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I downloaded Maple 17 student eddition for linux and when I click on the bin file to install it I get an error that says "This file is of unknown type". It gives the option to find an aplication local or online and it says no aplications available or the "MIME" file type canot be installed on this system. Im not sure what to do, do I need somthing to unpack the file or is it just not aplicable on my linux operating system (version: Cinnamon version 1.8.8 LinuxMint: olivia(X86-64))?

Maple Programming Environment (MPE) is the only Eclipse™ based efficient development toolkit to rapidly build standout applications for Maple.

MPE harnesses the flexibility of Eclipse and focuses it into a powerful Maple development engine.

MPE includes multiple productivity-boosting features, which spare you from tedious routine, time loosing and keeping your focus on your ideas.

The program mint, bundled with Maple, is a very useful syntax checker and program analyzer.

As provided, `mint` works best with Maple program source when contained in plaintext files. Inside Maple itself there is a command maplemint which does some of the same tasks as the stand-alone program `mint`. Unfortunately `maplemint` is quite a bit weaker than `mint` is, for quite a selection of procedures. Also, `maplemint` doesn't have the sort of flexible control that `mint` provides through its optional calling parameters.

I had previously posted a Maple language procedure for the purpose of calling out to `mint` while inside Maple (Standard GUI, or other). Here it is below, cleaned up a little. Hopefully it now works better across multiple operating systems, and also provides its optional parameters better.

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