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The question explores the family of differential equations dy/dx = sqrt(1+(a*x)+(2*y)) for various values of the parameter a.

This figure shows the tangent field in the case a=1.

sketch a tangent field in the case a=-2.

need the following diagram on maple:



I have the ODEs: x'=x



sketch the phase space and extended phase space of previous ode.



Any help will be appreciated

I have a continuous time dynamical system

x in R ( set of real number)

t  a positive real time

and the function f_t(x)=x-t

How can we plot or sketch their behaviour in the phase space and in the extended phase space


Many thanks



hello i have the following set of ode's:

ode_sub := diff(S(t), t) = -k1*S(t)-S(t)/T1_s;
ode_P1 := diff(P1(t), t) = k1*S(t)-k2*(P1(t)-P2(t)/keq)-P1(t)/T1_p1;
ode_P2 := diff(P2(t), t) = -k2*(-keq*P1(t)+P2(t))/keq-k4*P2(t)-P2(t)/T1_p2;
ode_P2e := diff(P2_e(t), t) = k4*P2(t)-P2_e(t)/T1_p2_e;

ode_system := ode_sub, ode_P1, ode_P2, ode_P2e;

with these parameters:
s0 := 10000;
k2 := 1000; T1_s := 14; T1_p2_e := 35; T1_p2 := T1_p1;

i want to find the unkown parameters : T1_p1, k1, keq and k4

my idea was this:



sol := combine(expand(%));
PS := subs(sol, [S(t), P1(t), P2(t), P2_e(t)]);

P1fu := unapply(PS[2],t);
Sfu := unapply(PS[1],t);
P2fu := unapply(PS[3],t);
P2e_fu := unapply(PS[4],t);
P2_total := unapply(P2fu+P2e_fu, t);

the following data is given:




P2_P2e:=<0.0,271.68492651947497,461.9130396605823,589.3710176125417,668.9967533337124> # data from P2(t)+P2_e(t)


making the rediduals:

RP1 := convert(P1-P1fu~(T), list);
RS := convert(S-Sfu~(T), list);
RP2_P2e := convert(P2_P2_e-P2_total~(T), list);

RPs := [op(RS), op(RP2_P2_e), op(RP1)]

res := Optimization:-LSSolve(RPs, k1 = 0 .. 1, keq = 0 .. 10, k4 = 0 .. 1, T1_p1 = 0 .. 100)

i dont know wheter or not the last step work to get the parameters becuase it takes to long to compute. is there a smarter way to obtain the parameters of the ode's? a numeric approch ?

i tried with dsolve({ode_sysytem,init},numeric,'parameters'=[k1,keq,k4,T1_p1]) however it doesnt seem to get my anywhere since i need to know the parameters to use this (i think)

hope someone can help:)




We solve the following ode in the interval (0,Pi):


bcs=u(0)=0, u(Pi)=0;

Stating one example of many conditions for such equation to have a
valid solution

Many thanks





I have an ODE which is based on a seperate function, and I would like to make a plot with the information

dsolve([diff(X(W), W) = (0.536000000000000e-3*(1-X(W)))*(1+X(W)), X(0) = 0], numeric)


C_A:= C_A0*(1-X(W))*(1+X(W))

which has been used as part of the ODE.

I would really like to plot C_A as a function of W. I have no problem plotting X as a function to W using odeplot. Ideally I would like to plot C_A and X vs W in the same plot.


How I can solve it for P?

P=i^(2)r+(&DifferentialD;)/(&DifferentialD; t) (1/(2)l(tetha)i^(2))+1/(2)i^(2)(&DifferentialD;l(tetha))/(&DifferentialD; theta) w

attach i(t) "corrente", l(t) "induttanza", theta "angular", w "rotary speed"graph of funtions


the question is 

ODE5:= y(x)*diff(y(x),x,x) + (diff(y(x),x)^2=0


and my answer appears to be an integration! which is wrong

the correct answer : 2*(4+14*x)^(1/2)

Could someone tell me what did I do wrong? And how could I get to this result?

Thanks a lot!


Please i need help to plot the graph of f'' against episoln using the below BVP


Hope everything fine with you. I want to solve the attached problem by numarically and want to plot it but failed. Please see the attachement and correct it. I am waiting your positive respone.

With my best regards and sincerely.

Muhammad Usman

School of Mathematical Sciences 
Peking University, Beijing, China

i don't know much about maple, i need to solve the following odes system... I study a little on the help page of maple about numeric[midrich] that takes bvp and deal singularity as well but dint know how to used in the following system

Respected member!
Please help me to find the solution of attached problem, I am a new user so pleaes forgive any mistakes.







R := 2.0



ODEforNum := r^3*((D@@4)(F))(r)+r^2*R*((D@@3)(F))(r)*(F(r)-2/R)+R*((D(F))(r)-r*((D@@2)(F))(r))*(r*(D(F))(r)+3*(F(r)-1/R)) = 0:

numsol := dsolve({BCSforNum, ODEforNum}, numeric, output = listprocedure)

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system





$$\textbf{x}' = \begin{bmatrix} -4 & -2 \\ 3 & 1 \end{bmatrix} \begin{bmatrix} x \\ y \end{bmatrix}+\begin{bmatrix} -t \\ -2t-1 \end{bmatrix},\textbf{x}(0)=\begin{bmatrix} 3 \\ -5 \end{bmatrix}$$

As I know firstly, when the matrix is denoted by $A$, we must compute $e^{At}$ by diagonalizing $A$: if $A=PDP^{-1}$ for a diagonal $D$ then $e^{At} = P e^{Dt} P^{-1}$ where $e^{Dt}$ is a diagonal matrix with $(e^{Dt})_{ii} = e^{D_{ii} t}$...
How can I write The Maple code? maple.stackexchange)

restart: with(LinearAlgebra):

A := Matrix(2,2,[-4,-2,3,1]);


Dear sir in this problem should accept five boundaryconditions but it is not working for five boundary conditions and showing the following error please can you tell why it is like this ??

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp/convertsys) too many boundary conditions: expected 4, got 5
Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structures but received: [fplt[1], fplt[2], fplt[3], fplt[4], fplt[5], fplt[6], fplt[7]]
Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structures but received: [tplt[1], tplt[2], tplt[3], tplt[4], tplt[5], tplt[6], tplt[7]]

and for the progam please check the following link

Dear all

I am trying to solve system of ODEs by TWS command for traveling wave solution, but an error is showing. When I enter sinlge ODE or PDE the command does not show any error. Why it is showing error for system of ODEs ?


with(PDEtools, TWSolutions, declare):


Sys := {125*xi^3*(diff(f(xi), xi, xi, xi))-90*f(xi)*xi*(diff(h(xi), xi))-180*h(xi)*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+750*xi^2*(diff(f(xi), xi, xi))-180*f(xi)*h(xi)+830*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+80*f(xi)-108*(diff(h(xi), xi)), 15*f(xi)*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+6*f(xi)^2+10*xi*(diff(g(xi), xi))+8*g(xi)+6*(diff(f(xi), xi)) = 0, 5*f(xi)*xi*(diff(g(xi), xi))+10*g(xi)*xi*(diff(f(xi), xi))+8*f(xi)*g(xi)+10*xi*(diff(h(xi), xi))+12*h(xi)+6*(diff(g(xi), xi)) = 0}


Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) required an indication of the solving variables for the given system





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