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Hi all,

I tried to create the*.exe file by C and call the kernel of maple for calculation.

To understand the OpenMaple, I ran the OpenMaple C code sample, “simple.c” in “<Maple>\ samples\OpenMaple\simple” through Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 but got the incorrect result:


It’s seems that the error is happen due to the wrong maple directory. But according to the description of "kernelopts" in help, the value of mapledir cannot be set.


Refer to the description of  "OpenMaple,Examples" in help , both header file path and library file path had been set:

O/S: Windows (32-bit)

Header file Directories: "C:\Program Files\Maple 17\extern\include"

Library Directories: "C:\Program Files\Maple 17\"

Environment Variable: "C:\program files\Maple 17\"


I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

how to use c# check whether maple is installed


Actually the goal is to output a numeric to c# variable after run a procedure

i use EvalMapleStatement to run the procedure body and then

use another EvalMapleStatement to call this procedure

it do not know the procedure or variable in last EvalMapleStatement


then i think whether i can run it once with one EvalMapleStatment

however i got maple warning about declared local variables to procedure

so, the output...

i copy the example to run in a new project, it can run successfully

however, after copy part of code such as static class MapleEngine into my old console program, it return error unable to find maplec.dll when run at StartMaple

this old project is created with Visual Studio 2008 and migrated to 2010


then i do backward, i succeed when i copy old console code to new project which can run maple

this project is newly created in Visual Studio 2010

if i uninstall maple and keep some dll,  Is it possible to use openmaple without install maple?



I have currently trouble running existing C-code in a new Linux (64 bit) system with Maple16. I have code that used work just fine, now it fails to evaluate. As an example, statements like


still work as expected and return a number. However, code like

EvalMapleStatement(kv,"int(x, x=0..1);");

returns int(x, x=0..1), i.e. a string, which causes my program to crash, because a number is expected.

(This question applies to the Win32 version of Maple 15.)

I've got a python wrapper for the OpenMaple interface, and I've managed to get most of the callback functions in the MCallBackVector structure passed in to StartMaple to work, but I've never (ever) seen the queryInterrupt callback called.


To investigate this, I modified the 'omexample.c' example (found in the <Maple install Dir>\samples\OpenMaple\cmaple directory installed with the product...

When I use Openmaple with C#, if the command line involves "MapleEngine.StopMaple" or "restart", or the command line including "MapleEngine.EvalMapleStatement" is executed twice (sometimes more), it always cause a crash. Can anybody help me out with this problem? Thank you in advance!

The following is the crash report:

unhandled System.AccessViolationException
  Message=Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

I would like to know if it is possible in an external program (C or Python) to create a Maple function ( Not a one liner, maybe a number of lines of Maple code ). Then call Maple to execute a separate Maple function and get the result back.

After first tests with my brandnew Maple 16 (64bit) installation on Ubuntu Linux (12.04 Ubuntu Precise) I encountered the following error:

    `evalf/int`, "external hardware float library could not be found/used"

when I run e.g.

     evalf(Int(BesselJ(3,x),x=1..13,digits = 4,method = _d01ajc));

with OpenMaple

I wonder how to fix it.

I have

    export MAPLE=...


    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=......

First,a Maple file is exported as the html file,but it took too much time to load the applet(com.maplesoft.applets.MathMLViewer)to display the mathematical symbols,such as the symbols of integral and differential,as shown in Figs.1 and 2.How to accelerate
loading rate of Java applet?
Second,the problem will occur in the browsers of IE and firefox that the equation is incomplete display as shown in Figs3.Is there a method can handle the problem?
The last,using the...



I have a quick question. I'm using OpenMaple under C and I am calling the "latex" function. I cannot get its output :( When checking the textCallback function, I get the command back as output (latex(%)). How could I solve this issue?




tryed to compile samples\OpenMaple\cmaple\omexample.c in MS Visual C++ Express 2010. Everything is OK but after running is writes "The program can't start because maplec.dll is missing from your computer..." Why? I've linked maplec.lib statically! Besides \Maple\\ in my library path where both maplec.dll and maplec.lib are. System - Win7 Home Premium +SP1

I try to use MathMLViewer with OpenMaple. Similar works with plotting:

If I issue


Plots are shown nicely in a new java window.

But executing


results in the following error

Error, (in XMLTools:-ToString) could not initialize the Java Virtual Machine

What can I do to make it work?

Thanks a lot!


I am trying to run the following sample code


but I get error msg

fatal error(-1) loading GMP library: C:\Programme\Maple 12\java\\libgmp-3.dll


"Error Lauching openmaple splash screen"


the file "libgmp-3.dll" is in the correct directory


I am using Maple 12, jdk 1.6.0_23 and WinXP

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