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Hi Maple friends.

For the function x^3-3*x^2-24*x+8, I right-click and choose "Evaluate at a point", and then enter the x value to evaluate.

Maple ouputs 

eval( x^3-3*x^2-24*x+8, [x = -2]);


But I would like to evaluate at x=-2,4,6, 9.

How can I quickly do this, without having to right-click for all points? If there is any Maple employee reading this, please provide a function in the context menu to evaluate at more than one point. It becomes very tedious when I have 10 functions and need to evaluate up to 10 points for each function.

Thanks in advance.

i'm going to solve the two eq. and plot the answer point

i try to do two group but the first succeed the second get some wrong

the first i named 1 ,and second named 2 as below

the 1 plot the correct point that i want

Although the 2 solve eq too but it didn't plot the point on(-0.36,0.29),

the code of this two is same ,

anyone can help me?


how can i do if i  want to change the color of point1 which is rotated from point2

i want to make point2 red , and point1 is black , but the point1 is still  red

anyone can help me? thx

I have a function f(X,Y) and I create a random sequence of input values for X and Y.

I now want to create a 2D scatter plot with X and Y on the axis, on the graph I want each point (X,Y) to be color coded according to the value of f(X,Y).  For example, 0<f<1 Red, 1<f<2 Blue, 2<f<3 Green.

Does anyone know how I could do this? 

Hi! I'm trying to make a point plot and they must have different colors, like the CIE diagram. I wish they varied from red to blue in 31 steps, as shown in the picture (they are all black :\). Does anyone have any idea how to do this? The red line is for something else.

This the code for the dots:Help

Dear all;

Please in this code Maple, I plot using pointplot3d, some points. I would like to add a name of each point.

The name of each point  P:=[x(i),y(j),t(k)] is u[i,j]^k.  Please how can I add the name at each point. here is the maple code. 


Dear all,

Please help in this question.


Using   I want to plot in R^3, the set of point u[i,j]^k . This point has as cordinate  (x[i],y[j],t[k]).

x := i -> (1/5)*i;  #  x[i] the x-coordinate
y := j -> (1/5)*j; # y[j] the y-coordinate
t := k -> (1/5)*k;  #  t[k] the t-coordinate

The name of point is u[i,j]^k

How can I  plot all the point.


point(u[i,j]^k, x(i),y(j),t(k));


Thank you.



Hello everyone!

I have a question that I can't seem to find a straight answer to. I need to fit a circle to a collection of points that a circular in nature. I was trying to use the following elliptical least squares fit, but I can't determine what I should be minimizing.

Here's the page:


For an ellipse, I used the general conic:


I minimize using:



What would I use for a circle? Or is there a better way for a circle?

Hello everyone!

I used Maple 17 to fit an ellipse to a set of points using the following guide:

My rotated ellipse was calculated to be:


0.3939708949 x^2 - 0.005975799853 + 0.6345432059 y^2

But everytime I try to graph it in Maple 17, it only shows the axes and nothing else. Any help would be extremely appreciated.


I am new to maple and coding so please bare the amateur coding.


I am trying to plot the following function:


When tgk < tb then I want it it to point a cross, where tgk and tb are functions that both have x and y values in them.

This is what I have:

My domain is x=-18..18 and range is y=0..12

I want x and y values to be integer values in degrees. And I want all possible combinations to be plotted (e.g (1,1) (1,2) (1.3) etc.) I do not know how to do any of this, but I need it for something I am modeling, and this software was recommended to me.

I am new to Maple and I have never really learned how to code. Any help would be really appreciated!


the point given as follows:


y=[7.42494922444550, 3.67768248674133, 2.52235142453921, 1.95610223891559, 1.61770309810016]


I have plotted the point and the output is like this:


how to smooth the curve and extend the curve longer 


please help me.....





I am solving eq1 and then plot it using odeplot. Then I am extracting data from odeplot using op[1,1]. From that I only care about  one point so I am using pt[1] := dt[1]([1, 2]); then I ploted it using pointplot. I run a do loop and at the end I am ploting all the points.

My code works fine but I am trying to have a line contacting each points. I tried  style=line but it did not work.

How can I have a line contacting each points on my final plot (which is display([pl[1], seq(allpl[k], k = 1 .. 3)])) ?

This is my code:

> restart; with(DEtools); with(plots);
> with(DEtools); with(plots);
> A := 0.2e-1; B := 10^(-5); k := 0;
> eq1 := diff(X(t), t) = -(A+B*X(t))*X(t);

> ic[1] := X(365*k) = 1000;
> s[1] := dsolve({eq1, ic[1]}, X(t), range = 0 .. .365, numeric);
> p[1] := odeplot(s[1], [[t, X(t)]], t = 0 .. .365);
> dt[1] := op([1, 1], p[1]);
> pt[1] := dt[1]([1, 2]);
> pl[1] := pointplot(pt[1], axes = boxed);
> for k to 3 do
tk := 365*k;
A := rhs(s[k](tk)[2]);
ic[k+1] := X(tk) = 500.*A;
s[k+1] := dsolve({eq1, ic[k+1]}, X(t), range = tk .. 2*tk, numeric);
p[k+1] := odeplot(s[k+1], [[t, X(t)]], t = tk .. 2*tk);
dt[k+1] := op([1, 1], p[k+1]);
pt[k+1] := dt[k+1]([1, 2]);
pl[k+1] := pointplot(pt[k+1], axes = boxed);
allpl[k] := display([pl[k+1]])
end do;
> display([pl[1], seq(allpl[k], k = 1 .. 3)]);


Thank you

So I have the energy of an ion at a several points in space, where the x and z coordinates have been varied from 0-1, keeping y constant. The data is in the following file: 



When I come to produce a 3D surface plot (grid) of this file using the plots option in the context menu (on right clicking), the following is produced: the x-axis is in red and the y-axis (z-coordinate) is in blue.

Yet if I use the interactive plot builder, to plot the same data, the only option available to me is a 3D point plot, which produces the following:

[If I try to plot a 3D surface plot (points) using the context menu, I get stuck at a evaluating stage...]

as, ideally, I want a surface plot, why, in the surface plot (grid) is MAPLE not recognising the data that corresponds to the higher z-coordinate values and how I can produce a full surface plot... 

am using this command in end of my code 

> Points := [seq(seq([x[i], y[j], U[i, j]], i = 0 .. M-1), j = 0 .. N)];
> Points1 := subs({BC, XY, op(SOL)}, Points);
> pointplot3d(Points1, symbol = solidsphere, labels = [x, y, U], shading = zhue, orientation = [50, 70], axes = boxed);
but at last line am getting error
Error, (in plots/pointplot) incorrect first argument

hey i´m back again and need help to solve this situation Please:                                          restart;with(ArrayTools):                      ...

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