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I open a new subject about Fredholm Integral equation. My code work correctly.

But, I need some modification to get a nice display of the matrix found using
MatA,Vectb := GenerateMatrix(convert(sys3,list),Sol_phi);

such as Sol_phi is my solution that I want to find.

I introduced two function alpha1 and alpha2 in the code  see Equation (9) can I write all the coeficient of my matrix using the two function alpha[1] and alpha[2], it's better to see and read the matrix form.

Hello. It World be greate if you could ad a maple file viewer to the Maple Player for the IPad and similar products. It is a greate tool when you are on the move and do not have you pc with you to do the calculations on. I use Maple a lot at my studies at the university of southern denmark, at when I talk to my study mates about a problem, it would be greate to be able to open maple files from you pc on the ipad. I save my documents to my Dropbox, so I always have then nearby....


I am using Maple 13 (hoping to upgrade soon) under Windows 7.

The open file dialog looks a bit weird, as per the illustration. Is this a known bug, and has it been fixed up in subsequent versions of Maple ?



Hi, someone insert a .mw file in the mapleprimes answer, but i could not open it. May I know how do i open the worksheet please? It does not show when i click on it. I tried "save target as" it didn't work as well. Please help. Many thanks, Serena Lim

How opening maple twice and execut 2 programs at the same time. If possible.


Your worksheet may be incomplete"

Hi, I use maple 12 for mac, I have an exam at 9am, it's almost 3am and my whole exam notes (open "maple" exam, as opposed to open book) have just corrupted.




i set up maple 14 on win 7 64 bit,  maple 14  opens but codes don't  work. how can i solve this problem? 

When an existing .mw file is opened in Maple 15 (i.e. by double clicking the file in Windows Explorer), a new document is always opened automatically alongside the existing file, and a "Startup" dialog pops up asking the user to select "Document" or "Worksheet" mode. I think this is annoying because each time the user needs to close the dialog to get to his/her .mw file.

This behavior did not occur in Maple 14 and I don't understand the reason for this change. Can we go back to the previous behavior?

The Maple documentation claims that Alt-Shift-F6 allows you to cycle between open windows in Maple. Well, it doesn't. So, I'm wondering what shortcut (if any) allows you to do this. Also, why is the documentation misleading?


I am running a home network, XP and Maple 11 on the old computer, Win 7 and single-user Maple 15 on the new.

It took a long time, but I finally got a wireless network running, so that Win7 on the new computer can open and access all the files on the old computer.

But when I run Maple15 on the new computer and try to open an old computer file, Maple 15 cannot see the old computer or any of its directories, even though it has a "network" tab on the "open" command.

for the record, I just discovered that while you can save a worksheet with a name like


you cannot open it (with Maple 15, June 2011)

Maple will return an error message like "file could not be found" (swallowing up the "mywork," part of the name)

but if you rename it

it will work fine.

In other words, do not insert commas in file names.

I do not know/remember if...

Hi there,

I am plotting flow diagrams of a 2-dimensional system of autonomous 1st order ODEs x'=f(x). I have some free parameters in there, and am analyzing how the flow changes qualitatively when varying these.

To visualise my results I want to do some animations. The Explore command doesn't seem to like the DEplot command, or I am doing something wrong. So I use the animate command, which works fine, although I can only vary a single parameter with it.

I finished this lab for my Differental equations class today. The computer I was using is not linked to a printer. I saved it and went to open it on a differnet compter and I got an error saying there are problems with the loading process.  I tried reopening it on the computer I started with and I get the same error

The lab has three parts. The first two parts were part of the the professors instructions and introduction. Those parts load up. The third part is...

hey there,

i have a textfile with three columns and i am using the "readdata" command. the first column is a filepath that i read in as a string. unfortunately the filepath is saved with backslashes ("c:\data\...") and therefore i cannot open the file that is indicated by the path. how can i replace the backslashes with forward slashes? any other ideas are also appreciated. thanks!

Just a suggestion to make it easier to determine wether a question is still open or has been answered.

I have noticed there are many questions that have not been answered throughout mapleprimes history so here I am suggesting that a small yellow circle in front of the question denote an open question and a small green circle to represent answered questions.

Sometimes I come across unanswered questions, and it is still open but looks like it could be answered. ...

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