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The problem is, as said, how can i get a "math output" when having something typed into my package.. 

An example of this could be:

printf("\Your function is: x^2");

When typing it like this my output becomes x^2, I would like it to become x2 , how can I fix this?


- Slangers

This is for Spanish speakers only. Not related to Maple, but related to Math. The Spanish newspaper El Pais has a series of videos on various math problems, together with solutions (posted later), it's set up as a sort of competition but just watching is (usually) great fun. You can access the full archive online.

You probably don't need to know much Spanish to follow the problems. Much is illustrated in writing on a black or white board. If you don't speak any Spanish...

My question is very easy I have a^2+b^2*a+b+1 and I want b^2*((a^2)/(b^2)+1/b^2+a)  how could I ask this to maple?

In particular my expression is 

I was wondering whether The Mathematics Survival Kit is now also available for Mac? When I downloaded it for version 14 it was a windows version which I was unable to use because I'm a Mac user... ;-( So I am concerned that when I buy it now for Maple 15 I might get another useless version...


                     gama2 q2 - 2 gama1 XA=0

                    [-1] q1 + [1 - 2 q1] - C=0

              [-1] q2 + [1 - 2 q2] - C + gama2 XA=0

Everyone knows what a French curve is. Heck, some of us even have a set kicking around. But I have run into a brick wall in trying to find out how a french curve is actually made, or defined. Over several sessions, I can find nothing on the net that even hints at the answer.

French curves have been in use for ages, and they must have an origin. Either they are generated using some kind of function, or they were perhaps...


I am interested in finding the asymptofic constant (Big O(1/n^(2m+2)) for the following expansion


series((1+1/n)^((1/2)/(sum(1/((2*k+1)*(2*n+1)^(2*k+1)), k = 0 .. m))), n = infinity, 10)


Upon using the preceding command in the maple i get


Error, (in asympt) unable to compute series

hi i am seeking help for a little problem The question is a part of my coursework but it doesnt make sense to me i dont know how to use maple to construct a model can you please help thanks. On board sailing ships or warships, a lookout stood watch in a crows nest high on the main mast. b) Construct a mathematical model to show how far a lookout can see. Clearly indicate any assumptions you make and define any parameters you use in your formula and in the construction of your model. c...

how to solve

-x^8*a^4+48*z^4+48*x^7*a+8*z*x^6*a-1 = 0

for a

i tried


solve(-x^8*a^4+48*z^4+48*x^7*a+8*z*x^6*a-1 = 0, a)


and got


I want maple to calculate sqrt(Pi) with an accuracy of (10)^-200 with Newton Raphsons method. How do I do?



The surface in above image is a portion of the graph of
some mathematical equation.

Let's do some brainstorming:
Can you guess what's inside the surface?

as you know the number of solutions for order 3 to 5 magic squares is as follow : 
(not counting rotations and reflections)

order 3: 1 solution

order 4: 880 solutions

order 5: 275305224 solutions

higher order: unknown ...


in the first look at 880 , simply appeared it can constructed by
2x5x8x11 (every factor increased by 3)

Hello! Anybody can help my to have this problem?


A^2+3*A+Delta*I = 0;

 A = RTABLE(145776372,MATRIX([[a, 2], [1, b]]),Matrix)

I want calculate 'a' and 'b' whit 'x' and 'y', and it's my code:



But this is wrong, but I dont know...

Thank you!!!!

(sorry for my English)

int(sqrt(1 + sec(x)^2), x)

int(sqrt(2 + tan(x)^2), x)

With Maple 13, which is the latest version on the computer on which I tested these integrals (that originated with a

senior scientist in Australia), the former yields a reasonably compact answer, but the latter yields an extensive

output containing Elliptic functions of various kinds.  The two integrands are trigonometric identities.  What is the

problem here?


      Here is one of the problems from "Mathematical Trivium"  (Russian Mathematical Surveys, 1991, 46:1, 271-278) by V. Arnold. Those problems are aimed at the strong graduate and postgraduate students of the top universities.
      I find it remarkable that a big part of the Arnold's problems can be solved with Maple.

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