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Hello Dr/Prof?sir?madam

i have problem on running the ode bcs

there is cos n sine in ther ode

any idea to solve this ?

i have attched it

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Can Maple determine the value of DthetaZero such that the solution to the ODE, for some specific value of t, simultaneously provides the two values theta(t)=Pi and diff(theta(t),t)=0?

sol:=dsolve({4*sin(theta(t))*cos(theta(t))-9.8100*sin(theta(t))-(diff(theta(t), t, t)) = 0, theta(0) = 2*Pi*(1/3), D(theta)(0) = DthetaZero}, numeric)

odeplot(sol,[t,theta(t),diff(theta(t),t)],t=0..5) for trial values of DthetaZero shows that the desired value is

1.0340*Pi <DthetaZero<1.0345*Pi.

how we can solve an ode with exat soltuion n calculate the unknw constant which aries after solving an ode.???


I'm preparing for my analysis exam but i'm having some trouble finding particular solutions for this differential equation. I used both the command to fully solve it and the command for particular solutions but neither gives me a proper result. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance