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Hello everybody,

* The following set of instructions returns me an error

A := Matrix(2,2,[1,2,3,4]):

Error, Transpose is not a command in the Maplets:-Examples:-LinearAlgebra package

(it would be the same for any other command from the LinearAlgebra package)

* If I try 

A := Matrix(2,2,[1,2,3,4]):

the answer is Transpose(...),  as if Transpose was an undefined function (no matter the order of the loading of the two packages)

* In Maplets[Examples] there is a subpackage named LinearAlgebra : could it be the reason of these observed behaviour ?
* Is there any way to fix that other than copying from Maplets[Examples] the only pieces of code I need avoiding thus its complete loading ?
* More generally : is it possible to load a package "partly" by discarding some of its subpackages ?

Thank you for your answers

Maplet file failed to open by double click in windows 7 x64 file browser

There is no response when double click a Maple file

But it runs correctly by using command line

Anyone knows why?

Hi everyone,


I am creating a Maplet containing an area to plot some math function using Plotter command. The point is that I want to put the toolbar native from Maple in order to avoid to add extra buttons for zooming, moving, 1:1 or etcetera the graph, but I have not been successful.

Some suggestions?

Thank you, Friends!

i posted these ealier without any responds,pls i need some assistance my project supervisor has made it mandatory that i build a maple maplet of the bessel equation:

  i would have loved my maplet to have four knobs/sliders to vary the value of the parameters(T[g],T[0],k,p)  and also a play puase and stop bottons while texts boxes to type in the value of the unvaried parameters(gamma,G,alpha,delta,C[1],C[2]) and this maplet should show a 3d and 2d plot of the equation of which the various varying parameters can be varied to see effect on the plots.1.e 3d plots of (F against p and T[o]),(F against k and T[o]),(F against tortuosity and T[o]) which can be assigned to three different plot bottons but to be ploted on the same plotter and 2d plots of (F against p) and (F against k), (F against tortuosity) which can also be assigned to three different plot bottons but to be plotted on a second plotter aside that of the 3d plots.
i will really gratefull if anyone can help me out,thanks in advance<

my project supervisor has made it mandatory that i build a maple maplet of the bessel equation:

Hi, I am new to Maple. I want to plot a graph in a separate window from command-line maple. I tried the following code and getting this error

> plotsetup(window);
> plot(x,x=-10..10);
Plotting error, no plot device driver for plotdevice=window


I tried maplet but I am not getting the plot

> plotsetup(maplet);
> plot(x,x=-10..10);
Initializing Java runtime environment.


What should I do to get the plot??


I need a command for adding screentip to maple textbox.When user select textbox field, a comment appear and guide him to write correct format of algebric expression, e.g. when user writes 2sin(x) the format scanner can't specify 2 from 2sin, and user must write 2*sin(x) instead of 2sin(x).

I want explain these hints with screentip.


Why does MapletViewer launch the Maplet Splash Screen and then pop up a box saying it has an error launching the Maplet spash screen? As my previous question stated, it also will not run the maplet, popping up another error box as "explanation".

My maplet runs perfectly correctly and as expected when I run it directly from the worksheet.

However, when I export the worksheet to a .maplet file, it will not run and only gives the error:
At line 135, syntax error: reserved words `quit`, `done`, or `stop` unexpected.

According to wordpad, line 135 of the .maplet file is the last line of both the .maplet file and of the worksheet. It contains the statement:

Maplet[Display](<maplet name>);

There are no `quit`, `done`, or `stop` words anywhere visibly in the worksheet.

What is happening and how do I get the maplet to run?


I am programing the RSA-Algorithm. Somewhere in the program the user gets the choice to get a rough summary of the algorithm and the various steps used.

