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Hi, this may be a stupid question, but I have trouble getting it right...

I want to create a matrix from a function that uses some of the arguments of the fuction as indices, but want to carry on the other arguments, here is an example of what I have:


MyMatrix:=Matrix(3,3,(k,l)->MyFunction(a,b,c,k,l)); # this is working but not what I want

MyMatrix now contains a,b,c as variables but not as function parameters ...

I have a strange error when i try to plot an ODE with "numeric,method=gear,parameters=[...]" as options activated. After this implementation I give the parameter a value: ODE(parameters=[123]); -> works. But when I type "odeplot(ODE, [x(t),y(t)],10..20,numpoints=100);" for example, i get the errormessage:

" Error, (in dsolve/numeric/gear) Array index out of range"

But when i remove the option "method=gear", so that the ODE is solved with default runge-kutta...

I'm developing an application that I'd like to use elements of an array as parameters in MapleSim components - is there a way to use Maple arrays/vectors in MapleSim?


Also is there a way to open a file and read its contents (data) as the starting point (parameter set) for a MapleSim simulation?


I have a procedure that takes multiple parameters, in which I want to fix all but one, and then define a single variable function that maps x to this remaining unspecified parameter, so I can give it to the plot() routine. I would like to define a number of such single variable functions for different values of the parameters and plot them all on the same axes.

Ideally, I would like to find a way to make the following, instead of returning 14, return 21,...

Hi All,

I have a question that I see has been seldom discussed except certain posts by Mr. Lopez. This concerns the estimation of optimum parameters of the solution of a system of differential equations to fit experimental data. I referred to the Maple document provided by Mr. Lopez on the Maplesoft website.


I have this problem when I use assume and assign a value to an assumed parameter.



g:=int(Sum(5*sin(n*beta*x),n=1..5),x) ;



Normaly beta:=1 is replaced into g. The result obtained is function of beta and beta:=1 is not replaced.

Why beta:=1 is not replaced in g ?

Thanks for suggestion

My goal is to find a way to code sliders that set parameters for a plot so that it is not necessary to re-code all of the existing sliders when a new one controlling the same plot is added.

The closest I've come is the following.   Say I've defined a couple of functions

f:= (A,x) ->  sin(A*x);

g := (B,x) -> cos(B*x);


plot0 := plot([f(A,x),g(B,x)],x=a..b,color[blue,red]);  

And two sliders with code for action

Hi there, 

I want to know how I can animate a plot with more than one parameter? I can manage animating a plot with one parameter, using the 'animate' command, but this seems to be limited to a single parameter.

How could I do it? If it is not possivle in Maple 11, would such an option be implemented in Maple 15?

Also: If I would want to animate other things than plots, are there commands for that in Maple 11 / 15?

Thx :)


I'm trying to solve numerically an ODE system with piecewise. And this piecewise is very important for this task.

This system describes behavior of a pulley with friction. There are some constants: m, c, g, mu and J. Values of this constants are not important.

> sys := m*a(t) = piecewise(a(t) < a0, F0*time, a(t) >= a0, 0), v(t) = diff(x(t), t), a(t) = diff(v(t), t);
> m := 5; F0 := 10; a0 := 5;
> initialconditions := x(0) = 0, v(0) = 0;

i wrote in Maple 14 this procedure:

in result i had error "Unable to parse" inline local k.

But it normally works in Maple 13. Plz tell me about this. I'm a new one in this. Thank you!

VEH_We.mwDear Community

I try to plot a rather sophisticated function with Bessel functions and several roots of a transcendent equation, but failed. I've specified all parameters, functions, etc. yet I still get an error message. What do I do wrong? I've uploaded the file,  if you could have a look.

Tx in advance, best regards


Hello again!

I am writing a procedure of which the body is done, I "only" need to take care of the input in a clever way, which is where I'm stuck. I want to make it as simple as possible for the end user. The procedure has the following parameters:

- 2 matrices of type 'Matrix' [required], say A and B

- either a list L (default []) or a symbol S (but one of them is required)

- an optional symbol v::symbol:=t

What's the best way of handling these?

How do I convert K1*cos(w*t+theta1) + K2*sin(w*t+theta2) to a single K3*sin(w*t+theta3). Maple keeps simplifying to the cos + sin form but that is not user friendly for the signal viewed on the oscilloscope. The conversion is easy to do with a calculator but I want to automate the process in Maple with parameters so I do not have to copy and paste expressions or type them.


Thanks for your help,


Warren Klope

I have just tried to solve for 2 equations in 2 unknowns. The 2 equations are very non-linear. I know for a fact that there are 2 solutions as I can draw the curve, but for some reason and for some parameter specifications Maple will only give me 1 out of the 2 solutions. I use the following:


Solve( [eq1,eq2] , [x,y])


Thanks in advance,



I found in the help a reference that animation in uniparametric:

"plots[animate] - create a 2-D or 3-D animation on one parameter".

I need multiparametric animate. If it does not would be difficult to find somewhere the procedure written to get ANIMATE( for one parameter)?. If available, maybe it would be hard but possible to get something that performs a multiparametric animate.

Otherwise, if somebody knows that in MAPLE is impossible to implemente...

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