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Hello everyone!

I want to plot few curves. I need plot legends with slected curves only. When I try to do so, I get an error saying the number of legends are less that the curves( not exact words obviously).

I am using this sample code please help me to achieve the goal.

plot([cos(x)^2, 1-(1/2)*x, x^2], x = -Pi .. Pi, legend = [typeset("Curve: ", cos(x)^2), typeset("Curve: ", 1-(1/2)*x)])

The maple file is attached here

So I'm doing homework when I get maple to plot a graph. I realize now that the graph is actually incorrect by comparing it to a graph in another program(try it yourself).  I honestly have no clue why the plotting isn't correct which is why I need your guys help.

Here is the function that I have to plot:

Two weeks ago i didn`t have problem with calculate and plot this pareto`s frontier. I got plot it, but if i try it now, i can´t . Why?.


f1 := (1+x1^2+4/3*(x2^2+1))/(x1+x2); f2 := (1+x1^2+3/4*(x2^2+1))/(x1+x2);

with(plots); with(Optimization); ind := 1; ans := Array(); for i from 1.73205080756887853 by 0.1e-4 while i < 2.87500000000000000 do roll := i; f1max := NLPSolve(f1, {f2 = i}, x1 = 0 .. 2, x2 = 0 .. 3, method = sqp, maximize = false); ans := proc (ind) options operator, arrow; [op([1], f1max), roll] end proc; ind := ind+1 end do; ans;


st := time[real]();


               Array(%id = 18446746983952876598)

pointplot(convert(ans, list));


with(plots); with(Optimization); ind := 1; ans := Array(); for i from 1.73205080756887853 by 0.1e-4 while i < 2.87500000000000000 do roll := i; f1max := NLPSolve(f1, {f2 = i}, x1 = 0 .. 2, x2 = 0 .. 3, method = sqp, maximize = false); ans := proc (ind) options operator, arrow; [op([1], f1max), roll] end proc; ind := ind+1 end do; ans;

st := time[real]();

pointplot(convert(ans, list));
Error, (in plots:-pointplot) number of elements in list must be a multiple of 2  (????)


I would like to apply inverse Laplace transform to U(x,p), which is defined by

For simplicity with my calculations, I assumed p:=i*beta^2. That is why I have the following equation after applying Laplace transform

(beta=0 is not a pole, that is why I removed the last term in my calculations later. Because there is no contribution) where

Here p and beta are complex values, we can write Re(p)=-2*Re(beta)*Im(beta), Im(p)=(Re(beta))^2-(Im(beta))^2 due to p:=i*beta^2. I numerically compute the roots of h(beta), you can find the numerical values of beta (I assumed digits are 50 due to accuracy )

Finally, I would like to plot U(x,t) with the values t=0.8, lambda=1, L=10, k=1. For checking the figure give t=0 and observe that U(x,0)=0.

I am expecting the plot is more or less like the following figure

PS: I already tried to solve and plot the problem, but I could not find where I make a mistake. I did not share the worksheet, because I know it is hard to find the mistake easily from someone's worksheet. Thank you!

Hi, community

I want to take a series of plots and convert them into an image-type to export using the ImageTools (Write) command.

Something like this:

for i from 1 to N do

 x[i]:=procedure;    <--- This procedure has a plot as output

 y[i]:= ** convert x[i] into an image type ** <-- This is the part that I haven't figured out

 Write( filename[i], y[i]);

end do;

I don´t know if something like this is possible. Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.

I guess I could generate N plots and then right click the images to save them... But N is large (hundreds of images) and it is not a nice option to sit all day long saving N images one by one.

Thanks and regards...

> w0 := 2*pi*sqrt(5)*10^9;
> mu0 := 4*pi*10^(-7); pi := 3.14; wepnorm := 4*pi*sqrt(3)*10^9; wmpnorm := 2*pi*sqrt(6)*10^9; wmpz := 4*pi*10^9; w := 10;
> k0 := w0/c; d := 10^(-9);
> enorm := e0*(1-wepnorm^2/w^2); munorm := mu0*(1-wmpnorm^2/w^2); mz := mu0*(1-wmpz^2/w^2); c := 3*10^8; e0 := 8.85*10^(-12);
> t1 := enorm*mz/(e0*mu0)-1; t2 := mz/munorm;
> eq1 := alpha0^2+t2*k1z^2-t1*k0^2;
for alpha0 from 0 to 25 by 5 do



Error, (in plot) found points with fewer or more than 2 components


I have a number of dots that lie on the sphere. I want to draw a handsome sphere with three axes, put dots on the sphere and connect them. The problem is that some dots are pretty far from the other and so the line connecting them goes under the surface of the sphere and so is not seen. Therefore the question, how the dots can be connected so the line would be seen (or the line would lie on the surface of the sphere)?

Here's the

Hi! I'm trying to find the way to plot the solution with series representation. I need some help to find the easiest way.

Note: I realized some typing errors, which do not change the question a lot ,and I corrected them.

I wote a command that creates a plot with a single point:

plots[pointplot](a*[1, 1])

Before hitting Enter I called the context menu and chose Explore. As I change the parameter a the point remains fixed in the picture but the scales change. I wanted the opposite: the scales should stay fixed and the point should move. How can I do this using Explore or in some other way? I would like to see the point move as I drag a slider control.

Thanks for the help.




I'm trying to export a plot using the open maple api but it looks like open maple API doesnt support certain specific features.


Eg. "Export(\"images\\\result1.gif\", plot(sin(x), title = \"The sine function\", thickness = 3, gridlines=true));"

Above works fine when executing in actual maple application (i.e. correctly exports with gridlines) however doing the same via open maple api it does export the chart but not the specified gridlines.


Had the same issue when setting axis options to show log instead of linear. 


Did anyone else get this? Is this a known issue with open maple api? Is there workaround available?




how we insert an image in ploted graph in maple?????

Hello all,

Thanks for having a look at my issue. I need to plot the solution to this particular equation called eq1 in my worksheet. The plot needs to be w against q. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


Hi Everyone!

I want to import a maple 3D Diagram to TecPlot or Excel.

The diagram is a function of x & y.

I couldn't find any soloution to export a 3D diagram in Maple.

Any solution???



How can I change the color of a graphic tittle?


i would like to plot a graph in R^3 of a function f(n,t), where n is integer and t is real. For every t i would like to have a sequence of points. Is it possible?

thanks, anna rita 

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