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I'm trying to plot the graph of a recursive function in Maple 17 but I keep getting the error Error, (in f) too many levels of recursion.

I need to plot a logarithmic graph in the range of x=1,...40. Here is the code:


How can I fix this problem? Maybe I need to write it in an iterative form, but I don't know how. Thank you very much for any help!

Hello everyone,


how exactly do i 3-d plot some data that i have to back-transform first. in 2-d it is so easy. why isnt it in 3d? all i end up with is an all black diagram

please see the file attached

Grateful for some hints



Hi all.

I'm a student learning Algebra.

I've been searching everywhere and cannot work out how to plot and analyze a function graphically in Maple.


For example, you can see in this video, There is a point for the Vertex of a parabola on the example


I would like to put things like this on my graph (Vertex, or X-Intercepts, or the intersection of 2 lines)

I can certainly find this information by using Algebra (vertex form, etc) but it would help my understanding to also visualize the functions graphically.

I have 3 column vectors:

phi contains the number of radians from the North Pole

theta contains the number of radians from the Greenwich meridian

D contains number data corresponding to the point (phi,theta) on the sphere.


How do I plot:

a) a contour plot on the surface of the sphere where each point at (phi, theta) has a corresponding data value D?

b) a plot where the height above the surface at (phi, theta) is some linear function of D such as radius*D*constant?

Dear all,

I tried to display an animation which can zoom as the time goes.

But it seems that if I display several animations in one plot window, it will display the animation with the maximum view size from these animations, not separately display these animations with their view size.


There are two examples:


a1 := animate(plot, [x^2, x = -1 .. t, view = [-1 .. 1, 0 .. 1]], t = -1 .. 1);

a2 := animate(plot, [x, x = -1 .. t, view = [-1 .. 1, -1 .. 1]], t = -1 .. 1);

display(a1, a2);



animate(plot, [x^2, x = -1 .. 1, view = [t .. 1, 0 .. 1]], t = 0 .. -1)

Is it possible to zoom the animation with time? What parameter should I set?

The related maple file is attached.

AOA. I want to plot the graph of the following function 


A new generalized complex representation of Euler gamma function in terms of Dirac delta function, which is

GAMMA(s) = 2*Pi*(sum((-1)^n*Dirac(s+n)/factorial(n), n = 0 .. infinity))

where*s = sigma+i*tau

for differenet values of parameters


Hi everyone,

I wanted to plot the fourier series up to a given order of a step function using the code I attached, to change the order I used a sum with upper boundary M. When setting M to a particular value and plotting the function the result is obtained within a second, when on the otherhand using plot(subs(M=11,...),...) it takes close to a minute to produce a picture.

This might be a misuse of subs, in any case, I wanted to share my experience and maybe get an explanation about why this takes that much longer.




f := proc (t) options operator, arrow; sum(-4*sin((2*n+1)*t)/(Pi*(2*n+1)), n = 0 .. M) end proc

proc (t) options operator, arrow; sum(-4*sin((2*n+1)*t)/(Pi*(2*n+1)), n = 0 .. M) end proc


plot(subs(M = 11, f(t)), t = 0 .. 2*Pi)


M := 11; plot(f(t), t = 0 .. 2*Pi)




I would like a plot of the solution of this differential equation : diff(phi(x),x,x)=phi(x)*(Ep(x)-E) with for example Ep(x)=(1-exp-(x-2))^2 and E=0.5


So :

>restart;with(plots); xith(DEtools);




but nothing appear in the plot except axes

Thanks for answer

Hi Maple friends. :)

I would like to graph and solve: 2*sin(2 x)=1 for the interval 0<=x<=360. My textbook gives the answers of x=15, 75, 195 and 225.

But I get an error messages:

plot(2*sin(2*x) = 1, x = 0 .. 360);
Error, invalid input: plot expects its 1st argument, p, to be of type {array, list, rtable, set, algebraic, procedure, And(`module`, appliable)}, but received 2*sin(2*x) = 1

solve(2*sin(2*x) = 1, x = 0 .. 360);
Error, invalid input: too many and/or wrong type of arguments passed to solve; first unused argument is x = 0 .. 360

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


how to plot tail of normal distribution

would like to see the shape of tail of distribution

How to listplot two vectors on the same graph?

That means having two lines.

in maple 12 or 15


result := Vector(10);

for i from 1 to 10 do

        result[i] := i;


how to plot it against i?

after tried plot(result(x), x=1..10);

i am trying to export an animated gif file but the export windows freezes and exports an empty file with zero bytes

the animation was created by: display(map(p, convert(A(() .. (), 2), list)), insequence = true)

i have tried to give maple some time (2-3 hours) and i even tried to restart the computer and lauch maple and try to export it but it didnt worked

how can i export it or how can i plot the using commands


Hi everyone

Title might be misleading but couldn't come up with a short version of my problem.

The idea is to show an animation of several plots of an array, which all have different values in the positive and in the negative range. For distinguishing purposes I want to show positive values in a different colour than the negative values.

For better understanding imagine a chess board with the rows and columns and there are places with values, black chess pieces as positive values and white chess pieces as negative values. Each array in the sequence from A1 to An shows a movement.

For the plots I use sparsematrixplot which unfortunately just shows all non-zero values. So I seperated the original array and made two arrays, one with the positive values and one with the negative values. I am able to animate the sequence of several plots and can play the animation of two sequences consecutively with following:

display([A,B], insequence=true);

Hence my questions
1. Is it possible to plot an array with different colours for different values and can I animate these plots?

2. If not, is there a way to display the two plot sequences on top of each other?


Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi all. I am a new maple 18 user and Mapleprimes member.

1. I tried to plot y=x^2+2, but in the graph the value of y at x=0 is not 2(the bottom of the graph is near y=0). Same for the plot of just x^2+2(no y variable).

2. Why do I need to specify a y range for y=x^2+2? Why can't I just specify the x range only, since y is based on x?

Thanks in advance. :)




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