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How to open batch maple output as mws in Maple Player?  I was used to doing this daily at work before retirement in my university office on a campus computer.  There was an "open" command in a file menu of some sort that I could click on, I seem to remember.   Am just fresh afte downloading Maple Player on my iMac and have it installed.  The file from my batch Maple output is form a run of batch Maple on the office machine that I can logon to remotely from home, as I did in this case.  I get rough looking graphic output (using the alphabet style graphics methods).  It would be good to have a more detailed and fine grained graphics to answer some basic questions that I am analyzing.  Thanks . . !!


Help please! Maple beginner here. I'm trying to relabel a list of lists and sets so that the third occurrence of each number becomes that number+1,


eg. [[1],[{1,2}],[{1,2}]] ----->  [[1],[{1,2}],[{2,3}]]

or [[1],[{1,2,3}],[{1,2}]] -----> [[1],[{1,2,3}],[{2,3}]]


I think because there are sublists and subsets, I can't use things like member(x, s, 'p') or SearchAll (ListTools), so not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Hi there,

 I have a piece of code that uses lists instead of vectors and recently, it crashed, it ran out of memory. Long story short, if I use vectors instead of lists, the performance is much better and optimal (this I knew but I was lazy to translate all my code). However, there's one single line that I cannot efficiently translate and it's the one that uses the function member(). Before, I had the following (it's an oversimplification of my code in order to easily discuss it in here):

I think I have come across with what it looks like a very basic bug using the member function. I get the error message: "Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: (3) < 100"  after the execution of the last line to the next code:

>if l<100 then print("yes"); end if;

am I doing something wrong ?? I even checked the type of the variable 'l' and it is indeed an integer...

since i can't find the answer in F.A.Q or by searching so i started this thread on my curiosity on BLOGGING ...

i want to know is there anyway that common members can promote to a degree that allow them become a BLOG Contributor in mapleprimes ?

what are Qualifications and Requirements ?


thanks a lot for your guides and comments !

Just looked at the badges pages (clicking on the corresponding tab at the top).

88 people (including me) earned Tumbs-up badge, but only 50 people are listed there, and it says "page 1 of 1", there is no 2nd page - and unfortunately I didn't find myself there.

Even more interesting - clicking on most earned badges - such as 1st questions etc. - there are many pages, but only the first page for every badge have people listed - all the other pages are empty.

L:=[[name,4,3,6,5],[3,5,name],[3,6,1,2,9,8]]   I want to remove name from the listlist or all 3's for example

I've tried

remove(has,L,3) which removes the entire sublists containing 3 so I tried

map(remove,`=`,L,3) but that doesn't work I thought since remove(`=`,L,3) worked on a flatlist that using map would work on the listlist or even map2(map,remove,`=`,L,3).  I can't figure it out.

And how do you use member on L?  I end...

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