j]/k[j]-cx[j]^2);

c22[j] := evalf(Y[j]/k[j]-cy[j]^2);

c12[j] := evalf(xy[j]/k[j]-cx[j]*cy[j]);

C[j] := evalf(Matrix(2, 2, [[c11[j], c12[j]], [c12[j], c22[j]]]));

E[j] := simplify(fnormal(LinearAlgebra[Eigenvalues](C[j])));

if E[j][1] > E[j][2] then a[j] := E[j][2]/(E[j][1]+E[j][2]) else b[j] := E[j][1]/(E[j][1]+E[j][2])

 end if;


 end do;


now, my question is how to put the output from the above looping in a  matrix form.

in my matrix, i need to call a[j],b[j], E[j][1], E[j][2] and the coordinate points. so my matrix dimension 4 x 5

I guess its a simple task but i tried hard and didnt get it worked.

thank you.



I tried to install maplesim on windows 8 but it didn't work.

However, i have installed microsoft visual c++ express before and i have made the precedure as described in maple that is to say 


hi, i have a problem with maple. i took the codes from a book, it should be true but even i copied and past exactly the same, again the maple gave me error which i couldnt solve. could you please help me? how can i correct it ? incorrect codes are below, but if you need all codes i can write here. i need a solution immediately :(

>relativefrequencies := proc(text, language)
evalf(frequencies(text, language)/StringTools:-Length(text))
end proc:
VigenereKeyFind := proc(ciphertext, max:=floor(StringTools:-Length(ciphertext)/15),
uses StringTools;
local freqs;
freqs := map(x -> relativefrequencies(x, language),
map(Implode, partit(Explode(ciphertext),
keylength(ciphertext, max, ’:-language’=language))));
Implode(map(li -> frequencyanalysis(li, ’:-language’=language), freqs))
end proc;

Error, (in VigenereKeyFind) ``’`` does not evaluate to a module

A little late in the game, with no Maple 18 wishlist yet I'd like to get it started

granted all wishes for previous versions not yet applied should still, hopefully, be under consideration.  


1 - The abitlity to angle x-axis labels.


2 - Textplot option for text to rotate with graph as it is rotated.  Currently all textplot texts are held to the horizontal




Thanks to the community through Maplesoft Mapleprimes that could develop in Computational Mathematics Achievement Day at our institution.

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