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I'm trying to add a label to a plot and need the derivative to be represented as a dot. My typesetting rules are set to extended, and it works in a worksheet but not in the plot. See attached image. The code to generate it is:

#the output is shown with a dot over phi

#derivative in label not shown as a dot
plot(sin( t), t=0..10, labels=["t", typeset(diff(phi(t),t))], labeldirections=[horizontal, vertical]);

any ideas?



this seems to work... ( i will leave this question here as it might come in handy to someone else).

plot(sin( t), t=0..10, labels=["t", Typesetting:-Typeset(diff(phi(t),t))], labeldirections=[horizontal, vertical]);

Is it a bug that using the first variant does not work? any ideas from the experts?

Hi all.

I am using Maple2015.

I typed in as input y=x/sqrt(1-x^2).

I hit enter.  The output is:


I know the 2 answers are equivalent.

My question is why did Maple swap 1-x^2 to -x^2+1???

Any advice to swap it back would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to let everyone know that there is a Maple 2015 update available. Maple 2015.1 provides:

  • Support for high-resolution monitors (e.g. 4K, UHD)
  • Updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese, French, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
  • Enhancements to the Explore command
  • Improvements to the DataSets package
  • Updates to the Microsoft Excel plug-in
  • Enhancements to unit handling
  • A variety of improvements to the math engine, interface, and documentation

To get this update, you can use Tools>Check for Updates from within Maple, or visit Maple 2015.1 Downloads.

If you are a MapleSim 2015 user, you already have this update, as it was part of the MapleSim 2015 installation.


Hello Everyone

I have an expression which I wish to integrate. I would be grateful if you could please help me with it. I have uploaded the maple file for your refrence.

Thanks a lot for your time.


Maple responds with FALSE, but for which real number is the statement false?

restart; assume(x, 'real');

verify(abs(x), sqrt(x^2), {'equal'});


kind regards,

Harry Garst


I need to prepare for a final exam for a introdutory computer science course in Maple.
My professor gives us mutliple choice questions, short answer questions and wiritng some codes.

what is the most efficient way to study for my final exam? or how should i study for an computer science exam. I am not really use to preparing for such a course. 

Are there any websites that i can practice multiple choice questions?

I would appreciate any advice.


Thank you very much.


I have 2 sets of data and I need to plot them as histograms on the same axis(superimposed). Is it possible to do it using Maple 12? Right now I only know how to plot them in different axis.




I m trying to simplify an expression involving square roots in Maple. But instead of giving the expected output it is not simplifying it. Please find the attached maple file for reference. I calculated manually and the result is 1. Please help me out for this. Thanx in advance.




temp := (1/2)*(a*r*t-b*p)*sqrt(p+v*sqrt(a*r))*sqrt(b)/(sqrt(a*b*r*t)*sqrt(a*r*t*(p+v*sqrt(a*r))))+(1/2)*(a*r*v*t-v*b*p+p*t*sqrt(a*r)-b*v^2*sqrt(a*r))*sqrt(b)/(sqrt(a*b*r*t*(p+v*sqrt(a*r)))*sqrt(t*(p+v*sqrt(a*r))))+(1/2)*b*(p+v*sqrt(a*r))/(a*r*t)








I tried to use java to call maple command, but end up jvm crash. after some digging, i found the command i issued returned a rather huge string (around 40KB...).


Is this the reason why jvm crash? should i constrant the length of a command result when calling it from Java code?


this code not answer:

> whit*evalf; tx := evalf((t1+t2)*(1/2));
> t1 := 326*40; t2 := 327*40;
> y1, y2 := eval([y1, y2], Ns(t1), Ns(t2));
>while (t1 < tx) and (tx < t2) do:
yx := rhs(Ns(tx)[c2]):
if yx > 0 then
y2 := yx: t2 := tx:
y1 := yx: t1 := tx:
>Tx = evalf(tx);
> Hx := floor((1/3600)*tx):
> Mx := floor((tx-3600*Hx)*(1/60)):
> Sx := tx-3600*Hx-60*Mx:
> Hx, Mx, Sx;
> XS := [seq(X[i], i = 0 .. 328)]: YS := [seq(Y[i], i = 0 .. 328)]:
> VxS := [seq(Vx[i], i = 0 .. 328)]: VyS := [seq(Vy[i], i = 0 .. 328)]:
> save(G,Mz,Xs,VxS,VyS, 'orbit.sav'):

 can you help me?

