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I want to animate this code 

plots[odeplot](Trajectoire, [[x1(t), y1(t), t], [x2(t), y2(t), t], [x3(t), y3(t), t], [x4(t), y4(t), t], [x5(t), y5(t), t], [x6(t), y6(t), t], [x7(t), y7(t),t], [x8(t), y8(t), t], [x9(t), y9(t), t], [xA(t), yA(t), t]], TempsInitial..TempsFinal, numpoints = 10000,axes=boxed, scaling = constrained);

However, Maple 16 is giving me an error message :

Error, (in plots/animate) the first argument must be a procedure

I don't know how I can do to animate this code.



I encounter "insufficient  initial/boundary value" error message,  do know how to proceed from there, search with "insufficient initial value" gets no result. Any help will be appreciated.



> restart; alias(r = r(t), f = f(t)); with(plots);
r, f
> DE := diff(r, t) = 2*r+alpha*r*f, diff(f, t) = -f+alpha*r*f;
d d
--- r = 2 r + alpha r f, --- f = -f + alpha r f
dt dt
> params := alpha = .3;
alpha = 0.3
> initv := r(0) = 101, f(0) = 2;
> dvars := [r, t];
> chaodisplay := proc (chartname) EQ := [op(subs(params, [DE])), initv]; EQ1 := dsolve(EQ, numeric); odeplot(EQ1, dvars, t = 0 .. 300, axes = frame, numpoints = 50000, color = green, orientation = [-30, 100], title = chartname) end proc;
Warning, `EQ` is implicitly declared local to procedure `chaodisplay`
Warning, `EQ1` is implicitly declared local to procedure `chaodisplay`
> chaodisplay("Rabbit and Fox");
Error, (in dsolve/numeric/type_check) insufficient initial/boundary value information for procedure defined problem


I am solving eq1 and then plot it using odeplot. Then I am extracting data from odeplot using op[1,1]. From that I only care about  one point so I am using pt[1] := dt[1]([1, 2]); then I ploted it using pointplot. I run a do loop and at the end I am ploting all the points.

My code works fine but I am trying to have a line contacting each points. I tried  style=line but it did not work.

How can I have a line contacting each points on my final plot (which is display([pl[1], seq(allpl[k], k = 1 .. 3)])) ?

This is my code:

> restart; with(DEtools); with(plots);
> with(DEtools); with(plots);
> A := 0.2e-1; B := 10^(-5); k := 0;
> eq1 := diff(X(t), t) = -(A+B*X(t))*X(t);

> ic[1] := X(365*k) = 1000;
> s[1] := dsolve({eq1, ic[1]}, X(t), range = 0 .. .365, numeric);
> p[1] := odeplot(s[1], [[t, X(t)]], t = 0 .. .365);
> dt[1] := op([1, 1], p[1]);
> pt[1] := dt[1]([1, 2]);
> pl[1] := pointplot(pt[1], axes = boxed);
> for k to 3 do
tk := 365*k;
A := rhs(s[k](tk)[2]);
ic[k+1] := X(tk) = 500.*A;
s[k+1] := dsolve({eq1, ic[k+1]}, X(t), range = tk .. 2*tk, numeric);
p[k+1] := odeplot(s[k+1], [[t, X(t)]], t = tk .. 2*tk);
dt[k+1] := op([1, 1], p[k+1]);
pt[k+1] := dt[k+1]([1, 2]);
pl[k+1] := pointplot(pt[k+1], axes = boxed);
allpl[k] := display([pl[k+1]])
end do;
> display([pl[1], seq(allpl[k], k = 1 .. 3)]);


Thank you


I'm trying to make a phase portrait for coupled oscillators. No problem for the following lines


After we solved two equations we want to plot them with two sliders. I am trying to have two sliders for k and mu. I followed what this link suggested:

But I get this warning:

Warning, `p1` is implicitly declared local to procedure `myplot`



I have two differential equations describing a solar sail in 2D.

One is my radial direction and one is the tangential direction.

I have plotted r(t) and theta(t) but I want r(theta) so I have assigned my two differential equations and initial conditions, have my two plots for r and theta in terms of t and then I have used the following command to plot in polar coordinates:



I have already solved my ODEs and used odeplot to analyse the change over time (0 to 10).

Below is my ODE,

d(a(t))/dt = x - y*(a(t))

d(b(t))/dt = m*a - n*(b(t))


My query here is,

I need to substitute a(t) and b(t) in a seperate equation,

h(t) = 60/0.98 * (a(t))*(b(t))

and i need to plot 'h' over time (0 to 10)

How do I go about doing this?

Please help.


Hi everyone i've tried to solve two coupled nonlinear ode but maple gives me these two errors can you help me with this?


ode1 := diff(f(x), x, x, x)+3*f(x)*(diff(f(x), x, x))-2*(diff(f(x), x))^2+g(x) = 0;
 ode2 := diff(g(x), x, x)+(3*10)*f(x)*(diff(g(x), x)) = 0;
 bcs1 := (D(f))(0) = 0, f(0) = 0, (D(f))(6) = 0;
 bcs2 := g(0) = 1, g(6) = 0;
 sys := {bcs1, bcs2, ode1, ode2};
 dsn := dsolve(sys, numeric);
 print(plots:-odeplot(dsn, [x, g(x)...


Assume having to solve an ode with dsolve and plotting with odeplot. Further, markings at specific parameter values of the solution should be plotted, i.e. if p is the solution of the ode, the points p(t1), p(t2), ... should be plotted. Since the ode is complicated and computation takes a lot of time, is there a way to extract the values p(t1), ... from the odeplot result directly without invoking calls like subs(p(0.5),b(s)) again?

Hello everyone. I'm a french student and I make a study on the double pendulum. I have written all of the equations into maple (6 equation for solid movement and 2 for point movement). We will work with 2 equations.

So i got my 2 differential equations (non linear) and I want to odeplot them and after plot the 2 solutions with plot.

Unfortunatly, after reading some post here and solutions, my problem still exist. When I odeplot my solutions : i have a warning message (so also when I plot) :

I want to solve the position of a bal with a variable angel of the start velocity. I want to know which angle I have to take when the ball must be in a fully known position (5.44 , 1.60).I must also take the friction into account.

Therefore I have a system of equitations that I can solve with dsolve if I fill in the angle (in degrees).

> dsolve(eval(stlsl,angle = angeltest), numeric);

It gives me back values in x(t) and y(t). But know I want to make...


The Locator object is a nice piece of Mathematica's Manipulate command's functionality. Perhaps Maple's Explore command could do something as good.

Here below is a roughly laid out example, as a Worksheet. Of course, this is not...

I am plotting a curve generated from odeplot and I would like to fill the area under this curve.  I have tried filled=true and filled=[color="Blue",transparency=0.5] in the call to odeplot but it only plots the curve with no underfill.  Please advise on how to shade the area under a curve generated from odeplot.  Thanks very much.

As far as I know, exporting an Array or Matrix of plot is not directly possible in Maple 15. Is that right? Is there a workaround?

Refer to this comment:

However, I read a suggestion by dskoog that seemed to work:

I have simulated 50 trajectories of an ODE system, with  a command roughly like this:

myPlot :=
 seq( plots:-odeplot
    ( Sol(i)
    , [ u(t), r(t), q(t) ]
    , t = T .. 0                          ### Time Run Backwards
    , 'numpoints' = 2*abs(T)

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