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i would like to plot a cube with the color given by a 3 variables functions (a way to plot in R^4)

in this way the cube is the domain of the functions, its color is the value of the function, i would like to put in evidence the max min of such function

but the command that i tried to use does not work:

plots[display](plotools([cuboid]([0,0,0],[1,1,1]),trasparency=.7,colorscheme["xyzcoloring",proc(x,y,z) option operator , arrow; x^2 + y^2 - z^2 end(proc)])

thanks for your help, anna rita

Hi, I have been trying to solve the Schrodinger equation for harmonic oscillators using dsolve and plot the the wavefunctions for the different energy levels. However I am struggling to plot all the different wavefuntions on the same plot. I also want to normalize the wavefunctions to help compare their shapes and values. Here's my code:- schro := {diff(psi(x), x, x)-(alpha*x^4+x^2-energy)*psi(x) = 0}; // d / d \\ / 4 2 \ \ { |--- |--- psi(x)|| - \alpha x + x - energy/ psi(x) = 0 } \\ dx \ dx // / ic := {psi(3) = 0, (D(psi))(3) = 1}; {psi(3) = 0, D(psi)(3) = 1} schro1 := subs(energy = 3.30687, alpha = .1, schro); soln1 := dsolve(schro1 union ic, {psi(x)}, type = numeric); // d / d \\ / 4 2 \ \ { |--- |--- psi(x)|| - \0.1 x + x - 3.30687/ psi(x) = 0 } \\ dx \ dx // / proc(x_rkf45) ... end; with(plots); [animate, animate3d, animatecurve, arrow, changecoords, complexplot, complexplot3d, conformal, conformal3d, contourplot, contourplot3d, coordplot, coordplot3d, densityplot, display, dualaxisplot, fieldplot, fieldplot3d, gradplot, gradplot3d, implicitplot, implicitplot3d, inequal, interactive, interactiveparams, intersectplot, listcontplot, listcontplot3d, listdensityplot, listplot, listplot3d, loglogplot, logplot, matrixplot, multiple, odeplot, pareto, plotcompare, pointplot, pointplot3d, polarplot, polygonplot, polygonplot3d, polyhedra_supported, polyhedraplot, rootlocus, semilogplot, setcolors, setoptions, setoptions3d, shadebetween, spacecurve, sparsematrixplot, surfdata, textplot, textplot3d, tubeplot] odeplot(soln1, [x, psi(x)], -3 .. 3); Thank in advance


Is there any way to generate a subplot in Maple2016?

I want to show many plots in one table at once.

I appreciate any idea you may have.


plz help! How to draw the three-dimensional graphics (p(x,t))? When I run,it can not run.I do not know where the problem lies.The code is as follows:

with(PDEtools); with(student); KN := 3;
C2 := 1/.3; C1 := 0.6e-2/(.3); C3 := 4.3/(.3); beta := 0.43e-1;
ADM1 := proc (n) options operator, arrow; convert(subs(lambda = 0, value((Diff(F(Sum(lambda^i*U[i], i = 0 .. n)), `$`(lambda, n)))/factorial(n))), diff) end proc; A0[0] := F(U[0]);
for n to KN do A0[n] := ADM1(n) end do;
for n from 0 to KN do A[n] := unapply(simplify(convert(C1*(diff(subs({seq(U[i] = p[i](x, t), i = 0 .. KN)}, expand(subs(F(U[0]) = U[0]*exp(U[0]), A0[n]))), t)), diff)+C2*convert(subs({seq(U[i] = Diff(p[i](x, t), x), i = 0 .. KN)}, expand(subs(F(U[0]) = U[0]^2, A0[n]))), diff)), x, t) end do;
p[0] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; .2*sin((1/2)*Pi*x)*exp((-1/4)*t*Pi*Pi/C1) end proc;
p[1] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; (-(int(subs(t = s, C3*(diff(p[0](x, t), x))), s = 0 .. t))+int(subs(t = s, A[0](x, t)), s = 0 .. t))/beta end proc;
p[2] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; -(int(subs(t = s, C3*(diff(p[1](x, t), x))), s = 0 .. t))+int(subs(t = s, A[1](x, t)), s = 0 .. t) end proc;
p := unapply(subs(x = Zeta, t = tau, p[0](x, t)+p[1](x, t)+p[2](x, t)), Zeta, tau);

