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 how to find 6x^2 +5x+1 mod 2x+1 ? please using maple slove 

This tutorial shows how to setup a dual-language project such as Maple/Java or Maple/C in Maple IDE. In the end of the article you can find some links for further reading.

Maple Connectivity

The integration of Maple projects with other Eclipse projects is designed for seamless development and building of your C, Fortran, or Java code for Maple using External Calling package.

Maple Project can be mixed with

is there a simple maple package template that i can look at?

I wrote a module with about 30 procs, i want to make it into a package but I don't really know where to start.


all i need is an existing package that i can simply


  • rename the title
  • swap the code with my own code
  • swap the example with my own example

I have written a (rather extensive) module, which I can load without problems if I run it in the following way:


restart: libname:="C:\\PathToLib",libname; with(NameOfLib);


Note that the above is all in one line and executed at once. If, however, I load the library like above, but line by line, the loading fails, giving the error "Error, Did not recognize this structure's syntax".

How can there be a difference...

There are a few ways to view the source of a Maple procedure, such as by using the commands  showstat and print. And these work as usual for the exports of a module. But for procedures which are declared as local to a module these methods do not work right away since by default modules' contents are opaque.

One way around this is to change a setting, by issuing kernelopts(opaquemodules=false) prior to attempting...

Hi, im Gabriel from chile, and probably my english wouldnt be very good :P.

Im working on a problem that needs to be solved numerically, its a set of coupled non linear equations. Im succefull in finding the solution given a set of initial conditions, but the problem I have is when I try to save those solutions.

I want to save them in a .m file to fully recover it when I start the session again (it take some time in find the solution, and I have to iterate the...

Hi, To see the body of a procedure in Optimization[Interactive] module, i use this method: interface(verboseproc = 2); kernelopts(opaquemodules = false); print(Optimization[Interactive][BC]); but "too many levels of recursion" Error occurs! Note that this method works for other procedures in this module, for example test it for Optimization[Interactive][InittoText]. What is problem for "BC"? and what is the solution? thanks.

The following interaction with Maple's Excel link came to my attention today.  I thought it had many interesting points that lead to insights about Excel and Maple that are worth sharing. 

hi! i get the following error when i try to see response to my thread coeff problem in maple 13. Fatal error: Call to undefined function getgif() in C:\xampp\htdocs\modules\maplemath\maplemath.module on line 30 how can i fix it?


I am maintaining a C++ application that requires Maple code generation features to produce C code.

This application uses the EvalMapleStatement (kv, statement) function, where 'statement' is actually a CodeGeneration[C](...); command.

The application has worked correctly before, and the generated code has been incorporated as modules into other applications that make use of it.


Some time ago I started to write my own modules.
I've a problem with a module calling an export of another one. Both have the "package" option.

The first module, Math_Tools_ex export a "diffindice" procedure. I copy here the relevant part of the code:


export diffindice, doublederivcov,Dimensione,mix, Test_Symmetry, Double_dag ;
export Coords,A,M,G, Abstraction;
global X, c, dimensione,abstraction;

I am looking for some practical advice on how the cool kids split a Maple worksheet across multiple files. I have been reading through the help sections on procedures and modules, but most of the information is for self-contained sections of code in one file. I have come across some info in the help sections on using multiple files, but I am hoping to find out if there is a standard, recommended way of doing this.

I just read Paul Weiss' post in which he describes his troubles uploading files to MaplePrimes.

Earlier yesterday (19 Nov 2008) I experienced a similar problem when I was trying to upload a GIF file to include with one of my posts.

In my case, after I selected the file I wanted to upload, I was showed an earlier file that I had uploaded to MaplePrimes. Based on what I see in Paul's earlier post it appears as though he was trying to upload two files and the second file was really just a duplicate of the first one.

Large or involved projects may involve Maple modules which rely upon each other. Routines in one module may call routines in another module. Interdependence of modules can have a direct bearing on the available means of successfully utilizing the `use` functionality. In certain situations, some of the ways to utilize the `use` statement can be problematic.

Some such situations, and workarounds, are illustrated below.

The basic description of the `use` statement functionality is,

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