To do that I wrote a 1 1/2 page summary in Word. To see how the text is displayed withing the Window I took the first paragraph of my summary and put it in the following code:


mapletExplainRSA := Maplet(Window('title' = "Erfahre mehr über RSA",

["Das verschlüsseln und entschlüsseln einer Nachricht dient der sicheren Kommunikation. Es existieren bereits Methoden der sicheren Kommunikation. Eine davon nennt man &ldquor;one way ciphers&ldquo; oder &ldquor;trap door ciphers&ldquo;.  &ldquor;One way&ldquo; da obwohl alle eine Nachricht verschlüsseln können, nur einer sie entschlüsseln kann. Für jedes Verschlüsselungsverfahren gibt es einen Schlüssel für das verschlüsseln und einen anderen Schlüsseln für das entschlüsseln.",

[Button("Nachricht verschlüsseln", Shutdown("True")), Button("Abbrechen", Shutdown())]]));



The problem is that when I run this code the whole paragraph is written on the same line and hence does not even fit in the Maplet Window. Is there a way so that my rather long text will be formatet nicely within the Maplet window. Just like it would be displayed using Word. That is a text in paragraph style where sentences are wrapped automatically.



What is the difference between the "old" Maplet format and the "new" Möbius Project App format? Is the Möbius Project just a new name for writing Maplets? Is the programming different; are the mechanics of putting the file in a form to be used by students different; does the file containing the program that can be directly run by students have a different format and extension; are the kinds of things students see different? Is the Maplets function on the way to being discontinued in favor of the Möbius Apps?

I cannot find anything in the documentation for either format that relates it to the other format, although the general description of the output seems entirely the same.

I have made a maplet. The aim is to take two numbers in textboxes and find their Jacobi symbol. The result should appear in a third textbox. Now I have done all the steps and called a procedure on buttonclick. Following is the procedure I have made

jacob := proc (x, y)

local A, B;

A := x;

B := y;


jacobi(A, B)

end proc:


Problem: The problem is that when I make any small modification to the code it runs and shows the result in the 3rd textbox but as soon as I save it, restart maple and recompile the program, the textbox 3 will show jacobi(value of textbox1, value of textbox2) instead of the result. What should I do, actually I am new to maple. Please guide me.

i am trying to built a maplet which can encode and decode.  for example i have Ceasar encryption codes and i want to built a maplet that can do it. 

you can see below one of my try: encode is working but decode didnt work :/ what should i do?


alphabet := convert([97, 98, 99, 231, 100, 101, 102, 103, 240, 104, 253, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 246, 112, 114, 115, 254, 116, 117, 252, 118, 121, 122],bytes): 

code:= letter -> SearchText(letter,alphabet)-1:
char := i -> alphabet[i+1]:
modulus := Length(alphabet): 
shift := proc(key);
i -> (i+key) mod modulus;

CaesarEnc :=()-> Action(Evaluate('cpmessage'= 'Implode(map(char,map(shift('ky'),map(code,Explode('text')))))')):

CaesarDec := () -> Action(Evaluate('cpmessage' = 'CaesarEnc(-'ky','text')')):

Caesar := Maplet(Window('title'= "Caesar Encoding And Decoding", BoxLayout['BL1']( BoxColumn('halign'=left,
BoxRow(Label['l1']("Write message: ",'width'=100,'halign'=left), TextBox['text']('background'=white,'foreground'= brown,'height'=6,'editable'=true,'width'=50)),BoxRow(Label['l2']("Key: ",'width'=100,'halign'=left), TextBox['ky']('background'=white,'foreground'= black,'height'=3,'editable'=true,'width'=50)),Button("Encode",'onclick'=CaesarEnc()), Button("Decode",'onclick'=CaesarDec()),BoxRow(Label['l3']("Text: ",'width'=100,'halign'=left), TextBox['cpmessage']("",'background'=white,'foreground'= blue,'height'=6,'editable'=false,'width'=50) ))))):

i need to do it for my thesis. waiting for your answers, thank you :)

I have exported Maple code as a Maplet file.  When I click on the file Maplet Launcher opens but nothing "runs".  It looks like it's trying because the icon flashes, but no window opens.  The Maple worksheet from which the Maplet was generated runs fine.

Any suggestions as to how to get Maplet Launcher to run my Maplets?




Is there a way to play animations in maplets?

I can send an animation to a plotter, but don't know how to play it.  

Thanks, Rollie

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