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Hello: I'm looking over the Help section but I can not find a Maple package that has a command to compute the symmetric sum or the cyclic sum. I just started working with inequalities. Please could anyone recommend a package that allows me to compute expressions related to Muirhead's Inequality (see part 2 of  the answer:

Vector using package Physics, LinearAlgebra.     (in spanish)

I wrote the following code inside a code region in order to implement a scalar product for lists:

m:= module() option package; export `*`;
    `*`:= proc( a::list, b::list) option overload;
        return add(i, i  in zip((x, y)-> x*y, a, b));
    end proc;    
end module;

when i run the code I sometimes get the desired result ->26

but sometimes I get

I don't have any clue, where this weird behaviour comes from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi everyone

I am currently trying to make my own simple package including a few procedures. So far I have been able to write some "code" that actually works when I open the document and hit "enter". I would, however, like to save the package so it can be accessed during any Maple session using the command "with". I have unsuccesfully tried to comprehend the Maple help pages regarding this question but I definitely don't want to mess things up.

This is what I have written:

mat := module ()
description "useful procedures for mathematics, physics and chemistry";
export AtomicWeight;
option package;

   AtomicWeight := proc (x) description "returns the average atomic mass of the naturally ocurring element";
   Units:-AddSystem(NewSystem, Units:-GetSystem(SI), u);
   return evalf(ScientificConstants:-Element(x, atomicweight, system = NewSystem, units))
   end proc

end module;

What should I do to save it correctly?

Thank in advance,





I installed the shared library from

and it seems to have loaded ok. Now I can do

See ?share and ?share,contents for information about the share library

When browsing help, I noticed it has a function called IntSolve() for solving linear integral equations. Maple itself has function called intsolve() which is build-in.

Since Maple is case sensitive, I assumed when I type IntSolve() then it will find the shared version of IntSolve() automatically and not call Maple's own intsolve. And that is indeed what happed. I typed an example from the help on share as you can see


eq1 := p(x)-1/2*Int(x*y*p(y),y=0....1)=5/6*x;
                             ---- x
                            p(x) = x

Ok, So one of them is a little wrong :).

But suppose I want to explicitly add the share library there, in the call, as prefix, so that when I look at the code later, I can see which function I am calling. How should one do this? I tried

    Error, `share` does not evaluate to a module


The strange thing, is that this worked


Basically, all what I want is to way to add the share name to all the calls somewhere, so I know, when looking at the code, which call is from which library or package.

Any idea how to do this? So to avoid any possible name clash since the share library seems large.

I am using Maple 17.02

I copied and pasted this from the example page and I have to get this same graph for an assignment

im using maple 17


Tangent(x^3-x, -.432, view = [-2 .. 1, DEFAULT], output = plot)


when i hit enter the return was


Tangent(x^3-x, -.432, view = [-2 .. 1, DEFAULT], output = plot)                       (1)


I want to create a package.  I want to be able to load it using the usual with(Accellib); construct.

how can i do it?

My question is a bit vague, but I hope someone can point me in the correct direction for a solution anyway. A Maple Package was been defined and placed in the Lib folder in Maple 16. The package does contain a number of custom defined functions, say Cos(v) and Sin(v) - with a capital letter to distinguish them from the usual built-in functions in Maple. After having called the package using the with statement, the new function works well in the worksheet. It also works...

Hi all,

I have a problem with 'Rank' when trying to find the rank of a matrix.

For some purpose, I have to load both with(LinearAlgebra) and with(Statistics) packages.

Without using Statistics[Tally], (not loading the Statistics package), the Rank works fine.

With the Statistics package, Rank sometimes gives an error, saying,

Error, (in Statistics:-Rank) expected 1-dimensional Array, but .....

I now fix this by using LinearAlgebra[Rank].


how can i install the DirectSearch optimization package for mac version (MAPLE 16)? i

i have the files from maple 15.


In ?ChiSquareIndependenceTest a contingency table is needed for input.
To construct such a table from raw data is not trivial. I suggest to include this in the statistics package.
A first try:

Crosstab := proc(A,i,j,first::evaln,second::evaln)







Hi all,


After I loaded the package with(VectorCalculus), the output of vectors changed to a different one.

Is there any real "difference" when...

How do I export a procedure written inside the GUI (i.e. Document mode) into an external file format that is directly supported by a read of a package module?

Every export format I tried requires post editting by a text editor to "fix-it".  And it seems most export options drop the comment text (i.e. text after a #).


The instructions say:

"To create the X package you have to execute 'maple -s -q X.mpl'
on the command line and then you will get two files X.lib and X.ind."
For some reason I was not able to create the files on the command line (Windows).
Threfore I tried read "C:/.../X.mpl". Now I got the error:
"Error, on line 38, syntax error, cannot open $include file: series.mpl: $include "series.mpl"
Is it the `$´ character to which Maple points to (^...

Anyone knows how to use an expression like t^n, where t is a polynomial variable and n is an intager variable, in such a way that (t^n)/(t^m)=t^{n-m}? Actually, I would like to use it inside some package like polynomial tools, in order to normalize such expressions.

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