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Additionally to my previous post: First example returns (mathematically) wrong result,
eval(diff(v(z), z), [v = (x->x*H), z = H])
Equivalent works fine (just because multiplier "a" leads to implicit conversion of diff to D).
eval(diff(v(a*z), z), [v = (x->x*H), z = H, a = 1])
And the most exiting example (I think, that result can't be predicted by Maple developers also ):)))
eval(diff(v(x, y), x, y), {x = H, y = H})
         (D[1,1](v))(H,H)+2 (D[1,2](v))(H,H)+(D[2,2](v))(H,H)
Functional analog works, of course, without any errors.
Hi, I think I will go crazy if I have to type
maple("printf(MathML:-ExportPresentation( ... ))");
one more time. It would be great to have an abbreviate version of this like
or something. Or how about a function available in the question bank editor to translate short LaTeX phrases into mathml? This would solve a huge number of my Maple T.A. issues. Anyway, along these lines, what I'd really like to do right now is ask my students about double integrals and display something like $\int\int_R f(x,y)\ dA$ Any suggestions? Can I use mathml() to display symbols like the integral?
Matthias Kawski's site contains a rich collection of Maple worksheets and applications. In addition, there is an extensive collection of info and tools for math and other software.
Edwin Clark of the University of South Florida compiled this nice list of links to the home pages of key people within the Maple communities. Some of these folks are part of the current research network that feeds Maple development. Others are some of the stars of the user community.
Out of curiosity, can those of you who voted "Other" in the current Greatest Mathematician poll share with us who you would have like to have seen? There are 8 of you who voted "Other". T4.

Maple Application Center...

November 04 2005 Tom 4 724
The Maple Application Center is an online archive of Maple application code, worksheet collections, and compilations. It's managed by Maplesoft and over the years, the content has accummulated to thousands of worksheets and tools. Topics range from secondary education to wide range of advanced math topics.
The Math Forum from Drexel University is a very large, well-organized, collection of links and information on various topics in math research and education. It's collaborative in nature and you can add your suggested links.
The Maple User Group mailing list was once the main forum for asking questions and discussing Maple. Eventually the comp.soft-sys.math.maple newsgroup was proposed and the MUG list faded away. Some answers to specific questions are archived here, and all messages from 1998-2003 are available as digests.
Robert Israel's homepage contains a number of useful Maple resources, including the Maple Advisor Database.
I've set up a collaborative book to accummulate a large selection of Web links of interest to Maple users.

Mathematics Genealogy Project...

November 01 2005 Tom 4 724
Mathematics Genealogy Project at North Dakota State University. Trace your academic pedigree. Most people I know who got their math PhD’s in Western universities seem to some pretty famous names.
A Maple package for Stochastic Differential Equations. Developed at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt.
David Joyner, US Naval Academy Annapolis. Useful links to various math topics as well as a good collection of the author’s Maple work including coding theory and cryptography.
John Stembridge, University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Maple packages for symmetric functions, posets, root systems, and finite Coxeter groups. A wonderfully entertaining collection of math quotes.
Alec Mihailovs, Tennessee Tech University. Rich collection of links, Alec's own Maple programs, papers on Maple applications, course material for various math courses, and a wide range of other useful information for Maple and non-Maple topics.
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