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hi all.
i have a system of ODE's including 9 set of coupled OED's . 

i have  converted second deravaties to dd2 , in other words : diff(a[i](t),t,t)=dd2[i](t) . i =1..9 :

and i have set these 9 equations in form of vibrational equations such :  (M.V22)[i]+(K(t).V(t))[i]+P(t)[i] = eq[i] , where M is coefficient Matrix of second  derivatives , V22 is Vector of second derivaties , for example V22[1] = diff(a[1](t),t,t) , and  P(t) is the numeric part of equations ( they are pure number and do not contain any symbolic function ) and K(t).V(t) is the remaining part of equations such that : (K(t).V(t))[i] = eq[i] - (M.V22)[i] - P(t)[i]  , and V(t) are vector of a[i](t)'s which V(t)[1] = a[1](t) ,

i have used step by step time integration method (of an ebook which i have attachted that part of ebook here), when i set time step of solving process to h=0.01 , i can solve this system up to time one second or more, but when i choose h=0.001 or smaller, the answer diverges after 350 steps . i do not know whether the problem is in my ODS system, or maple can not handle this ?the answer about the time t=0.3 are the same in both steps, but after that, the one with stpe time h=0.001 diverges. my friend has solved this in mathematica without any problem, could any body help me ?! it is urgent for me to solve this problem,thnx everybody.


Slides of the presentation at the VII Workshop Fast Computational and Applied Mathematics developed in graduate school at the National University of Trujillo. January 8, 2014.




L. Araujo C.

Hi, i am trying to export the following bifurcation diagram into a pdf.


Digits:=20: N:=10000: M:=100: x_max:=1: r_min:=0:
r_max:=4: for n from 0 to N do r:=r_min+n/N*(r_max-r_min):
x:=evalf(x_max*rand()/10^12):for m from 0 to M do x:=x*exp(r*(1 - x)): od:
X[n]:=x: od:


For some reason the graph is just blank, with just the axis when i export to pdf.

When I export my plot to PDF, adobe acrobat says: A drawing error occurred. Other programs see my PDF as corrupt. I would use a .eps file, but my plot has a semi-transparent component that doesnt show up very well as an eps. Any ideas?




THis is what I have so far.. is there anyone who can help me with this?

Let f(x) = 1/9*x^2, o<x<c

Find c so that f(x) is the pdf of a random variable X.

I have come up with this and was wondering if I could get some help. I cant get it to paste in, but I have

uploaded the file.. Please assist if you can.

Is it possible to insert a hyperlink to a pdf file ? I use links to other Maple worksheets and internet URLs, but cannot seem to find a way to create a link to a local pdf file. Thanks for any help.


Happy Holidays !

To plot the density function of the continuous uniform distribution on [-1,1], my initial attempt was: 

plot(Statistics:-PDF(Statistics:-RandomVariable(Uniform(-1,1)),x), x = -1.1 .. 1.1);

See plot below.

But I wanted something more like the wikipedia image (without the labels, naturally):

See plot below.

In words, I expected a horizontal line on the left of x=-1 and on the right of x=1 (at y=0), and I expected no vertical line at the x=-1 and x=1 points ...

Hi all,

This is really a quite general question.

I am not asking to change "interface(rtablesize=30)" or any other similar command.


I just wonder, sometimes, we want to see a symbolic matrix. And when the matrix gets really large in dimension, it does not display nicely on the whole screen.

Occasionally, with reasonably "small" matrix, we can still see it by "zoom out" to 50% view or even smaller view, to see the FULL matrix.

I've tried using Maple Help within the Maple software, but it is not very user friendly. Nothing seems to match up when I type the commands that it tells me, I always get an error. How do I find the moment generating function from a probability density function (pdf)?



Dear Maple Users

I have been testing Maple 16 for some time now, and I am overall very pleased with it. There is however one issue, which is really annoying. In previous version of Maple, images inserted into Maple and plots were printed much bigger than they looked like in the Worksheet. Then me and other users have requested to have the printed output look more like it does in the Worksheet on the computerscreen. Maple has adressed those user complaints in the new...

Hi everyone,


I want to create a Gaussian PDF so I need to calculate Determinant(sigma) with sigma the covariance matrix of a gaussian variable.

If we call this variable alpha (which is a 12 dimension vector and represents the noise in a discrete dynamical equation), then sigma_ij=ExpectedValue(alpha_i*alpha_j)-ExpectedValue(alpha_i)*ExpectedValue(alpha_j)

and this is zero most of the time! So the covariance matrix is singular and the determinant is zero. 

Want create my own geometric distribution with rather only natural values i.e. without zero:

But such form is luck to calculate even Mean value:

simplify(Mean(c)) fails. How to apply to get even Mean(F(c)) for complicated enough F?



I have four old Maple 10 Worksheets sitting around my harddrive. I'd like to view them again, but my Maple 10 license won't be activated again, they tell me to buy a new 13 or 14 one.

Does anyone still have a Maple 10 (or compatible) version and would convert four small worksheets into PDF for me?




I have been trying to convert a small script (Maple 15) to latex but ran into a strange problem. Literal subscripts don't seem to work.

When I have, for example " f_a " latex will generate a pdf, as expected, with " fa ". However, if I have " f(ctrl+shift+_)a " I get "  ‘#msub(mi("f"),mi("a"))‘ ".


I am kind of new to this maple+latex thing and have searched everywhere for a solution but without...

restart; with(Statistics)


A := RandomVariable(Geometric(p))+1; F := Mean(A);M := abs(A-F)/A;

#and ask Maple to find a pdf of the r.v. M:

f := `assuming`([PDF(M, x)], [x > 0])

#Maple 15 gives an answer, but what does it mean by the output for this input

subs(p = 1/3, x = 3, f)

#or how do I plot this pdf of M? Does Maple give a correct answer?

# Why does the error message appear when I do subs(p = 1/3, x < 3, f...

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