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I'm doing a Maximum/Minimum problem ( Calculus 3).

I need to plot f(x,y) =   x2  + y 2 -2y + 1

over R={x,y): x 2 + y 2         (less than or equal sign) 4}

I m using the follwing commands for ploting the five differnt values of M

SDfd1 := odeplot(dsol[1], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = green, axes = box);
SDfd2 := odeplot(dsol[2], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = red, axes = box);
SDfd3 := odeplot(dsol[3], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = blue, axes = box);
SDfd4 := odeplot(dsol[4], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = black, axes = box);
SDfd5 := odeplot(dsol[5], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = pink, axes = box);
display([SDfd1, SDfd2, SDfd3, SDfd4, SDfd5], labels = ["η", "f ' (η)"],
    labeldirections = [horizontal, vertical], labelfont = [italic, 16], axes = boxed,
    axesfont = [times, 14], thickness = 3);

But i do not want in colors.....i need graph without colors in different styles. how can ? Moreover i need legend which must be in centre of graph or within the box. It must not on left, right ,up or below. can some one help ?

Hello everyone, I was trying to plot graph for some functions but its just plotting one plot. Anyone with useful information please.


Dear all,

My script has multiple animations, in which the range of the variable is larger then I wish to see. Therefore, I have used the view=[x1..x2,y1..y2] command, which has different values for every plot. Plotted seperately, this gives me exactly what I want. However, if I combine the plots using display(A,B,C) they loose their individual views. Instead, maple chooses the view of plot A, and plots B an C in the range defined by view A. 

Is there a way to combine plots and still maintain individual views, within the largest view?

Kind regards,
Bastiaan Overdorp


Is there any way to generate a subplot in Maple2016?

I want to show many plots in one table at once.

I appreciate any idea you may have.


I want to draw multiple curves based on a single equation in which a parameter will change giving different curves. I want these curves to be in the same frame. Is there a single line code for the same? 

Already searched and browsed multiple different threads and still cannot find a solution.

Apologizing the noob nature of this question.



In this code below, Why is the factor command not working?

f := a^2+x^2-2*ax;














What is the best way to export/update multiple values from a single procedure? As far as I understand, a procedure does not let you update global values (the inputs), and it returns the value for the last step performed. Let's say for example, I had a procedure like this:


local x,y;

*series of steps that use a,b, and c to calculate x and y*

end proc


How do I get the results for x and y out of the procedure? 



Dear all,

I have a question: how to compute the roots of exp(z) = -1 with z in C? 

I tried: 

fsolve( exp(z) = -1, z, complex );

But it only gives one root (0.1671148658e-3+4.934802220*10^9*I) which does not even seem to be correct. I would prefere smth like z_n = I*(2*n-1)*pi or at least multiple roots...

By using

solve(exp(x) = -1, x);

it returns I*Pi.


MATLAB MuPAD gives the desired result:

solve(exp(x) = -1, x)

(PI*I + 2*PI*k*I, k in Z)




Hello everyone !

I have a problem when I want to calculate the following multiple integration numerically:


It doesn't work. But when I replace sum(x[i],i=1..6)^2 with sum(x[i],i=1..6), it works. Is there any feasible solution to my problem ?

Thank you for reading !



I have a problem with the adaptive question designer: when I use the multiple choice question type then occasionally parts of the question environment appear multiple times in the text, duplicating each time I reopen the question to edit. This happens in particular if the answers are a bit longer (4-5 lines each). So far I couldn't figure out how to fix this, does anyone have a similar problem? 

Many thanks for your help!

Dear  i want to plot the graphs for different values of R[2,5,6.5]   here is the codes: Either ido loop or array i have to use or other procedure 

The graph display should be at R=2, one graph, R=5 another and R=6.5 

onemore graph



As:= [0, 2, 4]:
plot([seq]([eval(V, J= A), y, y= 0..eval(eta, J= A)], A= As),title=" velocity at R=2.0 ",labels= ["v", "y"],color= [green, red, blue], linestyle= [solid, dash, dot],legend= [seq](J = A, A= As), axes=boxed);







hi , kindly guide me how to draw combine graphs for velocity profile at different values of one parameter.  For example we have 3rd order ODE and A is parameter that is multiple of equation. now we want to see the effects of that parameter on this 3rd  order ODE.  Now  how can i sketch the  combine graph of Df(o) at A=1, 2, 3. (for example.)



How do I solve this in Maple:


M(k,n)=M(k,n-1)+M(k-1,n-1)+M(k-2,n-2) and

M(k,1)=1 and M(1,n)=n




Thank you, Jan



I have a perfectly working when all parameters are known (figure 1), however I want to perform a sensitivity analysis by derivating the code if one parameter is unknown. Because of multiple possible answers and because of the complexity of the formula, I cannot run this script and get solutions. Any ideas how I can this calculation lighter so it is able to run? Values should be real and positive (so 1 or 2 solutions are the only one I'm interested in)

Any ideas, how I can make this code runnable? (file is below)

I'm stuck on this for a while now :/ So I hope someone will be able to help me

Many thanks in advance!l

Figure 1: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]


Figure 2: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

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