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hi I am tying to create a matrix: 


for i from 1 to 5 do

for j from 1 to 5 do





But it doesn't create a matrix. As when I tried inverse operation it doesn't work. How can I create a matrix? Also can the index start from 0??


Let M be the matrix [[]] means that a matrix without any array. If we call RowDimension(M) then it output is 1 and we know that it is zero. What I have to do? It is hilarious that the RowDimension([[1]])=RowDimension([[]])!!!

I know that the "Rank(M)" command of Maple computes the rank of matrix M and I know that the "RowDimension(M)" gives the number of rows of M. Is there any command to gives the number of nonzero rows or columns of M?

For example, Let M be the following matrix. I want [2,3] as the output  where the first component ( second component. resp) is the number of nonzero rows (nonzero columns. resp) of M.

                              [1  5  6]

                       M=   [0  0  0]

                              [2  3  5]

i need to find how many rows and how many columns has a matrix that i just imported so i don't have to use readstat so it will be more automatic.

m1 := ImportMatrix("Matrix1.txt");
F := readstat("rows of the matrix");
C := readstat("columns of the matrix)")

LAG := C-1;
LAGG := F-1

for a to LAG do
for v to F do
for i to C-a do
h := m1(v, i);
r := m1(v, i+a);
in mathlab we use 



but in maple? please help

Let I=<3x^2+2xy+x, y-xy+3, y^2-2x+4> be a polynomial ideal in K[x,y]. I want to form a matrix M corresponding to this ideal as the following:      

                                 x^2     xy     x      y^2      y      constant

                               -----     ----   ----    ----     ----     ------

                                  [3       2       1       0       0           0]

                             M= [0      -1      0        0       1           3]

                                  [0       0     -2        1       0           4]


Please note that in the first, the all monomials appeared in generators of I,  sorted by lexicographic ordering x>y. How can I from matrix M from polynomial I?

Dear friend! Hope you will be fine, I want to general matrix for m by m order. The file attached. I am waiting kind response.

PhD (Scholar)
Department of Mathematics


Hi all

Assume that we have following special matrix(Namely ATilde) for arbitrary vectore  z=[a0,a1,a2,a1*,a2*]:

and we want to use this as a general function for other arbitrary vector. is ther any way?

for example z1=[x,y,t,s,u]?

thanks for any help

best wishes


Mahmood   Dadkhah

Ph.D Candidate

Applied Mathematics Department

M1 := Matrix([[0, 0, b], [0, e, f]], order = Fortran_order);
row, col, var := SearchArray(M1);
M2 := Matrix([[0, 0, b], [0, e, f]], order = C_order);
row2, col2, var2 := SearchArray(M2);

I guess that's a bug. can i multiply the 9*4 matrix on the left side of this table to the 9*1 vector on the right side of it (last column) with a kind of product of cells that results a 9*4 matrix made up of cells like this one's [(a,b,c,d)⊗(e,f,g,h)=(ae,bf,cg,dh)]

can anyone help me please?





























































what means the command that `linsolve` and 






&* <<--- what is it



My problem is the following; Let's say that I want to make a simple program of designing of a steel beam. In order to do so, there is a respectable number of parameters that have to be taken into account - forces, geometrical characteristics etc -. So for example, I have an excel file that has the following rows

1) A row of variables  :                          LENGTH   MOMENT_OF_INERTIA   AXIAL_FORCE    HEIGHT_OF_SECTION
2)A row of a value for each one variable :      5                556                       130                       300

the traditional approach in maple to intoduce these values to the program would be:

AXIAL_FORCE:=130                etc etc

and then when for example we write



..but for problems like this the variables may be 50 in number, even more.. and it would be very timeconsuming to define all these parameters one by one..
so what I have been looking for so much these days is a predefined maple procedure - if there is one.. - that takes a matrix which we have created in advance and that includes all the names of the variables that we want to have in the problem - let's name it VARIABLES - takes as well a matrix that we also have created in advance and includes the value that we want each of our variables to get in the problem - let's name it VALUES - and make the correspondense automatically, so as to when we introduce an epression in maple thereafter, like     MOMENT_OF_INERTIA/LENGTH, when we press enter to get  556/5=111.2  (and not just a reproducing of what we already wrote , MOMENT_OF_INERTIA/LENGTH ..).. Do you think that there is an easy way to do so??

many thanks in advance!




I would like to kow how I can remove the u2,1 and u3,1 from this matrix. I originally had it as a set of just  u2,1 and u3,1, but I converted it to a list, added the 1, because I needed it as the first value, and then converted it to a matrix. I now want to use the matrix for further calculations, but I dont know how to assign a name to it, and exlude the variable names within it.

I have attached the entire maple sheet, if you need some context. Also, if you see anything else that you think could be neater (I think I did a lot of things in a round-about way, because I haven't really used maple before), please let me know!

Thanks in advance!




Hi EveryOne!

In the the answer of the question "How to find roót of polynomial in finite field and extension finite field (at URL: Carl Love helped compute eigenvalues (x1,x2,...,xn)and eigenvectors of the given matrix M over GF(28)/(y^8+y^4+y^3+y+1).

I need to do:

1. Get matrix D from these eigenvalues (x1,x2,...,xn), with D[i,i] = xi and D[i,j≠i] = 0 (D will be diagonalizable matrix. Some xi may be in extension finite field  GF((28)2))

2. Get matrix P from eigenvectors corresponding to the above eigenvalues, compute P-1

3. Compute matrix B = P x D1/4 x P-1 in  extension finite field  GF((28)2).

Please help me!!! 


I'm trying to define a matrix that will have all the possible game results in a 9 team competition in one round. The results are a column in the form [game 1 home team, game 1 away team, game 2 home team, ... , game 9 away team]

This should give me a matrix with 18 rows, and 512 columns, where each column is a possible game result.

In essense, to continue the pattern of this matrix on for all 512 columns.

I've fiddled with for statements, but it ends up getting very messy given the number of nests that are required.

Thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks, Alex, Australia.








I've been trying to divide an equation into matrixes, with not a lot of luck.

Simple example:

A=2b remade into [A]=[2]*[b]

This is a basic overview of the problem, i need it to work with bigger matrixes.

Thank you in advance.

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