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i want to plot a arc that starting angle and finishing angle are variable

but it didn't show the arc there is my code

Dear All,

I need your help to plot the phase portrait using DEtools[DEplot]  these are the lines of the code. But when I make RUN, there is an error. I need your help to fix the error. Many thinks.


r1:=1; r2:=1; q2:=2; q1=0.5;  a1:=1;

Sys1 := {diff(N(t),t) = r1*N*(1-N/q1)-P*N/(1+N), diff(P(t),t) = r2*P*(exp(-a1*P)-q2)+P*N/(1+N)};



Many thinks

I Want to plot only the intersection between this Surfaces 


z = sqrt(x^2+y^2)

y >= abs(x)

x^2+y^2+z^2 >= 4

x^2+y^2+z^2 <= 9


Anyone knows how ?




I've encountered a problem with Maple.


Is it possible to create a procedure which both displays some plots and also returns a value?


When I write a simple example:


It plots a circle as expected.

But when I add return:


It returns value 2, but no plot is displayed.

Is it possible to do both, display and return a value?

I used to write two copies of procedure, one for plotting and one for returning value.

But thats not "pretty" solution.


Thanks for help.

Hi there,

I used the implicitplot command to plot an implicit equation as follows:


implicitplot(x^3+y^3-3xy=0,x=-3..3,y=-3..3, scaling=constrained)

but maple13 takes error and specifies {xy} as an extra unknown.

Your help will be appreciated.


Hi there,

I used the following plot command in maple13.


implicitplot(abs(x)+abs(y)=2, x=-2..2, y=-2..2, scaling=constrained)

But the output(square) is not complete at vertices.In fact at the vertex the graph is like a trapezoid.

Any help will be appreciated.



HI, dear all. When I tried to use the plot option 'adaptive' to make my plot more smooth and realistic, I encountered the following erro. I cannot understand why. From the help guide, I learn that adaptive can be assigned n or true or false, but errors appeared.  Thanks for your help.


> implicitplot(-x^3+3*x+a = 0, a = -3 .. 3, x = -4.0 .. 4.0, view = [-3 .. 3, -4 .. 4], adaptive = 2, resolution = 1000, numpoints = 2000);
Error, (in plot/options2d) unexpected option: adaptive = 2
> help("adaptive");

Dear Exppert,

I used the following command to plot the volume of revolutionin Maple13, but with the message "unable to invert function w.r.t. the vertical axis."


VolumeOfRevolution(sqrt(1-(x-4)^2), -sqrt(1-(x-4)^2), x=3..5, axis=vertical, scaling=constrained, output=plot).

Meanwhile, this command can plot each function individually, which is a semi-torus.



Hi all

I'm having a hard time, making Maple plot a pretty huge expression in my project.

I have solved a differential equation with initial conditions with method=laplace. The differential equation contains a fourier serie equation, so the more accurate i want the equation to be, the larger the differential equation will be.

Maple solves the equation just fine, and i can plot the solution with 2-4 fourier parts, but when i go higher as i need, the graph ends up empty?

with 20 parts i get the following equation: 


if i plot that expression, the graph ends up empty?

I did also try to solve the equation numerical to plot it with odeplot, but when i try to solve it without the laplace method i get this error message:
"Error, (in dsolve) found the following equations not depending on the unknows of the input system:"

The differential equation is:

ode:=diff(Theta(t), t, t)+2*Zeta*omega[balanceue]*(diff(Theta(t), t))+omega[balanceue]^2*Theta(t) = M[p]/m[balanceue]

and the initial conditions:

ICS := Theta(0) = (1/8)*Pi, (D(Theta))(0) = 0;

when i do:

dsolve({ICS, ode}, Theta(t), method = laplace) it solves just fine.


but when i try with:

dsolve({ICS, ode}, Theta(t))


dsolve({ICS, ode}, Theta(t),numeric)

I get the message: 

Error, (in dsolve) found the following equations not depending on the unknowns of the input system: {Theta(0) = (1/8)*Pi, (D(Theta))(0) = 0}

It doesnt seem logical at all, is it a bug? Or can anybody help me with this problem?



How do I plot the following equations in Maple ?:

I already tried this: 


According to the given solution the plot should look like that: 

I think I have to tell maple that the function is defined from R^2 -> R, but I don't know how to do this. 

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


Hello people in mapleprimes,


I want to draw a graph of a procedure.


filter:=x->if x<10 then 1-x/10 else 0 fi;



works well. But, I don't know why it is needed for filter(x) is wrapped with foward quotte ' .

I changed that quote to back quote ` but, in this case the result hadn't appeared.

And, without the foward quote ', error appears.

And, even if I wrapped x with ' as in plot('filter(x)','x' =0..20),

a graph appeared properly, though I cannot understand why wrapped x, 'x' is right.


Please teach me the logic of the above code.

Best wishes.


taro yamada


AoA... I want to plot the following functions






in one coordinate having the line style and legend like attached file.


PhD (Scholar)
Department of Mathematics

After I do


Now I right-click on the plot, and from the menu change the "line" to "dashed" style, so the plot becomes like this:

Now I would like to obtain the Maple plot command that would have generated the above plot, so I can use the command later in my script.  I could not find a menu option to show the Maple command.

Maple 18.02 on windows 7

Hi everyone.

I always used simple command to plot graphs with parametric function:

> plot([seq([i, t, t=0..11-i], i=1..10)], thickness=3, color=blue); 

And I always obtained this:

But yesterday I installed second update for Maple 18, and now I get only error:

"Error, (in plot) invalid input: ToInert expects 1 or 2 arguments, but received 0"

What command I should use now?

I'm trying to find the partial sum of the function. Now I need to plot the first couple partial sums onto 1 graph.

I'm not really sure how to input the plot function. I was able to graph it by inputting each partial sum function but I would prefer an easier solution.

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