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A search in mapleprimes will not find anything answered as a reply.

Can this be fixed

I made reference to the show the enemy below and included part of the script an interesting part in the show. 

I did a mapleprimes search - only two returns none of which were what I was looking for.  I also did a google search which turned up nothing. 

Was my post deleted?

How do I delete me "Current profile picture"?

I just want to have a look what my "default" picture would look like now?

it seems that I can only update with a new picture, but can never go back to the default setting.




Maple 15 allows the following syntax

omega := sqrt(w0^2*(1+((z-zf)/z0)^2))

But it does not allow this one 

omega^2 := sqrt(w0^2*(1+((z-zf)/z0)^2))

Why is this so for functions and variables? Is there any way around this, I am really bugged by this issue. The Maple Math told me that the syntax was invalid so I had type the commands directly.



Thank you very much for your idea in previous discussion: this is the link.

I asked how can I plot the phase portrait of this system

Sys1 := {diff(r(t),t) = r(t)^2*sin(theta(t)), diff(theta(t),t) = -r(t)^2*(-2*cos(theta(t))^2+1)};

I get this answer:


1) For me it's not necessary to give an initial condition to plot the pharse portrait.

2) What is the line in this phase portrait.

3) Here, I try a second method using Matlab code, I get:


and this is the code:

[r, theta] = meshgrid(0:pi/4:2*pi, 0:pi/4:2*pi);
rdot =r.^2.*sin(theta) ;
thetadot = r.^2.*(1-2*sin(theta).^2);

the arrow in the phase portrait are not the same.

Can someone give me more clear information about this problem.

Many thinks.


I'm not being notified anymore about responses to answers or comments to MaplePrimes. I'm assuming that I'm not the only one (?). This has happened before.

Hi all. I am using Maple 18.

1. How can I make maple NOT plot discontinuties with a vertical line? For example, plotting y=tan(x) displays vertical lines. Is there a setting to turn this off permanently?

2. When I type y=sin(x-Pi/2) and press enter, y = -cos(x) is displayed in blue. I am sure they are both the same thing, but I would like to see the expression that I typed, not an alternate expression that Maple wants to display.

3. Why do some expressions require a ; at the end, whilst others don't? Ie. y = sin(x) and y = 1+sin(x) do not, but y=2*sin(x) results in a "Warning, inserted missing semicolon at end of statement"

4. Is there a section on Mapleprimes(this site) where new users can ask questions? I would like to browse it to see what sort of problems other new Maples users have encountered. I am sure that my above questions may have been asked a few times over the years by newbies like myself.

Thanks in advance. :)

hi,i can not upload anything to every time i want to upload a file, i face error generating page . what should i do ?! 

Yesterday afternoon, we updated MaplePrimes. The purpose of the update was primarily to squash some bugs and improve user experience.

Highlights of the update include:

  • The ordering of replies has been corrected, as described in this post by Carl Love.

  • We fixed a problem whereby some members were unable to attach a file to a question or post.

  • Flagging a comment now works correctly.

  • Broken images that were appearing on some of our older posts have been restored. In addition, some older posts had incorrect dates, and these have been restored.

  • Some embedded links to user profiles or messages were resulting in errors, and have been corrected.

  • After receiving a badge, members will now be notified via a pop-up message.

A number of other small improvements were made as well.

As always, thank you for letting us know when you encounter a problem, and please continue to do so. We take note of everything that you report, and we try our best to prioritize and take care of the issues.


For some time I have been running into the problem where uploaded worksheets that are inlined into a Mapleprimes post get gridlines shown, even when they are not specified or shown in the original worksheet. This is a problem because quite often the gridlines make an inlined plot unattractive.

I believe that Mapleprimes uses some version of MapleNet as a mechanism for inlining uploaded worksheets.

It seems that the Standard GUI and/or MapleNet have special handling for gridlines in the sense that they actually distinguish between PLOT structures generated without the `gridlines` option versus those created with `gridlines=false`.  I believe that this has something to do with the persistence of various plot qualities in an output region which (perhaps for historical reasons?)  allow re-execution of a plot input command to produce a plot output rendering that remembers whether gridlines are visible.

If the second plot below does indeed get rendered here in Primes without gridlines visible then one workaround is evident: adding `gridlines=false` instead of omitting the option.





I'll submit a bug report against MapleNet.


why does not send me email notifications ?! could anyone help ? i do not receive email notification of related posts.

Dear Bryon and Will:

Please fix MaplePrimes so that the Replies to Answers to Questions appear in chronological order under their respective Answers. Currently they appear in a somewhat random and changing order when their are several Replies. This has been a problem since the last "upgrade" to MaplePrimes.

Another persistent problem since that upgrade is that about half of the time that someone tries to attach a file, the file does not actually attach, even though the editor gives every indication that it has attached, and a hyperlink even appears in the post.

People are starting to leave MaplePrimes because of these problems.

Thank you for your attention to these matters,
Carl Love

Dear friends. 

This is to alert you to a minor problem with your website. I use a variety of operating systems and browsers to access your site. With Firefox 22 and Firefox 26 and OpenSuse 12.2 when I click on a question with a lot of commentary like "Perl vs. Maple (MPF)" from a couple of days ago or "collect x/2-y/2 1/2" the question appears to load for a while but then an empty page appears, containing only the string "2014" and nothing else. Maybe you want to look into this.

Best regards,

Marko Riedel


Who was the creator of Maplesoft?

I have noticed that Maple's command isolve doesn't always seem to work for me. An example would be solving

x^2 + y^2 +z^2 =3 over the integers. Maple does not return any solutions.

I have found that isolve work for two variables, so I have just been iterating the third variable and applying isolve. However what if I want to solve  something with negative coefficients like : x^2 +y^2 +2*z^2 +x*y -y*z, then I have to be careful about which variable I iterate and the bounds are not always obvious.

Is there an easy fix to solve a homogeneous degree 2 polynomial in three variables over the integers ? Thanks!

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