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I've found the following project:

It is a very cheap but impressive computer ( 64-cores, they say it gives about 90 GFLOPS of computing power). The problem is the very limited amount of memory (1GB). See: for specifications.

Now my question is: do you think Maple will run on this machine (acoording to the site it will run Ubuntu) and if so then does it make sense to try it given the small amount of memory it has? Or in another words: do there exist problems that could be solved by Maple on this powerful machine and that cannot be solved on a regular machine with let's say 4GB of RAM?


I need to solve following problem, but i m facing memory allocation problem in code. I dont know where memory is consuming.


Thanx in advance.



 I have a system of 4 rational equations involving 6 variables. I want to solve this system for 4 variables. 

Whenver I try to do this I get either an error message about solutions being lost, or maple being unable to allocate enough memory.

The Commands involved are here: 



     Seems like a silly questionm but the Maple help page suggested usign the option 'interpolation=false' for a numeric dsolve since I ran out of memory (I'm solving a huge matrix DE). But that's not an option in the command dsolve, has this been removed as of Maple 16? Or any suggestions on using less memory? I have 16Gb RAM, 



I often have to create density plots with many (thousands of) points. Hence the first thing I do when I install a new version of maple on linux, is edit dir_of_maple/bin/maple so that


is instead


I have done this for years and never have any memory problems. But recently I have sent my code to someone who runs Windows and they seem to have "out of memory" issues when trying to do density plots of large datasets.


I've written a code that I'd ultimately like to process in parallel over a grid of parameters, but before I can even think of doing that, I need to find a workaround for the memory allocation issues I'm having. Probably due to the way that it's written, Maple's built in garbage collection isn't working very well (if at all), and the code allocates another 100 MB or so every 10,000 iterations. Even if I content myself with running it for say 200,000 iterations,...

I am trying to solve a square polynomial system (16 x 16, I was able to solve an 8 x 8 fine) using the package RegularChains (with Groebner bases the problem is the same) but I have a memory constraint of 4G in the Linux cluster and my batch job gets terminated after Maple grabs too much memory:

TERM_MEMLIMIT; (job*killed*after*reaching*LSF*memory*usage*limit.Exited, with, true)*(File*size*limit*exceeded.Resource, usage, true)*summary; CPU*time;(4509.00*sec.Max, Memory, true...

Dear Friends.   I solve a group of linear equations and the memory is not enough and i can't 
adding a new hardware to the computer.

i increase the virtual memory of the computer from some chose for the operating system 
but it seem to me the Maple use the memory from the hardware only.

I want to know is there any method to make the Maple using the virtual memory for 
the computer




is there any analogous command to whos in Matlab to list the memory usage of specific variables in workspace?




I'm using maple 14 on a win7 2.8gHz 4gb laptop and over the past 2 days my maple has fallen appart, i'm trying to print a worksheet that is only 5 pages and not especialy complicated but maple's memeroy usage is exploding up to 400mb, or 1.3gb if i actually run the code. I need to print the work sheet and it just spent half an hour "spooling" i don't know what is causing maple to go haywire

Dear friends

I solve a rectangular system of equations AX=B   where A from order 3m+1x2m      X from order 2mx1       B from order (3m+1)x1   where  m=400, by LeastSquare or by multiply by A^T  


let M=A^T*A

then     M*X=A^T*X                 finally               X=M^-1 * A^T*X

In the name of God


Hello all,

Look at these instructions, entered in maple16(x64):



--- Up to now, about 5 Gb's of my 8Gb memory is occupied and no problem




Error, (in Matrix) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation. Please see

Can someone explain to me how I flush the memory build up that occurs as Maple keeps track of historical execution?

If I, for example, write a FOR loop that iterates a huge amount of times and don't include the colon after "end do", but rather use the semicolon, the memory usage keeps creeping up and then finally Maple just goes off into never land and never comes back.

I tried this in Windows and Mac OS X.  Same results.

I thought I could add an interface(historysize=?...

Hi everyone,

Can somebody help me to make this code faster? Or if somebody have fast computer and can execute it and give me the result.

When I execute it, I don't have the result of the last command and get the error of not enough memory allocation or something.

Here is the code:

> a1:=1:
> a2:=1:
> T:=<x1,x2,x3,x4,y1,y2,y3,y4,u1,u2,u3,u4>:


I'm trying to evaluate an integral numerically on a unix system with the command line version of maple (version 16). For some entered parameters the integral evaluates quickly but for others it never seems to be able to complete the computation.

Moreover, when running the files, which are .mpl files, via the GUI all integrals are evaluated with ease.

So far I have been unable to find why some integrals and not others are evaluated when submitted via the command line version.

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