Items tagged with plotsetup> restart;
> l := 1; p := 1; A := .5; B := .5; pr := 1; n := [.5, 1, 1.5]; M := 0; b := .5; L := 0; s := .5; K := [blue, green];
                                [0.5, 1, 1.5]
                                [blue, green]

> for j to nops(n) do R1 := 2*n[j]/(n[j]+1); R2 := 2*p/(n[j]+1); R3 := 2/(n[j]+1);

sol1 := dsolve([diff(diff(diff(f(eta), eta), eta), eta)+f(eta)*(diff(diff(f(eta), eta), eta))+R1*(1-(diff(f(eta), eta))^2)-M*(diff(f(eta), eta)) = 0, diff(diff(theta(eta), eta), eta)+pr*f(eta)*(diff(theta(eta), eta))-R2*pr*(diff(f(eta), eta))*theta(eta)+R3*(A*(diff(f(eta), eta))+B*theta(eta)) = 0, f(0) = 1, (D(f))(0) = L+b*((D@@2)(f))(0), (D(f))(7) = 1, theta(0) = 1+s*(D(theta))(0), theta(7) = 0], numeric, method = bvp);

plots[odeplot](sol1, [eta, ((D@@2)(f))(eta)], color = red);

fplt[j] := plots[odeplot](sol1, [eta, diff(diff(f(eta), eta), eta)], color = K[j], axes = boxed); fplt[j] := plots[odeplot](sol1, [eta, f(eta)], color = K[j], axes = boxed);

tplt[j] := plots[odeplot](sol1, [[eta, theta(eta)]], color = K[j], axes = normal) end do;

plots:-display([seq(fplt[j], j = 1 .. nops(n))]);

plots:-display([seq(fplt[j], j = 1 .. nops(n))]);

plots:-display([seq(tplt[j], j = 1 .. nops(n))]);

Dear sir 

I am trying to plot the following link paper graphs for practice but I getting the plots for only one set of values here in this paper they plotted many so if you dont muned can help in this case. For example in this first graph named as Fig.1. please can you do this favour... and the paper link is


Linux.  I want to put grid lines on an x11 device.

The x11 device is better for plotting because if the window is resized, the plot resizes with it.

plotsetup(x11);plot(sin(x),x=-1..1,gridlines = true); ## no gridlines

plot(sin(x),x=-1..1,gridlines = true); ## have gridlines

Any way to get gridlines on x11 device?

Tom Dean

Dear ones.hello!
  I want to export a plot to a specified path but i dont want do enter it in plotsetup command.
For example:


exports the bmp file to a location already provided (bold one).
Is there a way to initiate save/browse windows instead of writing the adress of the location inside the plotsetup ?
I know how to do it in mathematica and i want a similar thing in maple

Hi, I am new to Maple. I want to plot a graph in a separate window from command-line maple. I tried the following code and getting this error

> plotsetup(window);
> plot(x,x=-10..10);
Plotting error, no plot device driver for plotdevice=window


I tried maplet but I am not getting the plot

> plotsetup(maplet);
> plot(x,x=-10..10);
Initializing Java runtime environment.


What should I do to get the plot??

Is there any simple way in maple 16 to fix the axis width and height on inline plot? The PlotSetup seems dosen't function properly in my windows7 home 64 bit! Thank you.

I use the following commands to export a graph to a file:

plotsetup(gif, plotoutput=cat(filefolder,examplenr,".gif")):

filefolder is defined as a complete path: filefolder:="D:/TopUp/models/vergelijking/":
And pol is a pol:=plottools[polygon](polygonlist,color=grey): 

This works fine when I use it directly in a Maple worksheet.

However, if I save...

I am trying to save an array plot to an eps file. My code is the following:

restart: with(plots): currentdir("G:/"): plotsetup(default):
alpha := [.2, .25, .3, .35, .4]:
beta := -0.1e-1:mygamma := -1:delta := 0.1e-1:start := 0:finish := 20:

for i to 5 do
 eqn1 := diff(x(t), t)-x(t)*(alpha[i]-beta*y(t));
 eqn2 := diff(y(t), t)-y(t)*(mygamma-delta*x(t));
 solt[i] := dsolve([eqn1 = 0, eqn2 = 0, x(start) = 80, y(start) = 40...

When using "plotsetup(png,...)" the third rotational angle is ignored.  Attached are a worksheet and the corresponding three plots that demonstrate this bug.

I have been generating graphics in Maple 16 using the plotsetup(ps,...) command under Windows 7 and Linux.  Maple tech support has a fix for Linux and has confirmed that there is a bug in the Windows version.  These are a Windows eps (converted to png for uploading) and png of the same figure.  The eps conversion should not do this.

I would like to save a simple plot to jpeg file on my hard disk. I've got a Maplet, and a Button which looks like that

     "Save image",

and a procedure:

saveImage := proc()

   plotsetup('jpeg', 'plotoutput'="plot.jpeg", 'plotoptions'="portrait,noborder");
   plot3d(sin(x)+cos(y), x=0..2*Pi, y=0..2*Pi, 'axes'='boxed');

As far as I know, exporting an Array or Matrix of plot is not directly possible in Maple 15. Is that right? Is there a workaround?

Refer to this comment:

However, I read a suggestion by dskoog that seemed to work:

I'm having the problem reported here back in 2008 and more recently in 2010:

I'm not sure when the axiswidth, axisheight options of plotsetup got broken for me. I'm not certain, but it looks like I was able to control the width and height of my plots not so long ago (version 14 or 13) or am I mistaken and this bug,...

Hello together,


thanks for helping me with my earlier problem. I now managed to put toether a plot which suits my purposes, but i can't manage to Export it using the e.g. plotsetup(gif, plotoutput = "C:\\Test.gif") command.

I don't get an output but a warning: Warning, ignoring axis information in _AXIS[n] structures

If i switch back to plotsetup(default) everything is displayed in the editor window.

Anybody any ideas? If...

I'm running simulations in which I produce many plots at once, the purpose being to compare differences as parameters are changed. I'd also like to use some of these plots for publication. I've had problems getting good-looking 3d plots. Here's a strange thing I noticed.

Export the graph by mouse-clicking, export to bitmap:


Export the garph by executing a plotsetup('bmp') command.


I'm looking for information on the x3d format, with a view to converting x3d to 3d-pdf.

  1. x3d formats are available from standard gui by right-clicking to "export".  How can you use plotsetup to access the "Extensible 3D" format with a line of code?
  2. what x3d viewer do you recommend?
  3. do you have any tips on converting x3d to pdf?

Let me elaborate to provide context to my questions. In a previous post (

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