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I have made a maplet. The aim is to take two numbers in textboxes and find their Jacobi symbol. The result should appear in a third textbox. Now I have done all the steps and called a procedure on buttonclick. Following is the procedure I have made

jacob := proc (x, y)

local A, B;

A := x;

B := y;


jacobi(A, B)

end proc:


Problem: The problem is that when I make any small modification to the code it runs and shows the result in the 3rd textbox but as soon as I save it, restart maple and recompile the program, the textbox 3 will show jacobi(value of textbox1, value of textbox2) instead of the result. What should I do, actually I am new to maple. Please guide me.

i am trying to built a maplet which can encode and decode.  for example i have Ceasar encryption codes and i want to built a maplet that can do it. 

you can see below one of my try: encode is working but decode didnt work :/ what should i do?


alphabet := convert([97, 98, 99, 231, 100, 101, 102, 103, 240, 104, 253, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 246, 112, 114, 115, 254, 116, 117, 252, 118, 121, 122],bytes): 

code:= letter -> SearchText(letter,alphabet)-1:
char := i -> alphabet[i+1]:
modulus := Length(alphabet): 
shift := proc(key);
i -> (i+key) mod modulus;

CaesarEnc :=()-> Action(Evaluate('cpmessage'= 'Implode(map(char,map(shift('ky'),map(code,Explode('text')))))')):

CaesarDec := () -> Action(Evaluate('cpmessage' = 'CaesarEnc(-'ky','text')')):

Caesar := Maplet(Window('title'= "Caesar Encoding And Decoding", BoxLayout['BL1']( BoxColumn('halign'=left,
BoxRow(Label['l1']("Write message: ",'width'=100,'halign'=left), TextBox['text']('background'=white,'foreground'= brown,'height'=6,'editable'=true,'width'=50)),BoxRow(Label['l2']("Key: ",'width'=100,'halign'=left), TextBox['ky']('background'=white,'foreground'= black,'height'=3,'editable'=true,'width'=50)),Button("Encode",'onclick'=CaesarEnc()), Button("Decode",'onclick'=CaesarDec()),BoxRow(Label['l3']("Text: ",'width'=100,'halign'=left), TextBox['cpmessage']("",'background'=white,'foreground'= blue,'height'=6,'editable'=false,'width'=50) ))))):

i need to do it for my thesis. waiting for your answers, thank you :)

I have exported Maple code as a Maplet file.  When I click on the file Maplet Launcher opens but nothing "runs".  It looks like it's trying because the icon flashes, but no window opens.  The Maple worksheet from which the Maplet was generated runs fine.

Any suggestions as to how to get Maplet Launcher to run my Maplets?




Is there a way to play animations in maplets?

I can send an animation to a plotter, but don't know how to play it.  

Thanks, Rollie

I am using Maple 16, and trying to display several 3d plots simultaneously in a maplet (e.g. a line and a plane, etc.).  Whenever I use the "display" command the Plotter gives me 2-d axes.  

How can I get the display command to work in Maplets?

For example:

returns the axes in a plane, whereas

returns two surfaces (here the text fields are functions of x and y).

Thanks for any help you can give,



is there any way that i run my maplet output in  systems that havnt any maple install on them?

(i wanna run maple program without maple)



Hey Guys

I`m looking for a maplet that shuts down the entire program. A maplet that interrups the following steps and goes back to the beginning of the program.

Thanks for answers



I'm trying to display a list value in a maplet. But I can only manage to get textboxes, checkboxes and textfields. I know that in textfields I can display the evaluation of a function, but I tried many different ways and I still don't get the desired result. 

I designed a maplet with a button and 6 rows with a checkbox at the end of each row. When clicking the button I would like that the values of a list ("lstx", 6 values) are displayed in the 6 rows. Can you help me? thanx!!

I created a Maplet that calculates ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations) however I would like to create a button that can allow printing on paper

How can i use previous inputs in new maplet window.For example i have two maplet windows; maplet1 and maplet2 I use some inputs as a functions in maplet1 and i open new window by using botton from maple1.I also want to use same inputs for calculating function in maplet2

GUI programming...

April 30 2013 rt 5

hallo guys,

my goal: i wanna create some buttons and scale and position them individualy. like i can do in any visual IDE.

Could some one help me with some example code, showing how to create a button on a specific position, maybe load a picture on the button if it gets pressed?


thx in advance

I created a maplet in maple using the following codes:

> restart:
> with(Maplets[Elements]):
> m5:=Maplet(
> Window('title'="Turev",
> [
> ["Fonksiyon:",TextField['Y1']()],
> ["Turev Degiskeni:",TextField['Y2'](3)],
> TextBox['TB1']('editable'='false',3..40),
> [Button("Turevi Hesapla",Evaluate('TB1'='diff(Y1,Y2)')),
> Button("Tamam",Shutdown(['Y1','Y2','TB1'])),
> Button("Temizle",SetOption('Y1'=""))]

I need the button that will change the content (list) of a ListBox. When I create such Maplet, ListBox behaves very strange! The ListBox sometimes shows the list after the button click, but sometimes the list disappears. 

The code below reproduces this strange behavior. Just click the button several times.



getObjects := proc()
local testList;
use Maplets:-Tools in
testList := ["YAHOO", "YAHOO", "YAHOO", "YAHOO", "YAHOO", "YAHOO"];...

i'am using maplet shortcut in maple 

but it did not show in table form, it only gives final answer.


use DocumentTools in 

# F1,F2,F3 are my equations

# these is my initial point

# the whole operation
F := Matrix(1 .. 3, 1 .. 1, [[F1], [F2], [F3]]);
J := Jacobian([F1, F2, F3], [x1, x2, x3]);

A user recently sent to me a Maplet that includes the display of an array of plots. This maplet works fine when run under the classic interface but not under the standard interface. As I tried to understand this problem I believe I have narrowed it down to a difference in the way the classic and standard interfaces handle an array of plots.

The attached worksheet is a very simplified example that shows the problem. What should happen is that pressing the "Plot single" button should show a single graph, pressing the "Plot array" button plots the empty axes, and pressing the "Plot displayed array" button displays a 2x2 array of plots. The second and third buttons illustrate the need for "plots:-display" in the action definition for this button.

Unfortunately, this works only in the classic interface. In the standard interface the "plot displayed array" button does not display anything. I should add that it appears to work correctly when exported as a .maplet file and run with the Maplet Viewer.

I have uploaded the worksheet:

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