can anybody help me? i want to check the consistency of my scheme. My equation is too long if i check manually, so i used maple 13 to simplify my equation. But it cannot simplify it because of length of output exceed limit 1000000


eqn1 := u+(1-exp(-m))*u[t]+(1-exp(-m))^2*u[tt]/factorial(2)+(u-(1-exp(-m))*u[t]+(1-exp(-m))^2*u[tt]/factorial(2))-u-(1-exp(-m))*u[x]-(1-exp(-m))^2*u[xx]/factorial(2)-u+(1-exp(-m))*u[x]-(1-exp(-m))^2*u[xx]/factorial(2)+(1-exp(-m))^2*u+(1-exp(-m))^2*u^3-(1-exp(-m))^2*(4*(((x+1-exp(-m))^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))-(4*(x+1-exp(-m)))*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))+(x+1-exp(-m))^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))^3))*((x^2-2)*cosh(x+t)-4*x*sinh(x+t)+x^6*cosh(x+t)^3)*(((x+1-exp(-m))^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)-(4*(x+1-exp(-m)))*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)+x^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)^3)*((x^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)-4*x*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)+x^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)^3)/((((x+1-exp(-m))^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))-(4*(x+1-exp(-m)))*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))+(x+1-exp(-m))^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))^3)*((x^2-2)*cosh(x+t)-4*x*sinh(x+t)+x^6*cosh(x+t)^3)*(((x+1-exp(-m))^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)-(4*(x+1-exp(-m)))*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)+(x+1-exp(-m))^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)^3+(x^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)-4*x*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)+x^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)^3)+(((x+1-exp(-m))^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)-(4*(x+1-exp(-m)))*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)+(x+1-exp(-m))^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)^3)*((x^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)-4*x*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)+x^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+t)^3)*(((x+1-exp(-m))^2-2)*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))-(4*(x+1-exp(-m)))*sinh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))+(x+1-exp(-m))^6*cosh(x+1-exp(-m)+(t+1-exp(-m)))^3+(x^2-2)*cosh(x+t)-4*x*sinh(x+t)+x^6*cosh(x+t)^3));



a := simplify(eqn1);

`[Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]`





can anybody help me..? why my graph not come out? Is that any mistake in my coding?


y := x^2-x*(exp(I*k*`&Delta;x`)+exp(-I*k*`&Delta;x`)-m^2+m^2*((4*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3))*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3)*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3))*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3)/(epsilon*((((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3)*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3))*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3+((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3))+(((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3)*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3))*((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3+((1^2-2)*cosh(1+1)-4*sinh(1+1)+1^6*cosh(1+1)^3)))))+1;



subs(m = 1-exp(-m), %);



subs(epsilon = .17882484, %);



subs(k = n*Pi, %);



subs(`&Delta;x` = m, %);



subs(m = 0.1e-2, %);



j := subs(n = 1, %);



complexplot3d(x*j, x = -2-I .. 2+I);````

complexplot3d(x*(x^2-x*(exp((0.1e-2*I)*Pi)+exp(-(0.1e-2*I)*Pi)-0.9990006498e-6+0.1117295170e-4*(-cosh(2)-4*sinh(2)+cosh(2)^3)^2/(-2*cosh(2)-8*sinh(2)+2*cosh(2)^3))+1), x = -2-I .. 2+I)


a := fsolve(x*j, x);

0., .9865070072, 1.013677544


b := fsolve(x*j, x = 1);

0., .9865070072, 1.013677544



complexplot({a, b}, numpoints = 100, color = green, filled = true, title = "Stability Region");






I'm new to mapleprimers and if I make some mistakes I apologize. 

The problem I ran and on which I ask for help is that the command of maple latex I results in latex only the result of an arithmetic expression and the expression does not translate into latex itself. for example, the command latex (3 + 2) I 5 and not as a result from the translation in latex of 3 + 2. I also tried using the command inetrt form but did not succeed, I tried it with the quotes '' and even succeed. I also tried it with double quotes and with simple expressions funzioa eg latex ("(3 + 2) * 5") from me as a result `` (3 + 2) * 5 '' but with more complex expressions: eg. latex("\""(2+1/(5))^(0)+(6/(9)*(((83-8)/(90))-15/(10)+(3/(9))/(2)) -6/(9))/(75/(100)*12/(9))"''") mi da 

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse:-Postprocess : "internal error: invalid object ""

Thanking for the help, Best regards


can i use maple to get all the roots in a given expression?


for example: i have a expression "(2b+c)^(1/2)+c-(c-2b)^(1/3)"

and I want to get a list that contains "(2b+c)^(1/2)" and "(c-2b)^(1/3)"


is there any maple commands i can play with?

Hello maple users,

I want to compare 5 functions and see which one gives the best result (highest score). Unfortunatelly, I can't say one function always gives higher results than others. I have 8 variables and it makes the comparison complicated.

I assume 4 of them are constant and the other 4 or not.





for Pb= 0:0.025:0.20                   Pb and Pa are probabilities, between 0-20, 0.025 increments
    for Pa= 0:0.025:(Pb-0.025)      ** Pa is always less than Pb
        for Ha= 0:50                      Ha takes values between 0-50
            for Hb= 0:(Ha-1)            ** Hb is always less than Ha

I attached the data file. I appreciate if someone tells me how to compare these functions. Should I put more assumptions to make it easier? Thank you.

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