Hello out there,

i just started using maple for some kinetik calculations.

it is a combination of the following formulas:


Lo := piecewise(sin(t) < 0, 0, sin(t) >= 0, sin(t))

L := Lo*(int(2*exp(-b*x(t)*(j*cos(phi)+sqrt(J^2-j^2*sin(phi)^2))), phi = 0 .. Pi))/Pi

r:= (int(u*L*j/(L+k), j = 0 .. J))/J^2

diff(x(t), t) = -B*x(t)+x(t)*r


The values would be:





I want to plot x over t and get the values for it...
I tried several aproaches, but nothing realy worked...
Thanks a lot

I tried to generate a simple plot based on an expression using units. Please see the screenshot of the worksheet below

The y-axis should be scaled in m3 not m2 because a, b and the variable r are in m. I know that it is possible to enforce the axis scaling in units using useunits but since the mathematical definition of the expression is clear this should not be necessary.

The other question is why is the y-axis missing the variable name? On this page on the Online Help it is mentioned "When you plot an expression, the axes labeling shows the variable names and units." I think what I am plotting is an expression.


Hi everyone, 

I am presently writting an alternative to the procedure GraphTheory:-DrawGraph for a better rendering.

I come across the following problem : the edges (CURVES) are in the foreground and the polygons (POLYGONS) which contain the vertex names are in the background.

I often face this kind of problem as I use PLOT either in the form PLOT( MyPlot1, MyPlot2, ...) or in the form 
plots:-display(PLOT(Myplot1), PLOT(Myplot2), ...)
How does Maple decide which structure (CURVES, POLYGONS, ..) is in front of or behind another one ?

I suppose there must be a tip to manage this ?

Thank you for your answers

How do I insert Maple18 plots into LaTeX documents?

I had problems plotting the solutions of my PDE with the derivative as the axis. Anyone knows what went wrong?

p1 := pds:-plot(diff(f(x,y),y), y = 0 .. 10, x = 0, numpoints = 100)

I seem to be getting a plot of y=0. Any help would be greatly appreciated:))

Hi all,

I am trying to plot in semilog scale a function involving products of exponential integrals and complex exponentials. For small and moderate values of the argument, the plot is well shown. However, for larger values the plot shows strong fluctuations. I was wondering how one can deal with such a problem. Any help is highly appreciated.

Please refer to the attached script for the functio of interest.


I want to draw multiple curves based on a single equation in which a parameter will change giving different curves. I want these curves to be in the same frame. Is there a single line code for the same? 

I'm trying to plot the lines that are based on eigenvectors of the matrix. (Functions r1(t),r2(t), q(t) are defined earlier. I can upload file if necessary)



 Here I define the matrix as a function of time. 


Producing two eigenvectors also as functions of time.

InertiaAxis1 := t->plot(x, V1(t)[2]*x/V1(t)[1], x = -2 .. 2);
InertiaAxis2 := t->plot(x, V2(t)[2]*x/V2(t)[1], x = -2 .. 2);


And here I've got an error:

Error, (in plot) unexpected options: [-HFloat(7.378655652881484e-6)*x, x = -2 .. 2]

I tried to set "datatype=float"-option in plot function, to evaluate the coefficient by eval-function, it wouldn't help. What does this error mean exactly? 


how i can draw this equation in maple in 3D?




I'm modeling the interaction between rotation and vibration in water molecule. I've come up with the solution functions, but I wanted to make some illustrative animations to fully understand what is going on. I made an animation (in the very end of the attached file) showing vibration of molecule and I want the trajectory of each (of two) particles to be traced after it, how could it be done? Also I want to have the movement of the angular momentum vector (vector with components [Jx=J*cos(varphi)*sin(theta), Jy=J*sin(varphi)*sin(theta), Jz=J*cos(theta)]) be animated simultaneously with the vibration of molecule (on the same plot). Is it hard to achieve?


Dear all,


I am trying to plot in the same graph two sets of data points given by vectors. Please see the example below. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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