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Hi, I'm trying to reproduce the code book Burden Faires (Poisson Equation Finite-Difference. Buden Faires book Numerical Analysis 9th) page 720, algorithm 12.1., But I do not get the exact calculations of Example 2 from page 722. Under the code in maple. Regards.


Comment calculer, sous maple, le crochet de Poisson des deux fonctions suivantes :




Merci d'avance,


I have a bit of an issue.


I'm trying to solve this:

eq1:= exp(-lambda)*exp(k)/factorial(k) > .95



Warning, solutions may have been lost

Dear Maple users,

Is there a way to describe derivatives treated as binary operators in infix notation, in which the derivatives is applied either to the left or right operands. This is useful, for example, when defining generalizations of the Poisson bracket. For a pair of functions f and g, the left and right derivatives are respectively defined as

Dear Maple users

This might have been asked before, I'm asking because I believe the solution to my problem is simpler than what i found on google.

I have this problem:


Dear All,


I have a question related to Modulated Markov Rate Process (MMRP). Please see MMRP and here. For more information see this

In this kind of markov chain it is necessary to have ON and OFF state that separte by a exponential distribution. Also the number of items as mentioned in the figures has a...

I wonder how do I show with Maple that for


the series

sum(p(x,a,b),x=0..infinity) assuming a>0,b<1,b>-1

converges to 1. I also tried

sum(a*(a+x*b)^(x-1)*(exp(-(a+x*b)))/(x!), x=m..infinity) assuming a>0,b<1,b>-1,a+m*b<=0

but all to no avail. For b=0, Maple shows the series converges and we have the Poisson distribution. For b in (-1,1), the (discrete) density...

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