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I love the way Maple has transformed my understanding of math. I wonder if users can buy and download Maple from Maplesoft web site. This way any person in the world (from Michigan to Mongolia) can use Maple and really enjoy math and make important contributions to the sciences.

I have encountered two problems with the symbolic editor in Maple T.A. 2.5. Both problems do not occur in Version 2.0.1:

Problem 1: Typesetting x^$n in authoring a question.
This will result in
<math xmlns=''><mstyle fontfamily='Times New Roman' mathsize='12' mathcolor='#000000' mathbackground='#ffffff' ><mrow></mrow></mstyle></math><math xmlns=''><mstyle fontfamily='Times New Roman' mathsize='12' mathcolor='#000000' mathbackground='#ffffff' ><mrow><mrow><msup superscriptshift='0'><mi mathcolor='#000000' mathbackground='#ffffff' mathsize='12' mathvariant='italic' fontfamily='Times New Roman'>x</mi><mrow><mi mathcolor='#000000' mathbackground='#ffffff' mathsize='12' mathvariant='italic' fontfamily='Times New Roman'>$</mi><mi mathcolor='#000000' mathbackground='#ffffff' mathsize='12' mathvariant='italic' fontfamily='Times New Roman'>n</mi></mrow></msup></mrow></mrow></mstyle></math>
This is a copy of a post I made at the comp.soft-sys.math.maple newsgroup: I just installed the x86_64 version of maple 10 on my ubuntu linux desktop, but I can't figure out why xmaple won't run. Installing in the first place was a bit of a pain: I had to use the '-i console' parameter, and once it was installed, I had to chmod +x the executables and replace the maple10/jre.X86_64_LINUX/bin and maple10/jre.X86_64_LINUX/lib directories with links to my current java version's (1.5.0_06) directories. I had no problem activating, and plain old console 'maple' runs fine, but nothing happens when I try to run 'xmaple' or 'maple -x'. It just pauses for a second or two when I press return, and then ends. Now I know this distribution of linux isn't supported, but I don't see why it can't be made to work. Any suggestions?
It is often difficult to use the Symbolic toolbox of Matlab (which is linked to the Maple engine). It can be difficult to read the input and output from the toolbox. To solve this problem, I have developed a graphical interface to the Symbolic toolbox as I describe below.
The exponential function behaves a little strange sometimes. This happens in Maple 9. It thinks that 0^0 is 1. I'm actually in agreement with that, although I've seen many a mathemtician argue that it should really be undefined. De gustibus non est disputandum. But it's strange that it think that 0^(1+I) is 0 but 0^I gives a divide-by-zero error, without mentioning that the division by zero occurs somewhere in a call to ln(x). It's something stupid, but a potential source of mystifying bugs in user code. Some CASes, such as Maxima, are smart enough to have a specific error for 0^z for complex z. Still others return NaN.
Hello, I have a question regarding the floating-point evaluation of certain expressions. In the helppage for float we read the following: "The presence of a floating-point number in an expression generally implies that the computation will use floating-point evaluation. The floating-point evaluator, evalf, can be used to force computation to take place in the floating-point domain." So, this explains the following behavior: > 0.1+1/3; 0.4333333333 But what is the difference with the following expression: > 0.1 + Pi; 0.1 + Pi This contradicts what is in the float helppage; both Pi and 1/3 are exact mathematical quantities, yet 0.1 is a float, so one would expect a floating-point behavior to be happening. Maybe this behavior is explained somewhere else?
When I create a maple10 document and then output to latex, I've noticed not everything is there. For example I write a paragraph and then in math mode type the simple expression that is equivalent to: i^2-3j+4. The expression is followed by a new line. The resulting latex output only generates from this expression: -+ Has anyone else had any similar experience with latex output from maple10 and any idea of what I could be doing wrong or a work around. Thanks in advance for your ideas and best regards, James Cunningham
I am wanting to convert a whole program in maple code to fortran code, (1) How do you suggest I can do this? I have in the code: Sub routines Individual lines of code, such as plots, for loops, if statements, import/export code etc. Whole code written in 2D input math (2) The code posted before using {anames()} etc I could not get to work, though I did manage to "merge" into one huge function. But when applying fortran(functionname), Maple does not do anything.
Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald, Appalachian State University, and Dr. Andrew Nestler, Santa Monica College have put together a site about mathematics and The Simpsons,including an exhaustive list of all math references on the show, relevant images, and the math background of the writers. They use this material to introduce concepts, motivate students and reduce math anxiety, apparently. Aside from its potential educational value, it's fun. See Simpson's Math. eithne
Professor Mark Bridges of Northeastern University has been compling a blog of commentary on various mathematical references that one encounters on the TV show Numb3rs. See his BLOG site and a recent news article.
I'd like to gauge interest in an online session on authoring Maple documents using new features in Maple 10: document blocks, embedded components, tables, autoexec code, task templates, embedded assessment, 2d math, etc. Would you participate in such a (free) session? -Laurent
Similarly to searching of digits of π, Maple can access other Internet resources. In particular, here is an example of accessing MAGMA through William Stein's online SAGE/MAGMA/PARI calculator,
Hi. There is a command called genvecs in mathcad and i wonder if there is something similar in maple. Or can somebody tell me how to make the same in maple. Regards M
It is hard to follow up the Math Rap, but the Pi Song is pretty geeky too. And it is kind of catchy. I wish it went on longer. Link (Via Trixie)
I ran across this amusing article on a recent poll of British scientists on who's greater, Einstein or Newton? Of course you'll have to take the results with a "grain of salt" as it was not nearly as scientific as our own poll... :-)
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