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This post is a further development of my earlier question in reply to John's post. I have implemented a basic version of the CANDECOMP/PARAFAC algorithm referred to on Wikipedia and described 

If you construct the tensor product W of an m- and an n-dimensional vector space, U and V, then you can view the elements of W as m by n matrices (by picking a basis for U and V). The rank one matrices are the elements that can be written as the tensor product of (nonzero) vectors u in U and v in V; this corresponds to writing the matrix as u

I always change text color, and I want the color in math mode to be the same as the text mode.  Is there a way to do this automatically?  The math mode always comes up in black, even if the previous text was red etc...

Thank you.


I've recently started creating questions using MapleTA, and at the moment I've hit a stumbling block.

For a particular question, the students need to enter a formula. When I input the answer in decimal form, the question is graded correctly; when I put it in fractional form, it's not. I've used the simplify command in every perturbation I know, but I can't get it to work.

More details:



This is the fourth and final part of a blog post, the first three parts of which can be found here: Generating Samples from Custom Probability Distributions (I)

This is the third post in a four-part series; the earlier posts are Generating...

Hello! Im kinda new to maple so it must be a noob question :) im using it for like 24 hours to get around some basing math in it :)

Just got some understanding of this 2d/1d/worksheet/document modes and stucked at some operations with fractions.


1) How do i enter Mixed fractions to calculate right?

2) How to compare Two or More fractions? 

3) How to get output in mixed fractions? or to expand fractions.


This is the second post in a four-part series that started with this post: Generating...

Maple's Statistics package contains many predefined probability distributions; well-known ones such as the normal distribution and lesser-known ones such as the Gumbel distribution. For these distributions, we ship efficient algorithms that can quickly generate a large number of sample points. To generate a sample of size 106 of both of these distributions, and print the time it took to do this (in seconds), you can run the following:


Hello all,

I have a little problem with an expression I have to develop in taylor/series.

Here it is:


I want to develop it in "nu", giving that "nu" is a small parameter, and it says that it doesn't exist a series expansion.

But when I can obtain the series expansion of the "sqrt" part only of the expression, which yields:

The MRB constant is defined at

On about Dec 31, 1998 I computed 1 digit of the MRB constant with my TI-92's, by adding 1-sqrt(2)+3^(1/3)-4^(1/4) as far as I could. That first digit by the way is just 0.

On Jan 11, 1999 I computed 3 digits of the MRB constant with the Inverse Symbolic Calculator.

I want to compute expected utilities, i.e. I have a random variable and a utility function, e.g.






and now I want to compute the expected utility, i.e.:



I have Tetrahedron and I know all it's points I need to compute it's volume.

I have computed the square of the triangle and all I need is the hight.

Please give me an answer including vectors.


Thanks a lot.



I have a plane x+2*y+3*z = 0 and a point A(1,2,3).

From A there are 3 lines :

P := (1, 2, 3) P1 := (-1, -1, 0) L1 := P+t*(P1-P)

How to find the cutting points between L1 and the above plane?

How to find a cutting points between planes? 2 3 4 planes etc.


It is urgent, please help me!

I guess this is trivial, i just want Maple to apply the convert-to-product-rule:



i typed in sin(x)+sin(x+Pi/3) and looked for some related command in the context menu, but expand,combine or simplify or else didn't work.  What did i miss ?

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