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I am working on a physics problem that involves a bead on roating hoop. You need to use Lagrangians to solve this problem but this is not where i am strugling. My school expects us to use maple because it is the program the provide but none of the teachers know how to usem it (they use mathmatica) so they cant help us. We have the equation: θ"= [ω2*cos(θ)-(g/R)]sin(θ) and the initial cond. θ'(0)=0 and θ(0)=θ

What do these parameters of Clutch mean,phi_nominal,w_small,k_locked?

And, how can I use them?

Anyone can tell me the detail?

Thank you.

Hello everyone.

I have 2 systems of differential equations which depend on variables from each other, of course the differential variable for each is different. 

Not to get into the details of the system, since they are rather large, the problem is as follows:

I've managed to get with the parameters option a solution for x(z), in essence x(parameters=[a,b])(z). I've managed in turn to generate a procedure that would give me the avg value of x (xm...

The following simple code

return parlist[1];
end proc:

return myproc1('parlist'=parlist);
end proc:


fails with

Error, (in myproc1) invalid subscript selector

The reason is that myproc1 has the optional argument parlist, which has the same name as myproc2. myproc2 seems to make...

I am trying to compute the diffusion coefficient from the diffusion equation. I can compute the analytical solution and evaluate it for the parameters I know and for the known time t to get this function:


Hi all,

I'm currently running a parameter space search via Maple scripting. The pseudo-code goes something like this:


fopen text file to write data to;

initialize parameters (variable) x, y, and z;

for x number of iterations

   A:-Simulate(model.msim, with [parameters]);

   Update parameters with new values;

   Write to text file;

end do;

fclose(text file)

Hi everyone,

In MapleSim, I know that after running a model simulation, one can save the data via 'export data in excel or csv' format...

But is it possible to automate this process via a script? For example, if I wanted to see what the model data looks like by varying one parametere between 10 to 50?


for i = 1:50

   variable_in_model = i;

   run MapleSim model;

   save MapleSim model data;

Hey there, this is my first post here, so hello to everyone.


I have (so far) one question. I have a circle equation like


I know, that on a paper, I can convert it to the "normal" circle equation, from which I can read the middle point and radius of the circle. And now my question is, how to convert in in maple? I am using the 11th version.


I have tried solving this equation and (x-a)

How can I plot standing waves with extra parameters. That is how can I plot something like 2A*sin(kx)*cos(wt) and vary the parameters to see what would happen if different types of waves traveling in different directions collided.

How to do subj? Straightforward way doesn't compile:


myint:= proc(u::float)::float;
return int(exp(x^6), x=0.0..u);
end proc:

createcomp:=proc (expr::evaln, exprfunc::evaln);
return Compiler:-Compile(exprfunc,optimize);
end proc:
s:=createcomp(global_expr, global_exprfunc);

"Error, (in Print) cannot translate value of lexically...

How to calculate the integral
restart; int(cos(a*x)*cos(x)^(a-2), x = 0 .. (1/2)*Pi) assuming a>1
with Maple? Mathematica 8.01 produces a very doubtful answer
In[1]:=Assuming[a > 1, Integrate[Cos[a*x]*Cos[x]^(a - 2), {x, 0, Pi}]]
Out[1]=((-1)^a* a* HypergeometricPFQ[{1, 1 - a, 1 + a}, {3/2, a}, 1/2]* Sin[a *[Pi]])/(-1 + a)

Hi, I have 2 sets of data:

P := array([1.23, 1.15, 1.10, 1.20, 1.35, 1.25, 1.28, .99, 1.22, 1.25, 1.30, 1.05]);
Q := array([892, 1012, 1060, 987, 680, 739, 809, 1275, 946, 874, 720, 1096]);
p=P(t), q=Q(t) i.e. both p & q are a function of parameter t  t=1..12
2 functions: 
I'm trying to display x against y , ie x=ln(p) on the horizontal axis, y=ln(q) on the vertical

How do I allow an infinite amount of parameters ( parameters don't seem to exist in Maple) such as the ones in the piecewise procedure (except for the optional parameter)?

My question is related to this discussion on "querying events"

I thought I might start a new thread.

The following loop is an illustration of the sort of thing I'd like to do with dsolve and events: I loop over a parameter of the "event" and extract information on the solution at different values of the parameter. Here is the code (successfully tested on Maple 15 / Standard / Windows)...

Hi, this may be a stupid question, but I have trouble getting it right...

I want to create a matrix from a function that uses some of the arguments of the fuction as indices, but want to carry on the other arguments, here is an example of what I have:


MyMatrix:=Matrix(3,3,(k,l)->MyFunction(a,b,c,k,l)); # this is working but not what I want

MyMatrix now contains a,b,c as variables but not as function parameters ...

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