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Hello :-),


How can I differentiate the follwing function:

Cq = Cao*k1*t / [(1+k1*t)*(1+k2*t)]

If want to find the maximum:

dCq/dt = 0

I can solve if of course by hand. The solution is t=1/sqrt(k1*k2)

I tried it with maple, but I got a strange result (see picture). How can I use maple to get the right result?


Thank you very much!


I need to find the local maxima and minima of f(x,y)=x(x+y)*e^(y-x). I have tried to look for an appropriate method that I could use to achieve this, but got stuck. I also don't quite understand the math behind tying to obtain the local maxima and  minima for a function of this type.

Find the derivative of f(x)=|(x^3)-8*(x^2)+5*x+4|-0.5*x;x in [-1,7]

Find critical points of f(x) and dertimine the local maxima and local minima.

Output: Two lists of points (x,y), a list of local minima and a list of local maxima.

Hint: you may use Maple package Student[Calculus1]]

     use first derivative test to avoid 'kink' point i.e. undifferentiable point

     set delta=0.0001, test derivative around critical point x+delta and x-delta...


The Maxima package has a function RATWEIGHT that can be used to assign weights to variables:

Function: RATWEIGHT (v1, w1, ..., vn, wn)assigns a weight of wi to the variable vi. This causes a term to be replaced by 0 if its weight exceeds the value of the variable RATWTLVL [default is FALSE which means no truncation]. The weight of a term...

Mazimize only gives me the first maximum it finds. I want to find all maximums in an interval, or just the largest NUMERICALLY. is there a workaround?

While doing some Maple plotting I found myself asking why a high-end scientific computation application like Maple, which is capable of essentially very high ("arbitrary") precision floating-point computation, sometimes makes only crude use of hardware precision plot drivers. I looked around a bit, and found that and related issues are not restricted to Maple.

Let's look first at Maxima. Here's my first example, in Maxima (not Maple) syntax,

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