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I would like to create a Maple Workbook of my Lattice Package so I can put it on MapleCloud. I had an email exchange with Daniel Skoog from Maplesoft about this, and he even sent me an example that looked easy enough to adapt to my purposes. Alas, it does not work. Here is the code I wrote to assemble the already extant files:

                "Maple Initialization loaded..."
# Build Lattice workbook following example from Daniel Skoog, MapleSoft:
 "/Applications/Math_Calc/Maple 2015/Packages/Lattice/Lattice

    Version 1.1.0 release files"
# We have all files already from the App Center submission, so just assemble the workbook
"MLA file"="Lattice.mla",\
"Build procedure"="",\
"Manual"="The Lattice Package Users",\
"Release Notes"="V1.1 Release Notes.rtf");
Error, (in march) unable to attach worksheet file The Lattice Package Users

When I look at the created workbook (Lattice.maple), the only members included are, the Build procedure and the source file Lattice.mpl. In particular, Lattice.mla is not there, which is the most important one.

What am I doing wrong? What does "march" (which sounds like machine architecture) have to do with it??

I also don't quite know how to "install" it. I assume I just put the whole workbook into a directory accessible through libname ?

Mac Dude

PS: I could have sorted this privately with Daniel, but this may be of interest to others as well so I hope he'll answer through this forum.

I have made a small package in a workbook and want to upload it as a package to MapleCloud. According to the help pages, I should select Save To Cloud from the File menu and select the package option for Application Type in the dialog that appears. However, no matter what I do the only option availlable is Maple. What is going on?

any one managed to get this cloud app to work? I get an error on simple inputs:


I have to say also that the design of these apps is not well thought. The UI is too large to fit on the screen. Also, there is no button for the user to click on once input is there telling it to "proceed" It is not user friendly UI design.  I could not figure how to make the app full screen, instead of having it one window inside another for example.




What method of worksheet dissemination maximizes the number of recipients and methods of access?

Our students do have access to Maple on campus. However some students beyond our campus do not. Hence I'm trying maximize the number of recipients. This means that the recipient can accesses my worksheet either via tradition computer OSs such as Mac, Linux, Windows, or via tablet / personal computer OSs: iOS or Android. 

For a static worksheet, I've found PDF is the obvious choice. However, I'm writing more modifiable worksheets. The most obvious options I see are:

* MaplePlayer
* MapleCloud
* Maple WWW, by DigiArea Team

In investigating the options, I have found that:
* Maple Player is useful to those who have no access to Maple, but there appears to be no Android/iOS version of it.
* MapleCloud looks very promising since all OSs read the web, but there appears to be no way a person can join a private group via the MapleCloud website. Am I missing or misreading the help?
* Maple WWW, while pretty, appears to be painfully slow on a tablet (at least the examples I looked at).

Thus the initial purpose of this post is to answer the questions I raise, which I view as far more strategic, with more nuances than most questions that appear on this forum. And the second purpose is to initiate more discussion among the users year, particularly from the educational community, about guiding the direction of Maple.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

In this work the theme of vector analysis shown from a computational point of view; this being a very important role in the engineering component; in civil and mechanical special it is why, using the scientific software Maple develops interactive solutions for long processes through MapleCloud calculations. At present the majority of professors / researchers perform static classes open source leaves; so that our students learn and memorize commands, thus generating more time learning in the area. Loading Bookseller VectorCalculus develop topics: vector algebra, differential operators, conservative fields, etc. Maplesoft making processes provide immediate calculations long operation Embedded Components displayed in line with MapleNet integrations. Today our future engineers to design solutions and will be launched in the cloud thus being a process with global qualification in the specialty. Significantly Maple is a scientific software which allows the researcher to design their own innovations and not use themes for their manufacturers.







Where is the mapleclud palltte button ?   It is not in my Maple 16,  not in   mymaplecloud


How to upload a maple work sheet into  my maplecloud private  storage ?

Please fix the MapleCloud service. Is no longer working. E uploaded jobs and are not shown. Fix it please.

Maple WWW Net - Maple WWW integration with MapleNet

DigiArea Team is proud to present Maple WWW Net. 

Maple WWW Net is a part of Maple WWW technology that brings integration with MapleNet. Now you can access the power of Maple core directly from your worksheets in the internet. Maple WWW Net allows you to develop Maple worksheets enriched by live computations and interactive controls.

You can read more about the technology here:



When I open the MapleCloud palette, I see a small list of user documents under the rubric "Popular". Is there a significantly longer list I can access to browse?

I am trying to run the application "The Cosmic Travel Planner" by Christian Bar (CBaer), uploaded on August 21, 2013 on Maple cloud (Mobius@admin). I use the left panel of GUI where "MapleCloud" is opened. While opening the application GUI asks my permission for running some code automatically. After my 'YES' Maple gives me an error:

Startup Code Error
0, "permission denied: no read access (%1)", "C:\Users\Andriy\MapleLib"

I tried to give the permission to folder "C:\Users\Andriy\MapleLib" however unsuccessfuly.

OS: Win 8

Could you help me with this Error? Thank you.

Is there any easy way to download (or upload) several files in my maplecloud simultaneously. I seem to be able to highlight several files, but when I control-click it then only selects one.



Hi all,

To share a maple document, I found this Maple help.

To share worksheet content:
1. In Maple, open the worksheet that contains the content you want to share.
2. If you want to share a worksheet selection, select the text and objects in the worksheet. If you want to share an entire worksheet, you do not need to select any text or objects in the worksheet.
3. Expand the MapleCloud palette.
4. From the drop-down list in the palette, select...

The maplecloud may in some respects reduce the sharing of applications on mapleprimes and at the maplesoft application center.  A maplecloud user may instead of sharing his application via mapleprimes applications or the maplesoft website may just make his worksheet publicly available over the cloud simply because it's easier to do. 

It is true that mapleprimes is a different type of serviece that allows the interaction of ideas/questions as well as the sharing...

Can I  upload a worksheet in MapleCloud with some security code that allow the person just read the worksheet and not download/save in their own computer? Is there a option in MapleCloud like this or any worksheet in MapleCloud can be viewed and save?


Thanks Washington Inácio


I have been looking for "creating a folder"-option in my group in Maplecloud. Is this possible at all or can I really only have an hierarchy depth of one?

Best regards,


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