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I have an ODE to solve that looks like this: 

((diff(R(r), r, r, r, r))*r^4+3*(diff(R(r), r))*r-3*(diff(R(r), r, r))*r^2+2*(diff(R(r), r, r, r))*r^3-3*R(r)+4*R(r)*n+2*R(r)*n^2-4*(diff(R(r), r))*r*n+2*(diff(R(r), r))*r*n^2+4*(diff(R(r), r, r))*r^2*n-2*(diff(R(r), r, r))*r^2*n^2-4*R(r)*n^3+R(r)*n^4)/r^4 = (-108-1362*n+2122*n^2+2019*n^3-3032*n^4+401*n^7+1192*n^6-1033*n^5-25*n^9+6*n^10-180*n^8-4128*r^(n+3)*n^3+2304*r^(n+3)*n-576*r^(n+5)*n-760*n^6*r+575*n^5*r-244*n^7*r-2108*n^3*r-11616*r^(n+3...

Whoever is in charge of the question post management, please do not delete my question again without even notifying me. I have deleted the original post (which was a follow-up question to an old thread) so that my question can be viewed by others as a fresh post. Thank you!

Now to the question:

I am trying to solve a fourth-order ODE. Two of the boundary conditions are y(1)=0 and diff(y(x),x)=0 at x=1. The other two boundary conditions are y(x) and diff(y(x...


for one of my projects I require to solve differential equations I have obtained from an euler-lagrange system.

I solved them and obtained values of angles and their derivatives as listprocedures. I want however to be able to calculate values for different speeds noted as vx2 and vy2 as well as the angle of the speed verctor wich would be in that case arctan(vy2/vx2). It doesn't seem however that maple is going to do that. It gives me a pretty huge message...

Hi, I am trying to solve the following differential systems using dsolve numeric but there is something wrong with my code.

I am fairly new to Maple and cant work out why it is telling me that it doesnt work. COuld somebody help me?


DifferentialSystem := {diff(r(t),t$2)-r*(diff(theta(t),t)^2=-1000/r^2 ,
                            r(0)=sqrt(65), theta(0)=1.446...


I try to solve this problem,but there is an error occur.Is there a problem in the equation?

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone knows how to impose a finite value boundary condition to solve an ordinary differential equation? Specifically, suppose that the solution Maple obtains to an ordinary differential equation is y(x)=-2*x^2+C1*ln(x), C1 being a constant. Given that y(x) must be finite when x=0, then C1 has to be zero. Is there a way to implement this condition when setting up to solve the ODE in Maple, i.e. dsolve({ODE, ICs}, y(x), options)? Many thanks for your help!

diff(y1(t), `$`(t, 2)) = -y1/sqrt(y1^2+y2^2)^3, y1(0) = 1, y1(0) = 0

How can i solve this problem ,when i try to execute the error occur.since the y1(t) and y1 cannot both occur in the system.

HI everyone, im currently using maple 15 and im trying to animate at least the mass of my pendulum. My problem is that the  coordinate of each mass would be the solution of two numerical ODE and I can't animate this. I am able to plot the solution of my ODE (wich correpond to the two angle in the pendulum), but when it comes to animating... its an another piece of work. So here is what I tried: the code would correspond to the animation two masses... no rope yet.



I'm trying to plot a few phase portraits for this four equation system but maple wont let me...

> restart;

> s := 10; d[T] := 0.2e-1; k1 := 2.4*10^(-5); k2 := 3*10^(-3);
> N := 5; delt := .24; c := 2.4; T0 := 1; 


Can someone please help me? Thanks


Hi everyone, im trying to solve the following system of ode (motion of a double pendulum) where im trying to plot numerical solution for T1(t) and T2(t). Been searching for a while... found nothing :) Here is my code , i also loaded the library plots, DEtools. . Im using maple 15

> Systeme := [2*(diff(T1(t), x, x))+cos(T1(t)-T2(t))*(diff(T2(t), x, x))+sin(T1(t)-T2(t))*(diff(T2(t), x))^2+19.6*sin(T1(t)) = 0, diff(T2(t), x, x...


I have to  solve following ODE set as a part of my MsC thesisr^2*Hr[r, r]+(r+(1/2)*r^3)*Hr[r]+(r^2-4)*Hr+2*R*(1-exp(-(1/4)*r^2))*Hi-(1/2)*R*r^2*exp(-(1/4)*r^2)*Sii-(1/8)*R*r^4*exp(-(1/4)*r^2) = 0



Can someone please tell me why I am getting this error (in bold):

> ODE := diff(y(x), x)+3*y(x) = x^2
> ics := y(0) = 1

> dsolve({ode,ics})

Error, (in dsolve) not an ODE system with respect to the unknowns {y(0)}

How to draw slope field associated to differential equation: dy/dt = sin(ty) on Maple software?

Firstly applogies for if this question has been asked before.

I am trying to plot a simple epidemic model for where I can change the rates.

My equations are:

de1:= diff(X(t),t)=a*X(t).Y(t);

de2:=diff(Y(t),t)=a*X(t).Y(t) - b*Y(t);

where X is susceptibles and Y is infected.

I would like to be able to produce a graph with the susceptible and infected plotted. Where i can change the initial conditions of X(0) and Y(0) using sliders...

One of my friends would like to buy a book about solving multiple integrals and/or ordinary differential equations with Maple (some newer version, let's say 13 and newer).

I know about this site:, but can anyone recommend some book(s) which is (are) worth buying?

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