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I have a Maple worksheet with some graphs of 10^5 data points. When I export the worksheet to a pdf for

inclusion in a LaTeX document (with pdfpages package, this recognizes page breaks), the file is around 100 Mb, much larger than I would like.

It seems that the file is large as a figure in the pdf is not just an image, the pdf seems to contain all of the information necessary to

plot each data point individually.

Is there some way to encourage Maple to treat figures as bitmaps (or something similarly much smaller than the original figures)

upon exporting a worksheet to a pdf? I'll be happy for any suggestions.

Hi all;

I have following program for plotting numerous function using hybrid functions.

if g1(t) is arbitrary function and g2(t) is its approximate by hybrid functions, I want to have a table of g1(t)-g2(t) for different value of t. but the result is without numeric values. what part is wrong????

best wishes


Mahmood   Dadkhah

Ph.D Candidate

Applied Mathematics Department

I need to make two graphs.  1st take the equation y= ln3x+3 and graph it and it's derivative.  Then find the equation of the tangent line and the normal line to the given function at x=e   Then I need to create a single graph containing the function, the tangent line, and it's normal line.  Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.  I can graph the equation and it's derivative ok but I don't know how to make a graph with multiple stuff on it.  Thanks

How do i use d'Alembert formula to solve,plot and animate with Maple software

I remember to have seen and used a command to make the graph of the output of FeynmanDiagrams but I can not find more sample files. Someone can tell me how to do (plot a Feynman graph using the result of FeynmanDiagrams).

Thanks and sorry for my english.

bifurcation diagram...

September 29 2014 sarra 195


I have a non linear ode with sinosoial term, (sin(x)).

How can we Analyse the system and plot the bifurcation diagram:


Thank you very much for your help.


I want to draw a contour plot like the pic below which the relating value of each curve is specified on several parts of the curve. Can anyone suggest a way? :)

As an example do it with the following function:





E     Average
 0      1.8
 1      1.6
 2      1.2
 3      0.8
 4      0.4
 5      0.2
 6      0
 7      0
 8      0
 9      0


E=0   f(E)=1.8  = 1/A+1    A=-0.444    kt is unknown. Hence I try many numbers.

This is my code



I have a problem.  A is negative. The denominator would be zero.

This is the theory.


I am very new to programming and currently i am taking a course in numerical methods which allows me to get some exercise programming mathematical functions using maple. I am trying to plot a graph and it gives me an error. If anyone can guide me i would really appreciate it.

Also if there are any helpful advise for me to start using this language, it would be a big help.


Thank you

Consider the following two variable funtion:


then we want to draw a contourplot:


My problem is that I want maple to diplay the value of the function "f" relating to each curve on the contour plot!
How can I do this?

Please see the following code.

Dear all,

eq1:=diff(f(y), y$4)-(diff(f(y), y$2));

bcs:=f(h1) = (1/2), f(h2) = -(1/2), (D(f))(h1) = -1, (D(f))(h2) = -1:

h1:= 1+cos(x):h2:=-1-cos(x+g):

d1 := subs(g=1,[db]):
P1:= eval(diff(diff(f(y),y$2)-f(y),y));

for x from 0 to 1 by 0.1 do
F2[x]:=dsolve(d1, numeric,maxmesh=25500,output=listprocedure): 
P2[x]:=subs(F2[x],P1); # subing values into P1 
end do:
XX := `<|>`(`<,>`(seq(x, x = 0..1, 0.1))):
plot(<<XX>|<Vls>>, color=red);

I'm trying to plot P1 vs x but getting empty plot. Please help me out. 



I am plotting a simple rational function. When the denominator is completely factored, the discont command works as expected. However, if the denominator is expanded, discont fails.

Why does this happen?






plot((x-3)/((3*x+1)^2*(x-2)^3), x = -3 .. 3, y = -2 .. 2, discont = true)


normal((x-3)/((3*x+1)^2*(x-2)^3), expanded)



plot((x-3)/(9*x^5-48*x^4+73*x^3-6*x^2-36*x-8), x = -3 .. 3, y = -2 .. 2, discont = true)



This behavior also occurs in Maple 17.




but if restart the program,the menu of Plot Builder is appear,in same function(x^2+y^2+(1/1000000000)*z-25 = 0),why thing like this happen?

when run the order like this, the menu of Plot builder disapper

Thank you in advance for your help


How can I pde with maple?please explain completely,and other question :How can I solve pde with plot in maple because some questions dont have exact answer?

How can I plot a volume (many surfaces) in X,Y, Z axis where X,Y,Z are functions in 4 variables (a,b,c,d), and the domain for the 4 variables are 

-90<=a>=90, -10<=b>=10, -12<=c>=12, -90<=d>=0,


X := proc (a, b, c, d) options operator, arrow; 324.*cos(b)*sin(c)*cos(d)+324.*sin(b)*sin(d)+323.5*cos(b)*sin(c) end procX := proc (a, b, c, d) options operator, arrow; 324.*cos(b)*sin(c)*cos(d)+324.*sin(b)*sin(d)+323.5*cos(b)*sin(c) end proc

Y := proc (a, b, c, d) options operator, arrow; (324*1.*sin(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)+324*1.*cos(a)*cos(c))*cos(d)+(-1)*324.*sin(a)*cos(b)*sin(d)+323.5*sin(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)+323.5*cos(a)*cos(c)-100 end proc

Y := proc (a, b, c, d) options operator, arrow; (324*1.*sin(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)+324*1.*cos(a)*cos(c))*cos(d)+(-1)*324.*sin(a)*cos(b)*sin(d)+323.5*sin(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)+323.5*cos(a)*cos(c)-100 end proc

Z := proc (a, b, c, d) options operator, arrow; (324*cos(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)-324*sin(a)*cos(c))*cos(d)-324*cos(a)*cos(b)*sin(d)+323.5*cos(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)+(-1)*323.5*sin(a)*cos(c)+150 end proc

Z := proc (a, b, c, d) options operator, arrow; (324*cos(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)-324*sin(a)*cos(c))*cos(d)-324*cos(a)*cos(b)*sin(d)+323.5*cos(a)*sin(b)*sin(c)+(-1)*323.5*sin(a)*cos(c)+150 end proc

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