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Hi guys,

I'm studying a system of six differential equations. Given the fact that the system cannot be solved symbolically, I've tried the numeric procedure, and it works. I proceeded like this :


then i checked if maple could calculate the solutions for given values of t. It works for t=0, t=0.5, t=1,t=2,...,t=5. The solutions are all real numbers.

But when i try to draw a graphic representation of the solutions, it doesn't work. I do :


Then :


(The square brackets are indices)

Now maple answers that it is "unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region". I went to the help page but no solution seems to work. I can't figure it out by myself. Does anybody notice something wrong with my code ?

Thank you for your time,

Best regards,


I want to plot this contour 4x^2+9y^2=160  onto the same f(x,y)=4x^2+9y^2.  The error I keep getting is

Error, (in plot3d) first argument must be either in standard or parametric form


Hi there,

I've created some nice 3D-plots. I want to export them and insert them in LaTex. Exporting to EPS gives me a zero-byte-file but no printable data.

I've already read that I'm not the first to have this issue and there is obviously a work-around by enabling the Classic-Worksheet-mode. Unfortanely this mode appears to be not available in Maple 17 under MAC OSX. 

Is there another way to solve the problem?
Would help me a lot.


Hi, is it possible to instantly start the display of plot animations after they are generated in maple? I searched for answers in the documentation and on the internet but couldn't find a solution. I would like to skip the step of manually clicking the plot and the "play animation" button.

Hello everyone,

I want to inseret a text arrow in the graph obtained by plot command to show increasing or decreasing trends of the graph, but I could not find any option to insert the textarrow or textbox in the graph. 

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to add a label to a plot and need the derivative to be represented as a dot. My typesetting rules are set to extended, and it works in a worksheet but not in the plot. See attached image. The code to generate it is:

#the output is shown with a dot over phi

#derivative in label not shown as a dot
plot(sin( t), t=0..10, labels=["t", typeset(diff(phi(t),t))], labeldirections=[horizontal, vertical]);

any ideas?



this seems to work... ( i will leave this question here as it might come in handy to someone else).

plot(sin( t), t=0..10, labels=["t", Typesetting:-Typeset(diff(phi(t),t))], labeldirections=[horizontal, vertical]);

Is it a bug that using the first variant does not work? any ideas from the experts?


I have 2 sets of data and I need to plot them as histograms on the same axis(superimposed). Is it possible to do it using Maple 12? Right now I only know how to plot them in different axis.



Hi is there a way to identify curves in your plot? Especially when you dont know it yourself?


For example, I have 10 polynomials all order 5 and up, whilst I can trial and error identify which one is which it is very inefficient.

I used to use Mathematica, and I could manually label the curves with color which allows to see which curve is which. I assume there is something of the sort for Maple?

how to export a plot with its points  (x,y) from maple to excel

Please how can Maple plot both analytic and numerical solutions on the same axes for this problem

U(x,t)= 2/3f(x+t)+1/3f(x-2t)+(1/3pi)(sin(pi(x+t))+(1/3pi)(sin(pi(x-2t)),

f(x)=1-x,abslutex<1, zero otherwise

I am trying to plot sequence like:



data:=[seq([n,arrayZ[n]], n=1..3000)]:
t1:=plot(data, style=point, symbol = solidcircle, color= red):

but get incorrect first argument error. How to fix this?

PS. In original sequence instead of null I have constant value, but I don't want it in my plot.

Hi all,

I have been trying to figure out why when I run my 'code' maple keeps building up memory. I am currently writing X number of inequalities and plotting the results. I begin the script with the  'restart' command to clear the memory of any previous runs. But this does nothing to the memory allocated. I check with my 'task manager' window.

I've been scouring the internet for similar issues and basically is this a software problem? how can this be avoided?

'restart' does clear the variables but doesn't seem to make the freed up memory accessible.

- pJ

Hi everyone!

I'm curious how to obtain in Maple 2015 same result as in Maple 18.

Here is my code:


L0 := ImportMatrix("C:\\Test.txt", source = delimited, delimiter = "\t", datatype = float[8]):

plot(L0[() .. (), 1], L0[() .. (), 2], axes = box, size = [600, 320]);

This is result which I get by Maple 18:

This is result which I get by Maple 2015:


My Test file:Test.txt


     I an trying to plot a function of a single variable, which is an implicit function of another variable, i.e. I want to plot F(x(t)), given that x and t are related through the implicit constraint equation f(x,t) = 0. Is there any plot stuctures in Maple that would easily let me do this? I tried implicit plot but this seems insufficient. 

     As an example, consider plotting F = x + x^2 subject to f = x + sin(x) + ln (t) = 0. I could also write this as  a function subject o a differential constraint, as is f = diff(x(t), t) + 1/t + (diff(x(t), t))*cos(x(t)) = 0 and try to use some sort of implicit DE plotting routine. 

     Any ideas?


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